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老友记/六人行/Friends 第五季 第十六集 S05E16 The One with the Cop / 警察来了

老友记/六人行/Friends 第五季 第十六集 S05E16 The One with the Cop / 警察来了

Joey has a dream about Monica and becomes convinced he is in love with her. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds a police badge in Central Perk, and Ross tries to get his new sofa into his apartment. 乔伊梦见莫妮卡和开始相信他爱上她了。同时,菲比中央咖啡馆里发现警察徽章,和罗斯试图让他的新沙发到他的公寓。


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嘿 嘿

- What are you guys doing up? - We wanted to finish the crossword before we go to bed.
你们在干什么? 我们想填完字谜再去睡觉

Do you know a six-letter word for "red"?
你知道三个字 也是红色的一种?


I think that's wrong, but there's a connect-the-dots in here for you later.
应该不是 不过你待会可以玩连连看

Hey, how, uh, about maroon?

- Yes! You are so smart! - Ha-ha-ha.
没错 你好聪明

JOEY: Aw.You guys are so cute.I know
你们好可爱喔 我知道

All right. I'll see you in the morning.Okay.
好 明天早上见 好

You know, I love doing crossword puzzles with you, honey.Oh, me too
我最喜欢跟你填字谜了 我也是

.- Now, let's finish this and go to bed. - Okay.
赶快填完去睡觉 好

There's only one left.Three-letter word. Not dog, but...
只剩个 两个字的动物 不是小狗 是...


Yes. Ha.You are so smart!
没错 你好聪明

I love you.I love you too.
我爱你 我也爱你

RACHEL: Uh.We still need a tip.All right. Hold on.
还差小费 好 等等

I got it.Nickel.

- How much more do we need? - Couple of bucks.
还差多少? 2块钱

Okay, dime.

You guys should probably keep talking. This could take a while.
你们继续聊 我会多花一点时问

Wait, lookit!
等等 你们看

Oh, my God. This is a police badge!
天哪 这是警徽

Oh that's so cool! Why would a cop come in here though? They don't serve donuts.
真酷 但警察来这里干嘛? 这里又不卖甜甜圈

Y'know what actually, could you discover the badge again? I think I can come up with something better than that.
你能不能重来一次 我可以说个更好笑的

I bet somebody's missing that badge.
菲比 一定有人正在找那个警徽

I should take it back. Ooh, but while I'm at the police station...
没错 我应该送回去 知道吗?我去了警察局

...I could check their Ten Most Wanted list.

My friend Fritzi's been Number 11 forever. This could be her year!
我朋友丽西一直是第十一大 她今年也许会出运

- Hey, you guys.

MONICA: Hey, Joey.- Hey. - Hey.
嘿 乔伊

Is that my sweatshirt?

Yes, it is. I'm sorry. I borrowed it. I was cold.
对 我会冷就借来穿了

I hope it's okay.

It's just that, uh, if you wear someone's sweatshirt...shouldn't it be your boyfriend's?
你要穿 应该穿你男朋友的衣服才对吧?

And I'm not him.

I'm sorry. I'll give it back.No, no. No.It's going to be all smelling like Monica.
对不起 我现在就还你 不要 上面会沾满你的味道

Are you saying I smell bad?

No.You smell like a meadow.
不是 你有一股青草香

I'm sorry.

What's with him?

The last time Joey went to a meadow, his mother was shot by a hunter.
乔伊上次去青草地 他妈妈被猎人射杀了

I still don't know.

I'm sorry, I just want to make sure I bought the right couch,
抱歉 我想买到理想的沙发

I need a couch that says, "Kids welcome here,"
我希望这张沙发能让人觉得 "小朋友 欢迎"

but that also says"Come here to me."
同时也能让人觉得 "来我身边吧"

What? You say that to kids?

No, no, no.The "Come here to me" is, you know, for the ladies.
不是..."来我身边吧" 是对小姐们说的

Ross, honey, it's a nice couch, not a magic couch.
罗斯 这是张好沙发 但不是神奇沙发

Well, you picked a great couch.

