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老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第十二集 S08E12 The One Where Joey Dates Rachel / 乔伊跟瑞秋约会

老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第十二集 S08E12 The One Where Joey Dates Rachel / 乔伊跟瑞秋约会

Phoebe gives Chandler and Monica a late wedding present: the game Ms Pac-Man. Chandler plays it all day long to be better than Monica and Phoebe. Rachel misses dressing up for romantic dates so Joey promises to take her out. They have a wonderfully romantic date pretending they're not roommates and they get to know each other a whole new level. Monica and Phoebe have to try to beat Chandler's top scores because Ben is coming over to play and Chandler put dirty words as names for the top scores. Joey has a crush on Rachel and feels weird about it. 菲比给钱德勒和莫妮卡晚结婚礼物:游戏Pac-Man的女士。钱德勒是整天要优于莫妮卡和菲比。瑞秋未化妆的浪漫约会所以乔伊答应带她出去。他们有一个非常浪漫的约会假装他们不是室友,他们互相认识了一个新的水平。莫妮卡和菲比要尝试击败钱德勒的高分,因为Ben过来玩,钱德勒把脏话作为得分最高的名字。我很喜欢瑞秋,感觉怪怪的呢。


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Hey, I got you a present!

Oh, my goodness, where did you hide it?
天啊 你把它藏在哪里?

I got it for your wedding, I ordered it weeks ago and it finally got here!
我订了它当做你们结婚的礼物 它终于被送来了

Pheebs you didn't have to get us anything for our wedding you already sang

I love it! It's huge! Let's open it! Open it!
我喜欢它 它很大 我们打开它吧

- It's a Ms. Pac-Man machine! - Oh, my God!
- 是小精灵的电动 - 我的天啊

I didn't know where to put it so I just left it here for now.
我不知道该放到哪里去 所以就把它留在这

- Oh well, maybe we can put it in the guest bedroom. - Yeah, okay.
- 我们可以把它放在客房 - 好吧

- I kinda like it here. - Do you really like it?
- 我喜欢把它放在这里 - 你真的喜欢它吗?

Are you kidding? I practically spent my entire childhood at the arcade.
你在开玩笑吗? 我小时候都待在游乐场里

- This was, like, my second favorite game. - Oh really? What was your first?
- 这是我第二喜欢的游戏 - 你最喜欢什么?

- I don't really remember the name of it. - Well, what did it do?
- 我记不得它的名字了 - 它的内容是什么?

Well, you just - you put a quarter in and y'know pull-pull some handles and win like a candy bar or something.
把铜板放进去 一拉把手 就能拿到糖果

A vending machine?

Hey, don't feel bad for me. I won every time!
别为我难过 每次我都会赢

Hey! I'm so glad you guys are here.

I've been dying to tell someone what happened in the paleontology department today.

Do you think he saw us, or can we still sneak out?
你觉得他看到了我们 还是我们有机会落跑?

Professor Newman, the head of the department, is retiring, so...
系主任诺曼教授 要退休了 所以...

- They made you head of the department! - No, I get to teach one of his advanced classes!
- 他们让你当系主任 - 我要教他的高级课

Why didn't I get head of the department?

- Oh, hey, Rach, listen, um... - Yeah.
- 瑞秋 听着... - 嗯

I got a big date coming up, do you know a good restaurant?
我有个重要约会 你知道哪家餐厅不错吗?

Uh, Paul's Café. They got great food and it's really romantic.
保罗咖啡厅 那里东西好吃 气氛真的很浪漫

Ooh. Great, thanks.
太棒了 谢谢

And then after, you could take her to the Four Seasons for drinks.

Or go downtown and listen to some jazz.

Or dancing. Oh, take her dancing!
或跳舞 带她去跳舞

You sure are naming a lot of ways to postpone sex, I'll tell you.

Agh, I miss dating. Getting all dressed up, going to a fancy restaurant.
我想念约会的感觉 盛装打扮去好餐厅吃饭

I'm not gonna be able to do that for so long. And it's so much fun.
我很久都无法再那么做了 那真的很有趣

Not that sitting at home worrying about giving birth to a 16-pound baby is not fun.
我不是说坐在这里 担心生产的事不好玩

Hey, you know what? Why don't I take you out?

What? You don't want to go on a date with a pregnant lady.

Yes, I do. We're gonna go out, we're gonna have a good time.

I'll take your mind off of childbirth, and C-sections...

...and giant baby heads stretching out...

