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老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第七集 S08E07 The One with the Stain / 有污点的那个

老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第七集 S08E07 The One with the Stain / 有污点的那个

Chandler hires a maid to clean the apartment and Monica promises to give her a chance. Eric broke up with Ursula and asks Phoebe out for lunch but he is still upset about Ursula and can't look at Phoebe without seeing Ursula. Rachel is looking for an apartment because she can't stay with Joey once the baby is here. Monica is very patient with the cleaning lady but thinks the girl stole her jeans and is wearing them. Monica remembers dropping ink and making a stain in the crotch of the jeans and tries to find out if they really are her jeans. Phoebe and Eric make out ... 我雇了一个女佣打扫公寓和莫妮卡承诺给她一个机会。Eric和厄休拉分手了,问我出去吃午饭,但他仍担心厄休拉和不能看着菲比没有看到厄休拉。瑞秋正在找房子因为她不能跟乔伊一旦孩子留在这里。莫妮卡是清洁工很有耐心,但认为女孩偷了她的牛仔裤,穿的是他们。莫妮卡记得滴墨水在牛仔裤的裤裆进行染色,试图找出如果他们真的是她的牛仔裤。菲比和Eric出…


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-hey -hey
- 嘿 - 嘿

Oh, my God, you cleaned! Look at these floors!
天啊 你打扫过了 看看地板

You did the windows!I have been begging for months and you did, you cleaned!
你还擦了窗户 我跟你提了好几个月 你真的打扫了

- And nagging works! - No, uh, I didn't actually do this.
- 唠叨是有用的 - 不 事实上这不是我做的

Oh, no. Was I cleaning in my sleep again?
不 我又边睡觉边打扫了?

No, it wasn't you.
不 打扫的人也不是你

- Well, then, who? - I got a maid. Yay!
- 那么是谁? - 我请了一个女佣 耶

Oh, well, I hope by "maid," you mean "mistress",because if some other woman was cleaning...
我希望你说的"女佣"是指"情妇" 因为有其他女人在打扫...

Now, honey, I know you don't like to relinquish control.
甜心 我知道你不喜欢 让出控制权

"Relinquish" is just a fancy word for "lose."
"让出"的意思 应该就是"失去"吧

Look, she's really nice, okay?And she mentioned that she adored the way that you arranged the sponges.
她真的很棒 她还说 她喜欢你放海绵的方式

Did she really say that?

Yes, I distinctly remember because I thought it was a joke.
对 我会记得 因为我以为她在开玩笑

- Now, just give her a chance, okay? - Fine, I can do it.
- 给她一个机会 好吗? - 好吧 我办得到的

- What's the matter? - Usually when I'm anxious, I clean.
- 怎么了? - 通常我一焦虑就会打扫

Whose cell phone is that? It's just so annoying.Everywhere you go.
是谁的行动电话在响? 那真的很吵 走到哪袒都会发生这种事

- I think it's coming from your bag.

I never get calls!


Hi, it's Eric, from the Halloween party.
嗨 我是万圣节派对上的艾力克

Ursula's fiancé.

Oh, my God, Eric, hi! Wait, how'd you get this number?
天啊 艾力克 嗨 等一下 你怎么知道我的电话号码?

I have a friend who's a cop, and he got it.
我有个朋友在当警察 他帮我查到的

Wow. What an incredible violation and wonderful surprise!
那真的是太不可思议了 我吓了一大跳

I just... I thought you should know I broke up with Ursula.
我想你应该要知道 我跟乌苏拉分手了

Oh, you did? He did it, he did it!

- Wow, what did he do? - Shh! I'm talking.
- 他做了什么? - 我在讲电话

Anyway, I was wondering,if you were the sort of person who eats lunch?
总之我很好奇 你会不会吃午餐?

Are you asking me out?

Because it'd be weird since you just broke up with my sister.
因为那很奇怪 你刚刚才跟我姐姐分手

Yeah, um

okay.I'm sorry. Bye.
好吧 抱歉 再见

No, wait! I was just saying that so you'd think I was a good person.
不 等一下 我会那么说 是希望你把我当成好人

Fight for me!