- Yeah? - Yeah. Could you just sign right here please?
是吗? 没错 请在这里签个名

- Sure.

Oh, what's, heh...?The delivery charge is almost as much as the couch!

That's ridiculous. He lives three blocks away.
太扯了 他家离这里才三条街

You know what? I'll take it myself. Thank you.
算了 我自己搬就好 谢谢

All right, Rach, come on. Let's go.
瑞秋 来吧 好

Are you kidding?

Come on. It's only three blocks. Uh, it's not very heavy. Try it. Come on! Come on!
才三条街 又不是很重 抬抬看 快

- Oh, I can do it. - Yeah.
喔 我行嘛 对

You two will really enjoy that couch.

We're, uh, not together.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Ha-ha-ha.Something didn't quite add up there.
好 难怪我觉得怪怪的


- What's that supposed to mean? - Ross.
这话是什么意思? 罗斯

Well, you. Her. Heh.
你 她

I mean, she's very,you know.And you're, like,you know?
她很...你知道 而你却...你知道

Not that it's any of your business, but we did go out.
虽然与你无关 但我们确实交往过

Really? You two?

Yeah. Rach?
对 瑞秋

I don't want to do this now. I'm carrying a heavy couch.
我现在不想讲这个 我抬着一张很重的沙发

Then tell him quickly.

Fine. We went out.Not only did we go out...
好 我们交往过 不只交往过

...we did it 298 times!Ross.
还做过298次 罗斯

Oh, my,Ugh, you kept count? You are such a loser!
我实在...你居然有在算? 你真没用

A loser you did it with 298 times!

Oh. Oh!Excuse me, ma'am.
这位小姐 怎样?

You can't put your cigarette out on a tree.

Yeah, I can. It worked well.
我可以 很方便

But you shouldn't. So don't ever do that again.
你不该这么做 别再这么做了

I won't till I have my next cigarette.
我不会了... 抽下一根烟之前不会

Hold it!NYPD. Freeze, punk!What?
站住 纽约警察 别动 什么?

That's right. You are so busted.
没错 你被活逮了

Book them.

- Who are you talking to? - Save it, red!
你在跟谁说话? 别挣扎了 红发女

Unless you want to spend the night in the slammer, you apologize to the tree.
不想在笼子里过夜 就跟那探树道歉

I am not going to apologize to a tree.

You apologize to the tree right now, or I am calling for backup.
赶快道歉 否则我要叫人了

Backup! Backup!
来人啊 来人啊

I'm sorry! Sorry!Okay, cancel backup! Cancel backup!
对不起 对不起 好 别来了 别来了

ROSS: Okay.Didn't you say there was, um, an elevator in here?
罗斯 你不是说有电梯?

Uh, yes, I did, but there isn't. Here we go!
我是有说 但其实没有 来吧

Okay, go left.Left. Left.
好 拄左 左 左...

Okay, you know what? There's no more left left.
好 已经没有左可以往左了

Lift it straight up over your head.Straight up over your head. You can do it!
好 抬高到你的头上 你行的 你行的

You can do it!- Okay. You got it? - Yeah.
好 没问题吧? 很好

- Go, go. - Good, good.You got it, right? You got it, right? You got...

Any chance you think the couch looks good there?

This guy was all...And I'm all, "Buffay! Homicide!"
这家伙还在碎碎念 我就说"重案组布非"

It was just so cool! Ha-ha-ha.

Phoebe, you were supposed to take that back.
菲比 你应该拿去还的

I know, but I'm having so much fun doing good deeds.
我知道 但行善的咸觉好棒

Okay, but impersonating a police officer is a serious thing. You can get arrested.
但假扮警察很严重 你会被逮捕的

You could get arrested right now!

All right, yeah, I'd better take it back. I'm totally drunk with power.
我得拿去还 我被权力冲昏头了

Hi, Joe.Yeah. I didn't know you guys were gonna be here.
嗨 乔伊 我不知道你们会在

- Do me a favor, sweetie. Taste this. - What? Why?
乔伊 你尝尝看 什么?为什么?