Okay, I'll go with you. I'll go.
好吧 我答应你

- It will be fun. - All right. Okay.
- 那会很好玩的 - 好吧

No, no! Yes!
不 太棒了

Aw, would you look at that, Monica?

I just knocked off all your top scores. How sad.
我打败了你的最佳成绩 太惨了

Okay, I'm next.
好吧 轮到我了

Don't! Don't start another game! I said I'm next! Phoebe!
别再开始 轮到我了 菲比

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over all the winning.
抱歉 我赢得太开心 听不到你说话

- Chandler! Phoebe's hogging the game. - Who cares? It's a stupid game.
- 菲比在霸占游戏 -谁在乎啊?那是个愚蠢的游戏

Oh, you only think it's stupid because you suck at it.
你觉得它蠢 因为你很逊

I don't suck. It sucks.
我不逊 它才逊

You suck.

Wait okay, if this game is gonna cause problems between the two of you,

then maybe I should keep it. - No, I love it. It is a great present.
- 我应该留下它 - 不 我喜欢它 它是很棒的礼物

In fact, why don't you go home and wait for the "Thank You" card?

- Why do you want to play so badly? - Yeah, it's not like it spits out...
- 你为什么要玩这个游戏? - 对啊 玩完之后又不会...

...a Clark Bar after every game.

Okay. Phoebe that's it. Come on, get out - out of the chair. Get out!
好吧 菲比 够了 快下来


Joey, could you get that?
乔伊 麻烦你去开门

Ugh, Joey...

What are you doing here? I thought you were in your room?
你这是干嘛? 我以为你在房里

No, I'm picking you up for our date. These are for you.
我是来接你的 这是送你的

Oh, lilies. They're my favorite. Thank you.
百合花 它们是我最喜欢的花 谢谢

And a brownie.

Well, half a brownie.

Actually, it's just a bag.

It's a long walk from the flower shop and I was starting to feel faint, so...
从花店走回来真的很远 我觉得头晕 所以...

Oh, man, this is so great!

I actually feel like I'm going on a real date.

Although, I have a hint of morning sickness, and I'm wearing underwear that goes up to about
但我会害喜 我穿的内裤裤头高到...


Hey, come on. This is a real date. Uh...
少来了 这是真的约会

So, nice place you got here.

Foosball, huh? Pizza box.

Oh, a subscription to Playboy. My kind of woman.
还有《花花公子》杂志 你是我喜欢的那种女人

Actually, that's my roommate's.

I'd like to meet him. He sounds like a standup guy.
我想见见他 他似乎是个好男人

But he's very protective of me...
他很保护我 you'd better watch yourself. - Ah.

Hey, so, this roommate of yours, is he good-looking?

- Oh, yeah.

- Must be tough to keep your hands off him.
你一定很努力控制自己 不爱上他

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure he's gay.

No! No, he's not! Why are you trying to ruin the game?
不是的 你为什么要毁了这个游戏?

Which brings us back, of course, to Greely's Theory of Dominance.

OK That's it for today.

Oh, uh, does anyone know where the Freeman Building is?

Yeah, it's the new building on Avenue A.

What? That-that's all the way cross town

I'm supposed to teach a graduate seminar there in ten minutes.

Ooh, dude, that's not gonna happen.

Move it. Move it. Move it!

Hey! I'm the teacher!


Sorry I'm a little late. Uh...

Whoa, a lot late.

Uh, well, let me start by, uh, introducing myself.

I'm, uh, Professor Geller.

So to sum up...

...I'm Professor Geller. Good job today.
我是盖勒教授 今天大家做得很好

Now, the filet mignon, what comes with that?

A side of steamed vegetables.

Instead of the vegetables...
除了蔬菜... there any way that I could substitute the, um...

...three-pound lobster?

You know what? Bring her both.

And I'll have the same.

Wow, this is shaping up to be a pretty good date.

Oh, I almost forgot. I didn't pay you the rent.
我差点忘了 我没给你房租

Whoa, whoa, whoa, no roommate stuff. We're on a date.
别当我们是室友 我们在约会

Okay. Wow, so I get to see what Joey Tribbiani is like on a date.
我想知道乔伊崔比亚尼 怎么跟女人约会

Do you have any moves?

No, I'm just myself, and if they don't like me for...
不 我只会做我自己 如果她们不喜欢我...

I'm sorry, I couldn't even get through that.
抱歉 我无法想像那种事

I knew it. Come on, tell me your moves.
我就知道 告诉我你有什么招数

Uh, all right. Um...


okay, I usually start by having a bottle of wine sent to my table from a fan.