I won't take no for an answer.

Not great, we can work on it at lunch.
虽然不是很好 但我们能边吃午餐边练习

Okay, um, I can be at your apartment in two hours.
我可以在两个小时里 赶到你家

Great. Uh, how do you know where I live?
太棒了 你怎么知道我住在哪里?

I've got friends too.

- Okay, bye. - Bye.
- 好吧 再见 - 再见

Oh, my God, I'm going out with Eric!
天啊 我要跟艾力克约会

Ooh, this day is really gonna be so much better than I thought it was gonna be.

Oh, Ross, I can't make lunch.
罗斯 我没办法跟你吃午餐

So apparently I'm available for lunch.
很明显地 我午餐时间有空

Can't, I'm busy. I'm apartment hunting.
我没办法 我很忙 我在找房子

You're moving?

I can't live with Joey once the baby comes.
孩子生下来后 我没办法跟乔伊一起住

I don't want my child's first words to be, "How you doing?"
我不希望我的孩子会说的第一句话 是"你好吗?"

So does Joey know you're moving?

Well, I haven't discussed it with him yet, but I know he's gonna be relieved.
我还没有跟他谈 但我知道他会觉得如释重负

Last week he brought this girl over and I started talking to her about morning sickness.
上星期他带一个女孩回家 我跟她谈害喜的问题

Then I showed her pictures from my pregnancy book.
还把我怀孕纪念册的照片 拿给她看

- That's not really porn. - Not so much.
- 那不会很煽情吗? - 点都没有

You know what? If you're looking for a place I just heard in the elevator this morning that a woman in my building died.
今天早上我在电梯里听说 我住的公寓里有个女住户过世了

Oh, my God. Was she old? Does she have a view?
天啊 她很老吗? 她的公寓景观好吗?

Well I don't know. But how great would that be, huh?You living in my building?
我不知道 但那一定会很棒 你搬到我的公寓里来

I could help take care of the baby. I can come over whenever I want.
我可以照顾宝宝 想过去就过去...

...with your permission.

- Yeah that would really be great. - Well, can we see it?
那真的很棒 我们能去看看吗?

Oh, maybe we shouldn't. If she just died this morning. Out of respect.
或许我们不该那么做 我是说她今天早上才过世

Yeah. No. No, you're right.
对 你说得对

- Shall we? - Yeah.
- 可以吗? - 好吧

- Yes? - Hi. I'm Ross Geller.
- 有什么事吗? - 嗨 我是罗斯盖勒

I live in the building.

And I'm Rachel, an admirer of the building.
我是瑞秋 我很喜欢这栋公寓

I heard about Mrs. Verhoeven passing away, and I am so sorry for your loss.
听说佛哈芬太太过世了 我真的很遗憾

- She didn't pass away. - What?
- 她没有过世 - 什么?

- My mother's still alive. - Oh, thank God!
- 我妈妈还活着 - 谢天谢地

It looked like we were gonna lose her this morning,but she's a tough old bird.
她今天早上差点就过世了 但她是个意志力很强的老太婆

Are you close with her?

Of course. Heh.Uh, yeah. She and I would talk all the time...
当然 我们常常... the laundry room.

You speak Dutch?

You know, I would, but it's just too painful.
我会说的 但那太痛苦了

So she's really not dead.

- No. She's hanging in there.
不 她还在努力

Do you think...? Could you tell me, is she hanging in in a one-bedroom or a two?
你能告诉我她住的公寓 是一房还是两房吗?

Mrs. Bing, this tile cleaner is incredible. Where did you get it?
宾太太 这个清洁剂太棒了 你在哪里买的?

Oh, well, um, I make it myself.
喔... 那是我自己做的

It's two parts ammonia and one part lemon juice. The secret ingredient is...
两份的阿摩尼亚加一份的柠檬汁 秘方是...

You know what? We just met.