- What is going on with you? - Nothing.
你是怎么了? 没事啊

Come on.You've been acting strange all day.
拜托 你一整天都怪怪的

All right. There is something. I, I kind of had a dream.
好吧 是有一件事 我做了一个梦...

But I don't want to talk about it.

Oh, whoa. What if Martin Luther King had said that?

I kind of have a dream.I don't want to talk about it.

Look, it involved Monica.

You had a dream about a girl I'm seeing? Oh, that is so cool.

I can't tell you how many times I dreamt about a girl he was seeing.

Anyway, we were talking about your dream. I love you. Your dream?
总之我们在谈你的梦 我爱你...你的梦?

Don't worry, there wasn't any sex in it.
放心 没有任何性意味

I haven't dreamt about her like that...since I found out about you two-ish.
自从发现你们的事 我就不对她做那种梦了

What was the dream about?

Well, okay.You were my girlfriend.
好吧 你是我的女朋友

We were doing the crossword puzzle.Like you guys were doing last night.
我们在填字谜 就像你们昨晚那样

So that's it. I'm in love with Monica and I'll be moving out.
就这样 我爱上摩妮卡了 我会搬走

Joey, come on. That doesn't mean that you're in love with me.
乔伊等等 那并不代表你爱我

It doesn't?It could mean anything. Like, uh...
不是吗? 它可能有很多涵义 例如...

...all of a sudden you're jealous that I've become the apartment stud.

Kind of sounds like your dream, dude.

Or it could mean you saw Chandler and me together, being close and stuff...
或是你看到我和钱德很亲密 你也想跟别人拥有这种关系

...and you just wanna have that with someone too.

In the dream I did enjoy the closeness.

Okay, look.
好 听着

Are you attracted to Monica?Right here, right now, are you attracted to her?
你在此时此刻爱上摩妮卡吗? 就是现在

- Not really. - There you have it!
其实没有 这就对了

Heh. Well, sure! I'm just wearing sweats!
当然啊 我穿得这么随便

But that's good!You're not in love with me. You just want a girlfriend.
但那是好事 你不是爱我 你只是想交个女朋友

No, I don't think it's just about getting a girlfriend.

Yeah, I could get a girlfriend.Yeah, we could sit in the chair and do crossword puzzles.
对 我可以找个女朋友 对 我们可以坐在那里填字谜

But are we ever gonna have the closeness like you guys have?

Monica and I were friends before we started dating. Maybe that's it.
摩妮卡和我是从朋友做起 也许关键在这里

Friends first?That's interesting.

- You become friends after? - No, never done that either.
你们都事后当朋友? 没有 也从来没有过

Um, do you guys have a tape measure?Oh, yeah. It's actually in my bedroom.
嘿 你们有量尺吗? 有 在我房里

That's right.

What's up, Joey?
乔伊 怎么了?

How you doing?

PHOEBE: Excuse me. Is this your car? - Yeah.
抱歉 这是你的车吗? 对

Well, I don't think it's nice of you to park here. You're blocking the entrance.
停在这里不太好 你挡住出入口了

Don't worry about it. It's not a problem.
放心 没关系的

It's a problem for me, which means it's a problem for you because I'm a cop.
我觉得有关系 你就有关系 因为我是条子

So am I.

Oh, no.

Oh, okay. So you're a cop. You can park anywhere.
好 你是条子 可以任意停车 这个我知道 因为我也是条子

I know that because I'm a cop too.

All right. Keep up the good work. Ten-four.
好 继续努力 收到

Wait a second. So, what precinct are you with?
等一下 你是哪个分局的?

I'm with the, um, the 57th.- I know a guy in Homicide up there.
我在57分局 我认识你们重案组一位刑警

- I'm in Vice.

In fact, I'm undercover right now. I'm a whore.
事实上我正在卧底 我是妓女

Who else is in Vice up there?

Um, do you know, um...Sipowitz?

Sipowitz? No, I don't think so.

Yeah. Sipowitz. Yeah. Big guy, kind of bald.
对 西波威兹 大块头 有点秃

I don't know him.

Don't try to call him or anything. Because he's not there. He's out.
不要打给他 他不在 他出去了

His, um, partner just died.