Oh, my God. And that works?
天啊 有用吗?

It does when you combine it with, "This is so embarrassing.

I just want to have a normal life."

- Aw, you poor little famous man.

Oh, okay, how about this one?
好吧 这个呢?

I was gonna wait until the end of the night to kiss you...

...but you're just so beautiful, I don't think I can.
但你真的太美了 我想我做不到

Oh, my God! Ha.

Wow, that was fantastic! I almost leaned in. I really almost did.
那真的太棒了 我差点就被你骗了

All right, so tell me one of your moves.

All right. Ahem.

So where'd you grow up?

That's your move?

Boy, Rach, you're lucky you're hot.
瑞秋 还好你长得很美

- Come on, just answer the question. - Ugh. Queens.
- 快回答我的问题 - 皇后区

And so were you close to your parents?

- With my mom. Not so much my dad. - Why not?
- 我跟妈妈亲 跟爸爸不太说话 - 为什么?

I don't know. I guess there's just always been this distance.
我不知道 我们之问有距离

I mean, we both try to pretend it's not there, but it is.
我们都假装没有 但事实上不然

It's gotta be rough.

It is. Yeah, it's really tough. You know, sometimes I think...
对 那真的很辛苦 有时候我认为...

- Nice move!

- "Where'd you grow up?" So simple. - Thank you.
- "你在哪里长大的?" 太简单了 - 谢谢

Ha, ha. Now, excuse me. I'm gonna go to the restroom.
对不起 我要去洗手间

- And now you're watching me walk away. - Yes, I am! Again, so simple.
- 你正看着我走开 - 没错 太简单了

- You're not gonna believe what I did today. - Well it clearly wasn't showering or shaving.
- 你-一定不相信今天我做了什么 - 很明显地你没洗澡或刮胡子

I got good. I played this game all day, and now I rule at it.
我变厉害了 我玩了一整天 现在我是第一名

They should change the name of it to "Ms. Chandler."
他们应该把它改名为 "钱德小姐"

Although, I hope they don't.

Wait a minute, you stayed home all day and played Ms. Pac-Man

while I went off to work like some kind of chump?!

Uh-huh. I got the top ten scores. I erased Phoebe off the board. High-five!
我包办了前10名 把菲比给挤掉了 庆祝一下吧

What is the matter with your hand?

I been playing for eight hours.

It'll loosen up. Come on, check out the scores.
它会放松的 看看我的记录

And also, look at the initials. They're dirty words.
看看我编的名字 它们全是脏话

- Chandler, why would you do that? - Because it's awesome.
- 钱德 你为什么要那么做? - 因为它很棒

You think this is clever?

Well y'know, they only give you three letters, so after A-S-S it is a bit of a challenge.
我只能写下三个字母 除了屁股外 其他的名字可是个大桃战

- Hey wait a minute, this one isn't dirty.- It is when you put it together with that one.
- 这不是脏话 - 把它跟那个连在一 起

If you don't clear this off, you won't get one of those from me.
如果你没办法把它清掉 我不会答应你的

But Ben's coming over here tomorrow to play this game, this can't be there.
小班明天会过来 不能让他看到这个

- Come on, he won't even know what they mean. - Chandler! He's seven; he's not stupid
- 他不知道它们的意思 - 他七岁了 他不笨

- Have you talked to him lately? - Look, I'm gonna unplug it.
- 最近你跟他谈过吗? - 我要把插头拔掉

No-no-no, if you unplug it, I'll have nothing to show for my day!

It'll be like I was at work.

Hey, look! It's still there!
你看 画面还在

This thing must have some kind of primitive ROM chip in it or something!
这玩意一定是用 原始的记忆晶片

- You gotta beat your scores. - With the claw?
- 你得打败自己的成绩 - 我的手指都张不开了

Fine, I'll do it. . I've just got to get this off the screen.
好吧 让我来 我们得把这个消掉

Carol's still upset that you taught him "Pull my finger."
卡萝还在气 你教他"拉我的手指"

Pull my finger. My hand is messed up!
拉我的手指 我的手毁了

- I am not gonna answer that. - Oh, come on. Just pick one.
- 我不会回答那个问题 - 来吧 快挑一个

Between Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross...
在摩妮卡、菲比 钱德跟罗斯之间...

...if you had to... If you had to, who would you punch?
如果你非那么做不可 你会打谁?