Okay. Uh, I'm gonna get the clothes from the laundry room now...
好吧 我去洗衣间拿衣服

...and when I come back, I'll clean behind the refrigerator
我回来后 会打扫冰箱后面

I love her.

I'll be back in a minute.


- See? I told you. - She stole my jeans!
- 看吧?我告诉过你了 - 她偷了我的牛仔裤


I have been looking for them all week and she is wearing them.
我找了一个星期 她正穿着它

So she stole your pants and then she came back and wore them in front of you?
她偷了你的裤子 然后回来 在你面前穿着它?

Don't you see? It's the perfect crime.
你不明白吗? 这是完美犯罪

She must have been planning this for years.

I will prove it to you.

About a week ago, I was wearing those jeans.I dropped a pen in my lap and it left an ink stain on the crotch.
我把笔掉在大腿上 在胯部留下了墨水印

When she comes back, I will find it and show you that stain!
她回来后 我会找到它 让你看看那个墨水印

Honey, isn't it possible that the company that sold the jeans made more than just the one pair?
卖出那件牛仔裤的公司难道 只做了一件牛仔裤吗?

I guess.

So shouldn't we give her the benefit of the doubt before we go,snooping around her crotch?
我们应该先找找看 再去看她的胯部吧?

Fine. I'm just glad I didn't give her my secret ingredient.
好吧 我很高兴 我没有告诉她我的秘方

Heh. Out of curiosity, what is your secret ingredient?
我真的很好奇 你的秘方是什么?

Yeah. Ha-ha-ha.

- Hi. - Come in. I'm so glad you're here.
- 嗨 - 请进 我很高兴你来了

Yeah. Me too.
对 我也是

Not in the shaky, angry way you are, though.
但不像你 那么震惊愤怒

Sorry. I just saw Ursula.I had to get the engagement ring back.
抱歉 我刚见过乌苏扛 我得把订婚戒指拿回来

Just seeing her brought it all back.

All the lies, the way she used me.
那些谎言 还有她是怎么利用我的

I just... I get so angry, just looking at her...
我只是...光是看到她 我就觉得好生气...

- Face. - Yeah. Yeah.
- 我是说看到她的脸 - 对

I'm sorry. It's just, when I look at you...
抱歉 当我看到你...

...I see her.

And when I see her, I get a little bit angry.
我看到她时 会觉得很生气

- Maybe this is too weird. - No, wait.
- 或许这太奇怪了 - 等一下

There's only a problem,when I look at you.
我看着你时 只会有一个问题

I got it. I got it.

No, don't tear out your eyes!
不 别把你的眼睛挖出来

- I was just gonna take out my lenses. - Oh, yeah. Try that.
- 我只是要把隐形眼镜拿掉 - 好吧 试试看

So is that better?

Not really.

You... Ugh. You're blurry.But you still look like Ursula. You're "Blursula."
你看起来很模糊 还是很像乌苏拉 你是"模糊的乌苏拉"

Okay, wait. Maybe...
好吧 等一下 或许...

If I just don't look at you for a while.
或许我该 暂时不要看你

See? It works. I'm not angry at all anymore.This is a great date!
看吧?成功了 我不再生气 这是个很棒的约会

Look, Eric, turn around.
听着 艾力克 转过来

Look, I like you, but it shouldn't be this hard. It's our first date.
我喜欢你 但不应该这么难的 这是我们第一次约会

First dates are supposed to be about excitement and electricity.
第一次约会应该是 刺激 火花四射...

And "Ooh, he touched my hand, did he mean touch my hand?"And you know, first kisses, and...
"他刚刚模了我的手 他是有意的吗?" 还有初吻...

...second kisses.

Thanks for the coffee, or, uh, ahem:
谢谢你的咖啡 或者是...

Yeah, we're done.
对 我们喝完了

Hey, Ross. Listen.You wanna go see that new IMAX movie on tide pools?
罗斯 你要去人工造浪池 看新的立体电影吗?