Tell Sipowitz I'm real sorry for his loss.I sure will. Take care.
帮我跟西波威兹致意 我会的 保重

Hey, by the way,

I'm sure Sipowitz is gonna be all right.I heard that kid from Silver Spoons is really good.
我相信西波威兹不会有事的 听说那个新来的小伙子很不错

Where'd you find my badge?

Hey, Joey, would you mind giving me and Ross a hand moving his couch?
嘿 乔伊 你能不能帮我和罗斯搬沙发?

Aw, I'd love to but I got acting class.
我很想 但我要去上表演课

But you know what?I guess I could blow that off for you.

Thanks.Uh, let me ask you something.
谢谢 瑞秋 我问你件事

I was talking with Monica and Chandler.Boy, they are really tight.
我刚在对面跟摩妮卡钱德聊天 他们可真亲密

I know.That's not a bad situation they got over there.
是啊 那种关系实在很不错

Thinking of getting me one of those.

What's up, Joe?

The reason I think Monica and Chandler are so great...
我觉得他们成觉会那么好 是因为他们是先做朋友 because they were friends first, you know?

So I asked myself, who are my friends? You and Phoebe.
于是我问自己:"谁是我朋友? 你和菲比"

I saw you first, so...
而我先遇见你 所以...

- What are you saying? - I'm saying maybe you and I crank it up a notch.
你在说什么? 我是说也许你我可以更进步

You know, honey, as,flattered as I am that you saw me first
乔伊 你先过见我真令我受宠若惊

...uh, I just don't think we should be cranking anything up.

I'll treat you real nice.

Yeah. Well, you know, um...
对 你知道吗...

Listen, I think it's a great idea to become friends with someone before you date.
我觉得先做朋友再交往 是一个很好的想法

But I think the way you do it is you meet someone, become their friend...
但你应该先去认识一个人 跟她做朋友 a foundation, then ask them out on a date.
建立基础 再约她出去

Don't hit on your existing friends.

Won't that take longer?

Yeah. Yeah.Oh, but once you find it,it's so worth the wait.
没错 但是一旦得到了 真的很值得

Yeah.I understand.
我懂 我懂

Man, I wish I saw Phoebe first.
天啊 如果先遇见菲比就好了

Come here to me.

No, no. You come here to me.
不 你来我身边

Hey, Ross.- Ahem, I brought reinforcements.
嘿 罗斯 我带援军来了

- Oh, great! You brought Joey?I brought the next best thing. Heh.
太好了 是乔伊吗? 只比他差点


You brought Chandler? The next best thing would be Monica!
钱德?你带钱德来? 只差一点的应该是摩妮卡

I would be offended, but Monica is freakishly strong, so...
我应该要不爽 但摩妮卡真的壮得可怕

Look, I drew a sketch of how we'll do it.

Rach, that's you.That's the couch.
好 瑞秋 这是你 这是沙发

Oh, what's that?Oh, that's me.
那是什么? 那是我

Certainly think a lot of yourself.

No. That's my arm.
不 那是我的手臂

Oh, I see. I thought you just really, really liked your new couch.
喔... 我还以为你那么哈你的新沙姿

Just follow my lead.Okay.
总之听我的指示 好

ROSS: Come on, Chandler.
钱德 来吧

- All right. Okay.Here we go.
好 开始了 好

All right. Ready?
可以了吗? 可以

转 转 转 好

- I don't think we can turn anymore!

I don't think it'll fit!Yeah, it will. Come on! Up, up, up!
我觉得挤不上去 当然可以 快抬起来

Up! Yes!Here we go! Pivot!
抬起来 很好 中心点


Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

I don't think it's gonna pivot anymore.You think?
好 我看是上不来了 是吗?

All right, let's, uh, bring it back down and try again.

I think it's really stuck now.

- I can't believe that didn't work. .

- I know. Me neither.I mean, you had a sketch.
就是啊 我也没想到 你都画了图了

What did you mean when you said "pivot"?

- Hey. RACHEL: Hey.
嘿 嘿

How's it going? Did you make any new friends?