No one. They're my friends. I wouldn't punch any of them.
谁都不打 我们是朋友 我不会打他们


Yeah, but I don't know why.
对 但我不知道为什么

- I'm having such a wonderful time! - Me too.
- 我玩得很开心 - 我也是

Hey, Rach, can I just say...
瑞秋 我只想说...

...I think this is the best date I ever had. - I know!
- 这是我最棒的约会经验 - 我知道

I've never laughed so hard. Did you see the wine come out my nose?
我笑得好厉害 你看到酒从我鼻子喷出来吗?

Yes. Joey, I think everybody saw the wine come out of your nose.
乔伊 我想大家都看到了

I gotta say, I never knew I could enjoy the non-sex part of a date so much.
我不知道我会这么喜欢 没有性爱的约会

That's because you have never been on a date with me before.
那是因为 你没有跟我约会过

All right. Now don't judge me.
好吧 别批评我

I normally wait till my date leaves, but you live here.
通常我会等我的对象离开了 再这么做 但你住这里

I'm ripping into the swan.

Okay, well then, you don't judge me.
好吧 你也别批评我

I'm gonna suck on the cellophane from the brownie I had before.

So tell me, what are Joey Tribbiani's end-of-the-night moves?
告诉我乔伊崔比亚尼 说晚安的招数是什么

Uh, well, if I want the girl to kiss me...

...first thing I do is make my lips look irresistible.
首先我会让我的嘴巴 看起来难以抵抗

How do you do that?

Now you can't tell anyone, but, uh...
你不能告诉任何人 但是...

...I put on shiny lip balm.

- Oh, my God. - Like a moth to a flame, I'm telling you.
- 天啊 - 女人就跟飞蛾扑火一样

- Okay, all right, so now you go. - No, I don't want to tell you.
- 好吧 轮到你了 - 不 我不想告诉你

- Why not? - Because it's embarrassing
- 为什么? - 那太丢脸了

More embarrassing than shiny raspberry lip balm?
比涂覆盆子口味的护唇膏 还丢脸?

I didn't say raspberry before, did I?

- Just tell me, Rach. Just tell me.
快告诉我 瑞秋

Okay. All right, stand up.
好吧 站起来

Well, when we're at the door...

...I lightly press my lips against his.
我会将我的嘴唇 轻轻压在他的嘴唇上

Then move into his body, just for a second.
将身体靠向他 一秒钟

And then I make this sound:

Okay, I know it doesn't sound like anything, but I swear it works.
听起来没什么 但很有效

Oh, yeah. That would work, yeah.
对 那的确有效

All right, I gotta go to bed. I had such a wonderful time.
好吧 我得睡了 我玩得很开心

- Oh, yeah.

Me too.

You were 50 minutes late to the class?what did you crawl there?
你迟到了 50分钟? 你是用爬的吗?

No, I ran, okay? It's really far.
不 我用跑的 那真的很远

and when did people stop understanding the phrase, "Get the hell out of my way!"
人们什么时候开始听不懂 "别档我的路"?

Why didn't you take a cab?

Ugh. between the traffic that time of day and all the one-way streets it'll take me twice as long.
塞车太严重 那是单行道 搭计程车得花两倍的时间

Besides, I teach the class three times a week. Who am I, Rockefeller?
我一星期有三堂课 我是洛克菲勒吗?

You're not gonna be able to keep doing this.

I have to. If I don't, they'll take the class away from me.
我不那么做 他们会取消我这堂课

And I already put it in my family newsletter.

- Your what? - You've seen it, The Geller Yeller.
- 什么? - 你看过的 《盖勒通讯报》


Besides, I-I think I figured out a much faster route, I'm sure I can make it this time.
我想出一条比较快的路线 我想这次我能及时赶到

I just can't be afraid to get a little bit hit by cars.
我不能害怕 被车子撞到

- Hey. - Hi!
- 嘿 - 嗨

Hi! Hey, remember how last night we were talking about that movie Cujo?

Oh, yeah, I can't believe you haven't seen Cujo. What is wrong with you?
我不敢相信你没看过 你是不是有问题啊?

Relax, it's not like it's Citizen Kane.
别紧张 它不是《大国民》

Have you ever tried to sit through Citizen Kane?

Yeah, I know. It's really boring.
对 它真的很无聊

- But it's a big deal. - Yeah.
- 但它是名片 - 对啊

Anyway, I was thinking about renting Cujo sometime.
总之 我想去租《狂犬惊魂记》

Well, yeah, all right. Let's do it tonight.