- Really? - No, ha, ha.
- 真的吗? - 不是

But I got Knicks tickets for you, me, and Chandler.
但我帮你 我跟钱德 弄到了尼克队的门票

- Sweet!

- All right, finish your coffee. Let's go.- OK
- 好吧 喝完咖啡就走 - 好

I have to stop by my place.

To tape the game? You do this every time.Ross. You're not gonna be on TV!
你要录球赛吗?你每次都这么做 你又没有要上电视

No, no, I have to see if this apartment became available.
不 我得去看看 那间公寓是不是空下来了

- You're switching apartments? - It's not for me, it's for Rachel.
- 你要换公寓? - 不是我 是瑞秋要搬家

- Rachel has an apartment. - When the baby comes, she's gonna move.
- 她已经有公寓了 - 宝宝- 出生她就要搬家

- She is? - Yeah.
- 真的吗? - 对

You didn't expect her to live there with a baby, did you?
你该不会希望她跟宝宝 住在那里吧?

I guess I didn't really think about it.

Hey, Gunther, you're an ezel. Huh.
阿甘 你是个混蛋

Damn it.

- Nice jeans. - Oh, thanks.
- 你的牛仔裤很漂亮 - 谢谢

- I like your top. - Oh. You're not getting it.
- 我喜欢你的上衣 - 你不会拿到它的

- What happened? - Oh. I fell asleep.
- 发生了什么事? - 我睡着了

I was thinking about taking my lunch break.

Will you do the top of the cabinets?That'll really work up your appetite for lunch.
噢 你能擦一下橱柜上面吗? 那会让你午餐时食欲大增

All right.


What's going on?

I'm sorry. I've never had a maid before. Is this not okay?
抱歉 我没有请过女佣 这样子不行吗?

- Hey. - Hey.
- 嘿 - 嘿

- How was the game? - Uh, it was okay. I ate way too much.
- 球赛好玩吗? - 还不错 我吃太多了

So, um, I was talking to Ross and he said you were looking for a new place?
我跟罗斯谈过 他说你在找新公寓

Oh, yeah. Hopefully across the street. If certain Dutch people would just let go.
对 我希望能搬到对街去 如果那些荷兰人愿意让出公寓

I was kind of hoping you'd stay.

But Joey, I have to go. There's no room for a baby here.
乔伊 我得搬走 这里住不下一个宝宝

No room? It's a baby. It's, like, this big.
住不下?只是一个宝宝 像这么大吧

You could put it over here.

Or we could put it right here. Aw! Cute, right?
或是这里 那很可爱吧?

Or-or we could put it over here. You wouldn't even notice it.
或是这里 你根本不会注意到

"Where's the baby?" "Oh, it's right over..."
"宝宝在哪里?" "就在..."

Honey, it's not just a matter of where you put it.
甜心 问题不只是 要把他放在哪里

A baby changes everything. They cry all the time.
宝宝会改变你全部的生活 他们总是哭个不停

Imagine bringing home some girl and trying to score when there's a screaming baby.
想像你带女孩回家 想跟她上床时宝宝却哭个不停

I could use a challenge. It's getting pretty easy.
我可以接受挑战 那应该会很容易

It's so sweet that you want me to stay, but I can't do that to you.
你要我留下来真的很贴心 但我不能那么做

I mean, it would disrupt your entire life.

It's just...

I love living with you so much.

- I wish things didn't have to change. - I know.
- 我希望一切都不必改变 - 我知道

You know, I blame Ross for this.

- I do too, a little bit.

I'm gonna miss you.

You're the hottest roommate I ever had.
你是我遇过 最辣的室友

Oh, no, I have to go. Ugh, I have a massage appointment.
不 我得走了 有人预约我去按摩

No, stay here. We'll keep doing this. I'll pay you.
不 留下来 我们继续吧 我可以付钱给你

No, I've gotten in trouble for that before.
不 之前我因为那么做 惹上了大麻烦

- I'll see you later? - Absolutely.
- 待会见? - 没问题

I love the way you kiss.