Yeah. I met this woman.
有 我认识了一个女人

What's she like?

Uh, well, she's...really good in bed.

Joey, I thought you were gonna try to be friends first!.
乔伊 你不是要先当朋友?

- Hey, it's all your fault. - What? Why?
都是你的错 什么?为什么?

Well because you didn't give me advice! No! You gave me a pickup line!
因为你给的不是忠告 是搭讪词

As soon as I told her I wanted to y'know, build a foundation and be friends first.
我一说要建立基础 先当朋友

Suddenly, through no fault of my own, I became irresistible to her!
她突然就...与我本身无关 觉得我难以抗拒

And her roommate!

What about the "closeness"?

Closeness, schmosness! There was three of us, for crying out loud!

Who wants pizza?I do! I do! I do!
谁要吃彼萨? 我要...

This is great! Can you believe I found this on the second floor?

- Who is it? -NYPD.
哪位? 纽约警察

Oh, my God! -Oh, my God.Uh, just a minute, officer!
天啊 天啊 等下 警察先生

I'm looking for Phoebe Buffay.

- My God, it's him! It's that cop! I can't believe he found me!
完了 是那个警察 他居然找到我了

- Are you going to go to jail?
天哪 菲比 你会去坐牢吗?

If I'm going down, you guys are going down with me.

Harboring a fugitive? That's one-to-three years minimum.

Good luck, Chandler.
钱德 祝你好运

You can arrest me, but you'll never make it stick and you know it.
好 你可以逮捕我 但你抓不到我的把柄

I kind of don't have a choice, it's my job. You understand, right?
但我别无选择 这是职责所在 你了解吧?

Yeah, as long as you understand that I'm gonna call my lawyer.
当然 只要你了解我会找我的律师来

And once he puts you on the stand, he's gonna make you look like a fool! Like a fool!
他会让你在庭上像个猪头 猪头!

I don't like looking foolish.

Maybe, uh, I don't arrest you today. Maybe I came by and you weren't here.
这样吧 也许我今天不抓你 就说我来了 但你不在

I would love it if I weren't here!

Since, um, you're not going to jail tonight, I was wondering if you'd, like to go to dinner with me?
既然你今晚不会入狱 我能不能请你去晚赛?

- Me? Yeah.
我? 对

Ever since you flashed my badge at me, I kind of can't stop thinking about you.
自从你对我亮警徽 我就对你念念不忘

You're the prettiest fake undercover whore I've ever seen.


Wow, I didn't see that coming. You're asking me out.

Yeah, I could've done it better, but these people keep staring at me.
我可以表现得更好 但这些人一直盯着我看

Um, yeah, I'd like to go out with you, officer.
好 我愿意跟你吃饭 警察先生

- Gary. - Gary.
盖瑞 盖瑞

- Okay, so it's a date. PHOEBE: Yeah.
那就这么说定了 好

I gotta ask you, though. How did you know where to find me?
不过我一定要问 你是怎么找到我的?

Your fingerprints were all over my badge so I ran them through the computer.
我的警徽上都是你的指纹 所以我上电脑查询

This was listed as your last known address so I checked it out.
这是你最后登记的住址 所以我就来看看

Oh, impressive.Not as impressive as you.
好厉害 没有你厉害

I looked at your record and you've done some weird stuff.
我看过你的纪录 你干过不少怪事

We'll talk at dinner.
吃饭时再说 好

So I'll come by in a couple hours and pick you up?- All right, I can't wait.
我两个小时后来接你? 好 我好兴奋

- Okay.Don't worry, I won't just take you out for doughnuts.
放心 我不会只带你吃甜甜圈

He has a gun!

I'd like to return this couch. I'm not satisfied with it.
我要退这张沙发 我对它不满意

You want to return this couch?

It's cut in half.

- That's what I'm telling you.

- Did you cut this couch in half?

This couch is cut in half!

I would like to exchange it for one that is not cut in half.

You're telling me this couch was delivered to you like this?

Look, I'm a reasonable man.I will accept store credit.
我很讲道理 我愿意接受换购金额

I'll give you store credit in the amount of $4.

I will take it.

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