- Don't you have that big date tonight? - Oh, right.
- 你不是有约会吗? - 对

- Hey, Joey, can I ask you something? - Yeah.
- 乔伊 我能问你一件事吗? - 问吧

After our date last night, did you feel a little weird?

Oh, my God. You did too? It totally freaked me out, what was that?!
天啊 你也是吗? 我吓坏了 那是什么?

I don't know.

I'm kind of thinking it was the lobster.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, the lobster.
对 龙虾

- I was up sick all night. - Yeah, me too. All night.
- 我吐了- 整晚 我也是

Really? How come we didn't cross paths?

Yeah, well, that's because, uh...
对 那是因为...

...I stayed in my room.

Yeah, you don't want to look in my hamper.

Okay, I got that.

I'll escape over there. I'll come back here.
我要逃离那里 回到这里

All right. Come on, Ms. Pac-Man...
来吧 小精灵

Well, you're just a little bitch, aren't you?
你是个混蛋 对吧?

Hey, you guys?

I'm sorry that I was hogging the game before.
抱歉之前 我霸占着电动玩具

Oh, my God, your friends have some unfortunate initials.
天啊 你朋友名字的缩写真难听

- They're all Chandler. - Chandler sucks.
- 那都是钱德干的 - 钱德烂透了

- He couldn't have gotten this good. - I did.
- 不可能有这么厉害 - 我很厉害

- But it came at a price.

But Ben is coming over tonight and he can't see this.
小班要过来 他不能看到这个

Come on, by age 7, kids have already seen orgies.

Was it just me?

Yes, I made it! I'm on time!
我办到了 我及时赶到

Okay, why don't we all, uh...
好了 请大家... our books to page 23...


...where you will see a, uh...

...a bunch of, uh, red spots.

Okay, why don't, uh, you all start to read, while I...
请大家先看一下 我要...

Hey, are you all right? You seem a little distracted.
你没事吗? 你似乎有点心不在焉

No, no, I'm fine. It's just...
不 我没事 我只是...

Hey, can I ask you something?

Have you ever looked at someone that you've known for a while...

...and suddenly seen them in a different way?

You mean like from behind?

Yeah. Yeah. That's exactly it.
没错 就是那样

You know what?

One time I saw this guy from behind, and he seemed totally normal guy.
有一次我从背后看这个家伙 觉得他真的很普通

And then he turned around and it was Stephen Baldwin!
他一转身 我才知道他是史蒂芬鲍德温

Ooh, yeah. So you know exactly what I'm talking about.
对 你完全了解我的意思

- Totally!

- Would you excuse me for a sec? - Yeah, sure.
- 对不起 - 请便

- God, Phoebe! You're on fire! - I know!
- 菲比 你真的很厉害 - 我知道

One more score to go! You can do it!- Don't touch me!
- 你办得到 - 别碰我

Don't touch her!

All right, go left! Go right! Go right!
左边 右边 右边

I can't! I can't!

Noooooooo!!!!!!! You son of a bitch!!!!!
不 你这个天杀的...


Oh, hi, Ben. No, don't look at the machine!
嗨 小班 不 别看机器

Aah! God! Thank God you're home.

- I'm watching Cujo. - Alone?
- 我在看《狂犬惊魂记》 - 你一个人?

- Yes! What is wrong with this dog? - Did you get to the part...
- 对 这只狗是怎么了? - 你看到...

where they're trapped in the car and Cujo's throwing himself at the windshield?

No. No! Seriously, what's wrong with the dog?
不 真的 这只狗是怎么了?

Wait a minute, what are you doing home so early? What happened to your date?
你怎么在家? 你不是去约会了吗?

Oh, uh, it didn't work out.

Do you want to watch the rest of the movie with me?

Oh, uh, okay. Yeah.

Y'know, I never thought I'd say this about a movie,

but I really hope this dog dies.

What are you doing over there? Come sit protect me
你在做什么? 坐在这里保护我

Oh. Sure, yeah. Why not?
没问题 有何不可呢?


- That's him, that's him! That's Cujo! - All right, I know.
- 那就是他 那就是库裘 - 我知道

It's gonna be okay.

Oh, my God. What's he gonna do now? I can't watch.
天啊 他现在会怎么做? 我不敢看

Ugh, seriously, how can you watch this? Aren't you scared?
你怎么能看这个? 你不害怕吗?


So is everybody here? I got here a little early, myself.
大家都来了吗? 今天我提早到了

Let us begin.

Now, the hadrosaurids have been unearthed in two main locations.


...and here.

Now, as for the hadrosaurus...

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