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老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第二十三集 S08E23 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 1 / 瑞秋生产记1

老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第二十三集 S08E23 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 1 / 瑞秋生产记1

Ross and Rachel go to the hospital to have their baby but it's a long labor. They get stuck in a semi-private room and many other couples come and go before Rachel is ready to deliver, the last couple being Janice and her new husband. Chandler and Monica decide to start trying to have a baby. 罗斯和瑞秋去医院有他们的孩子但是这是一个漫长的劳动。他们被困在半私人房间和许多其他夫妇来来去去,在瑞秋准备发表,过去是珍妮丝和她的新丈夫。钱德勒和摩妮卡决定开始想有一个孩子。


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All right!

Yes!! From home to the hospital in under seven minutes! We did it!!
从家里赶到医院 花了不到七分钟的时间 我们办到了

Yes. The hard part is truly over.
对 最难的部分完成了

No, but come on, we're off to a great start aren't we?
不 但打起精神来 我们有个不错的开始 对吧?

I knew I'd get you here fast, but this has got to be some kind of a record!
我知道我可以很快赶到这里 但这一定是创下了记录

- Oh, you made it! - Hi.
- 你们赶到了 - 嗨

How-how the hell did you beat us here? - We took a cab. Did you guys walk?
- 你们怎么会比我们先到? - 我们搭计程车 你们是走过来的吗?

No, we took a cab too. But I did test runs--
不 我们也是搭计程车 但我做过实验...

- Hi. - Hey, you made it!
- 嗨 - 嘿 你们赶到了

Okay, is there some kind of magic tunnel to this hospital?
好吧 难不成有魔法地道 通到这家医院?

Ross, you stay here and talk. I'm gonna go have a baby.
罗斯 你留下来聊天 我要去生孩子了

Okay. Hi, this is Rachel Green. I'm Ross Geller. We called from the car.
好吧...嗨 她是瑞秋葛林 我是罗斯盖勒 我们在车上打过电话

Right! We have a semi-private labor room waiting for you. So in just a minute
对 我们为你们准备了 双人待产室 所以...

Oh, whoa! I'm sorry. Semi-private? We asked for a private room.
对不起 双人房? 我们订了单人房

Yes, I see that here.Unfortunately we can't guarantee a private room
我知道 不幸地是 我们无法保证一定有单人房

- Currently, they're all unavailable. - Man, if only you'd gotten here sooner.
- 现在单人房都满了 - 真是的 你该早点过来的

I'm sorry. Semi-private rooms are all we have.
抱歉 我们只有双人待产室

Okay. Just give us a second. Ross?
好吧 等我们一下 罗斯


- Give her some money. - I really think they're out of rooms.
- 塞点钱给她 - 我真的相信他们没房间了

They're not!! Ross, they're just saving them for the important people!!
才怪 罗斯 他们为大人物保留房间

Okay?! What-what if I was the president?!

Well then we'd be in a lot of trouble, you don't know where any countries are.
那么我们麻烦大了 你不知道任何国家的地理位置


Say, would you mind checking again?

See if any, uh, private rooms may have opened up?
有没有我们可以使用的 单人待产室?

This is a hospital.

Okay. Y'know what? I'd have to say I really don't care for your tone.
好吧 你知道吗?我得说 我真的不太喜欢你的语气

This is not the only hospital in the city. We have no problem-- Whoa. Oh, gosh!
这不是市里唯一一家医院 我们没有问题...天啊

- What, what? - Contraction!
- 什么? - 是阵痛

- Would you like to see a semi-private room? - Yeah, it couldn't hurt to look.
- 你们想看看双人待产室吗? - 好吧 看看也无妨

Well you're only two centimeters dilated and we need to get to ten.
你只开了两公分 得等到开十公分才行

- It will be a while. - Oh, okay.
- 那得等上一 段时间 - 好吧

- I'll be back in an hour to check on you again. -Thank you.
- 我一小时后再回来帮你检查 - 谢谢

- I guess we have some time to kill. - Yeah, guess so.
- 我猜我们得想办法杀时间 - 没错

- Oh, check these out. - Oh.
喔 你看

Never done this before.