Really? That's the thing I'm worst at!you'll see.
真的吗?那是我最逊的部分 你等着瞧吧

- Hey. - Hey!
- 嘿 - 嘿

- I think Brenda needs a raise. - How come?
- 我想布兰达需要加薪 - 为什么?

Because I put my head between her legs.
因为我把头 放在她的双腿之间

- To see her pants? - They're my pants!
- 你要看她的裤子? - 那是我的裤子

Are you sure? Did you see the stain?
你确定吗? 你看到墨水印了?

No. I was getting into position, and everything went dark.
没有 我才刚刚就定位 后来就眼前一阵黑

God, she is not stealing from us, okay? Will you let this go?
她没有偷我们的东西 你能不能算了?


- She's wearing my bra! - Oh, dear God.
- 她穿着我的胸罩 - 天啊

My pink flowered bra! I recognize the strap!
我的粉红色小花胸罩 我认得那条肩带

And yet you don't recognize that you're crazy?

Here's the plan, okay?I'm going to leave, and you're gonna look at Brenda's bra.
我有个计划 我先离开 你得去看布兰达的胸罩

Here's another plan. No.
我也有个计划 不行

I would do it, but she thinks I'm attracted to her.
我很想这么做 但她以为我被她吸引

- Why? - Did you not hear where my head was?
- 为什么? - 你不知道刚刚我的头放在哪里吗?

Come on! We're a team. We're in this together.
我们是一起的 这件事我们都有份

I fear a jury will see it the same way.
我担心陪审团 也会那么认为

Do this for me.Come on, I catch you looking at woman's breasts all the time!
求你帮我 我常抓到你在瞄女人胸部

You see that?

Do you see this?

All right. Yes, okay. I get your point.
好吧 我了解你的意思

But if it's not your bra will you just let the woman clean the apartment?!
如果那是她的胸罩 你能让她打扫吗?

Yes! Absolutely. Okay? Look, you'll know it's mine because on the right cup, the lacey part, there's a very noticeable rip.
对 你会知道它是我的 因为右罩杯蕾丝的地方还破了一个大洞

You need new clothes.

- Hi. How is she? - It's not looking good.
- 嗨 她还好吗? - 情况看起来不妙

Well, I, uh, brought her some bloemen.

That's so sweet.Would you like to come in and say good-bye? I'm sure it would mean a lot to her.
那真的是太棒了 你要跟她道别吗? 那对她来说一定很重要

Oh, I don't know that it would. Heh.

- Well, her memory is pretty much gone. - All right, then.
- 她几乎不记得任何人了 - 那么好吧

- Hey! - Welcome back.
- 嘿 - 欢迎你回来

-Can we pick up where we left off? -I don't know, I'm still pretty tired out from this afternoon.
- 我们要继续吗? - 我还因为今天下午的事觉得很累

- Why? - Uh, the sex.
- 为什么? - 我们做爱了

- What sex? - Our sex.
- 什么? - 你跟我做爱了

We didn't have sex.

Well if I didn't have sex with you, I had sex with someone that looked an awful lot like
如果我没有跟你做爱 我一定是跟一个长得很像...

- You had sex with Ursula? - A little bit.
- 你跟乌苏拉做爱? - 有一点啦

She walked in, I thought she was you and I kissed her and...
她走进来 我以为她是你 我吻了她...

-You didn't notice she was wearing different clothes?!-Well I was just so excited to see you.
- 你没注意到衣服不- 样吗? - 我看到你觉得很兴奋

Ugh! You know what? This is too weird.-No. I don't wanna lose you.
- 这真的是太奇怪了 - 不会的 我不想失去你

It's-it's like I was saying to Ursula when I was making love to her and I thought she was you
我在做爱的时候 跟 乌苏拉说...

Yeah. It's too weird.
对 那太奇怪了

So I guess this is it.


Maybe it's for the best.

- You smell just like her. - Yeah, so do you.
- 你的味道跟她一样 - 对 你也是

- What are you doing? - I'm leaning.
- 你在做什么? - 我在弯腰

This is where I lean.