Yeah, well, it looks great.
对 那看起来很不错

Thank you very much. I think we're ready to...
谢谢 我想我们准备好...

Hi, I'm Ross. I'm here to ruin this magical day for you.
嗨 我是罗斯 我来帮你们毁了这美好的一天

- Not at all. - Don't worry about it. Marc Coreger, this is my wife Julie.
一点都不会 没关系的 马克何格 她是我太太茱莉

- Hi, Julie. This is Rachel. - Oh, hi, Rachel.
- 嗨 菜莉 她是瑞秋 - 嗨 瑞秋

-Is this your first? -Yeah It is.
- 这是你的第一胎? - 对

- Well, little Jamie here is our third.

So, if you have questions or you need anything at all, just holler.
如果你们有问题 或需要帮忙 叫我们一声

- That's so sweet. - Yeah.
- 那真的是太棒了 - 对

Umm say, I-I opened this earlier,but let me give you guys some privacy. -No nonsense! We're all in this together.
- 我得让你们独处下 - 没关系 我们可以一起来

We are gonna share every moment of this with you.
我们愿意 跟你们分享每一刻

- I think we're gonna have some fun. - Yeah.
- 我想我们会非常愉快 - 对

- Oh, okay, I guess. - Hey, smile!
- 我想...好吧 - 笑- 个

- No. - I really don't want any--
- 我不知道... - 我真的不要...

Oh, thank you.

Oh, Ross. Here comes another contraction.
罗斯 我又开始阵痛了

- Okay, just breathe...
好吧 深呼吸

- Oh, honey, I think I'm having one too! - Oh, my God!
- 甜心 我想我也开始阵痛了 - 天啊

- Hey, look at this.
- 你看 - 喔...

Here you go! - Oh, no!
- 来吧 - 不

Oh, wow. Three hours and still no baby.
哇 三个小时了还生不出来

Ugh, the miracle of birth sure is a snooze-fest.
生产的奇迹 的确让人很想打瞌睡

- Hey, you wanna see something? - Sure. What?
- 嘿 你要看看好玩的事吗? - 当然要 什么?

This will be fun. Watch me freak out Chandler.
好 这一定会很好玩 看我怎么吓钱德

- Honey? - Yeah?
- 甜心 - 什么?

Listen, uh, I've been doing some thinking...
听着 我一直在想...

...and I don't know whether it's because we're here...
我不知道是因为 我们来到这里...

...or Rachel's giving birth...

...but, um, I think we should try to have a baby.


What's that now?

Okay. I've been thinking about it too. I think we're ready.
好吧 我也一直在想那件事 我想我们准备好了

Are you kidding me? You think we're ready to have a baby now?
你在开玩笑吗? 你觉得我们准备好要怀孕了?

Oh, this is fun.

You're ready to have a baby? My boy's all grown up!
你们准备要怀孕了? 我的小男孩长大了

You said you were ready too.

Yeah but I was just screwing with you to try to get your voice all high and weird
对 我只是想跟你开玩笑 让你用高八度的怪声音说话... mine is now!

Yes, but haven't you wanted a kid like forever?
对 但你不是一直 都想要生孩子吗?

Okay, just back off, mister!
好吧 滚开 先生

Because I am ready to have a baby.

I just want Joey to be the father.

- What? Are you crazy? - That's it! Right there! Is all I wanted!
- 什么?你疯了吗? - 就是那样 那就是我的目的

I'm so sorry. The doctor insisted on closing the curtain for the exam.
抱歉 医生坚持 拉上布幕做检查

Oh, that's very-- Really, very, very okay.
那非常... 真的没关系

Julie's cervix is dilated 7 centimeters. That's about four fingers!
茱莉的子宫颈开了七公分 大约是四指宽

- Doctor let me feel it myself. - Have you felt Rachel's cervix Ross?
- 医生让我自己摸摸看 - 你摸过瑞秋的子宫颈吗?罗斯

- No, I don't-- - We won't be doing that.
- 没有...我们不会那么做 - 我们不会那么做

Well, if you like you can feel Rachel's and then feel mine to compare.
如果你要的话 你可以摸摸瑞秋的 再摸摸我的做比较

- Am I interrupting? - Yes! Thank you!- No, no- Later.
- 我打扰了你们吗? - 太棒了 谢谢 待会见

- Don't leave me here with these people.-Oh uh, I'm sorry.
- 不 你不能丢下我跟他们独处 - 对不起

No, Ross, Ross? Ross? My child has no father!
不 罗斯 我的孩子没有父亲

I'm so glad you're here, but it's gonna be a while. I wish you'd called first.
我很高兴你来了 可能还要再等一下 你该先打电话来

- Oh that's all right, I'm coming back later with your father. - Oh, good.
- 没关系 我待会会再跟你爸来- 赵 - 喔 好

- I actually needed to talk to you before the birth. - Okay. What's up?
- 在孩子出生前我得跟你谈一谈 - 好吧 什么事?

I brought something that I want to give you.

Assuming, of course, that you want it.

Ma, you're asking me to marry you?
妈 你要我娶你?

This is your grandma's engagement ring, I want you to give it to Rachel.
这是你外婆的订婚戒指 我要你把它送给瑞秋

- Mom, no. Come on. Thank you... - Just hear me out--
- 妈 不 别这样 谢谢你 - 听我说...

No! Okay?We've been through this!
不 好吗?我们谈过了

We're not gonna get married just because she's pregnant, okay?
我们不会因为她怀孕了 就去结婚 好吗?

Honestly, this isn't just some girl you picked up in a bar and humped.
说真的 罗斯 她不是你在酒吧泡到就上的女孩

A child should have a family.

Mom, y'know what? I-I can't deal with this right now. I'm sorry...
你知道吗? 我现在无法思考此事 抱歉

Think about it. If you don't, I'll talk more about humping.
考虑一下 如果你不那么做 我会再跟你谈上女孩的事

Give me that.

- Hi, dear. - Hi. Thank you so much for coming.
- 嗨 亲爱的 - 谢谢你赶过来

Ross, get in here!
罗斯 快进来

she came and dragged me out of the labor room to ask me why I'm not with Rachel.
她把我拖出待产室 问我为什么不跟瑞秋结婚

- Why aren't you with Rachel? - Are you kidding?
- 你为什么不跟瑞秋结婚? - 你在开玩笑吗?

We're not gonna be together just because we're having a baby,ok?
我们不会因为孩子的关系 就去办结婚 好吗?

But y'know what? It just seems that you two belong together.
但看起来 你们两个属于彼此

Okay, stop it! I can't deal with this right now. I have to go have a baby.
别说了 现在我无法想这件事 我得去等孩子出生

Right. And with who again?
对 你是要跟谁生孩子?

God. He's crazy! Why doesn't he want to be with Rachel?
天啊 他疯了 他为什么不跟瑞秋结婚?

I know.

I mean seriously,She's like the perfect woman. I know she turned me down...
说真的她是个完美女性 我知道她拒绝了我...

ut if she hadn't and wanted to be with me
如果她没有 她想跟我在一起...

I would take her in my arms and

I haven't bummed you guys out like this in a while.
我有一阵子 没有这样吓你们了吧?

- Hey. -Hey
- 嘿 - 嘿

- Who's that? - New people.
- 那是谁? - 新来的人

What happened to the Disgustingtons?

They're having their baby. It's not fair, Ross. I got here first!
他们去生孩子了 真不公平 罗斯 是我先来的

Right after you left they wheeled her off into delivery.
你离开不久 他们就将她推进产房了

Oh but not before she gave me a juicy shot of little Jamie just crowning away.
但她走之前 让我看了一下她大开的产道

- Sorry.

So, uh, how are the new people?