- Brenda, a bee! - What?
- 布兰达 有蜜峰 - 什么?

Yes! It's flown into your blouse and you'd better undo your buttons lest it sting you!
他飞进你的上衣里了 你最好快解开扣子免得被螫伤

- I think I know what's going on here. - You do?
- 我想我知道这是怎么一回事了 - 是吗?

Look, I know it must be hard that your wife is a lesbian...
听着 我知道你一定很难受 你太太是女同志...

...but it's wrong. You're married.
但这是不对的 你结婚了

- I totally understand. - Okay, good.
- 我完全了解 - 太好了

Could I just see your bra?


- Where'd you get those jeans? - You gave them to me.
- 你怎么会有那条牛仔裤? - 是你送我的

- No, I didn't! - All right, I took them.
- 我才没有 - 好吧 我拿走它

I figured it was okay, you've got an ink stain on the crotch.
我以为你不会介意 因为它在胯部的地方有一大块墨水印

- Oh, no! Did you take my bra too? - What bra?
- 不会吧 你也拿走了我的胸罩吗? - 什么胸罩?

- The pink one with the flowers. - You mean the one you're wearing?
- 有小花的粉红色胸罩 - 你是说你正在穿的这件胸罩吗?

I quit!

Sounds about right.

- What is this? - Hey.

Uh, this is just to give you an idea.
嘿 我只希望你考虑一下

We can put screens here so the baby has privacy...
我们可以在这里装拉帘 宝宝还是有隐私...

...and maybe a mobile, you know, over the crib...

...and, uh, here's a baby monitor which, until the baby comes,we can use as walkie-talkies.
这是宝宝监控器 宝宝没出生前 我们可以把它当对讲机

You're so sweet!

Oh, my God! And you gave the baby Hugsy!
天啊 你还把企鹅宝宝送给宝宝

That's really just to show where the baby would go.
我只是要向你示范 宝宝该躺在哪里

Y'know why don't I hold on to him so that there's no confusion?
快把它交给我吧 免得你误会了

Joey, the baby is gonna be crying. It's gonna be loud.
乔伊 宝宝会哭的 会非常地吵

- I'm loud. - It's gonna be up all night.
- 我很吵 - 他会整晚不睡

- I'm up all night. - It's gonna poop.
- 我也会 - 他会大便


What about the women you wanna bring home?

Look, if I'm bringing home a woman who can't stand being around a baby...
如果我把一个 受不了宝宝的女人带回家...

...then maybe I don't wanna be with that woman.
或许我根本 不该跟那个女人在一起

Or maybe we'll do it in the bathroom of the club!
或许我们该在 俱乐部的浴室里做爱

- Joey, are you sure?
乔伊 你确定吗?

- Yeah.Look, I know sometimes it'll be hard, okay...
对 听着 我知道 有时候会很辛苦...


it'll also be really, really great.

Please, Rachel, I really want you to stay.
拜托 瑞秋 我真的希望你留下来

- I want me to stay too. Thank you.
我也想留下来 谢谢你

Joey, look at this crib! It's so cute!I know. I found it on the street.
- 乔伊 看看这个摇篮 它好可爱 - 我知道 我在街上检到的

Are you...? Really? This is in such good condition.
你是...真的吗? 它看起来还不错

- Yeah.

Wow. Whoa, what's under the cover?

- I don't know. - It's moving.
- 我不知道 - 他在动

- Ew. - Still...- Aah! It's got a tail! Get it out!
他有尾巴 快把他丢出去

- Oh, aah! Okay!

Well, the old lady died. And how do I know?
那位老太太过世了 我怎么会知道呢?

Because her dying wish was for one last kiss.
因为她的遗愿是 给她最后一吻

But I don't care because you got the apartment. Yes!
但我不在乎 因为你拿到那问公寓了 太棒了

Ew, yeah.

Um, I think I'm gonna stay here.

Isn't that great?


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