Well, they have some unusual pet names for each other.
他们帮彼此 取了很不寻常的绰号

Including, um, "Evil Bitch" and, uh, "Sick Bastard."

- Oh, gosh, a contraction. - Yeah? Okay, okay. Just breathe.
- 天啊 是阵痛 - 是吗?好了 深呼吸

- Are you looking at her? - No!
- 你在看她吗? - 没有

- Don't look at her, you sick bastard! - Honey,I swear I wasn't looking at her!
- 别看她 病态混蛋 - 甜心 我发誓我没有看她

She's in labor. You like that, you sick son of a bitch?
她要生了 你喜欢吗?你这病态贱人

I'm just gonna--

See? It's because you were looking, you fat pervert.
看吧?那都是你偷看的关系 胖变态

No, no. I'm sure no one was looking. Just want some privacy.
不 我相信没有人在偷看 我们只是需要一点隐私

You miss your girlfriend?

- Just ignore them.

- You okay? - Yeah.
- 你没事吧? - 没事

- Ross. - What?
- 罗斯 - 什么?

- He's looking at me. - Hey!
- 他在偷看我 - 嘿

Wanna live to see your baby?

Don't you talk to my husband like that, you stupid bastard!
别那样跟我先生说话 你这个白痴混蛋

Oh, good God! If you want a baby so bad, just go steal it!
天啊 如果你那么想要孩子 去偷一个吧

What is going on with you? Since when are you so crazy about babies?
你是怎么了? 你什么时候这么喜欢孩子了?

I'm not crazy about babies. I'm crazy about us.
我不是喜欢孩子 我是为我们感到疯狂


We talk about having babies someday, I'm not saying it has to be right now,
我们总是说以后要生孩子 不是现在...

...but I'm starting to think that we can handle it. We're good.
但我开始认为我们应付得来 我们准备好了

We're really good.

We are pretty good.

But nothing has to happen until you're ready.
但你没准备好前 我是不会行动的

Well, maybe I'm ready now.

I mean, it's a little scary, but maybe it's right.
我是说是有点可怕 或许没关系

What?! It's not right! We're not ready to have a kid now!!
什么?才不会没关系 我们才没有准备好要生孩子

- What? - I'm kidding. This is gonna be fun.
- 什么? - 我是在开玩笑 这一定会很好玩

So we're gonna try? I mean, we're trying?
我们要试试看吗? 我们现在要试吗?

We're trying to get pregnant.

I'm not comfortable doing this in front of the babies.
我不想在宝宝面前 那么做

- So when do you want to start trying? - All right, hold on a sec.
- 你想什么时候开始试? - 好吧 等一下

- Period math? - Yeah.
- 你在算生理周期? - 对

Well, we could start trying now.

- Right here? - No, not here.
- 在这里? - 不是这里

Maybe here.

Wait a minute, it's perfect. We got a lot of time to kill and we're in a building that's full of beds!
这里很完美 我们得想办法杀时间 而且医院里有很多床

And it's so clean!

Come on, you stupid machine! Come on!
加油 你这个笨机器 快点

- Aw, it ate your money? - No.
- 它吃掉你的钱了吗? - 没有

- I'll see you downstairs then. - All right.
- 那么楼下见 - 好吧

-All right.

Hey, I got one! I got one!

-Hi. - Hi.

- Oh, up or down'? - Oh. Down, please.
- 上或下? - 下楼 谢谢

I hate to be a ball-buster, but can I just do it?
我讨厌抢男人的风头 但可以由我来吗?

- Could you press up too? - Sure.
- 麻烦你按上楼 - 没问题

- I feel bad. I broke my leg once too. - How did yours happen?
- 我真的很遗憾 我也曾摔断过腿 - 是吗?你怎么会拌断腿?

Well, it's a long story. It's kind of embarrassing.
说来话长 那有点丢脸

Let's just say, there was a typographical error with a sex manual.
就说那是性爱手册 排版上出了点小错误

- How about you? - Car accident.
- 你呢? - 车祸

Oh, let me guess some idiot on a cell phone wasn't paying attention?
我猜 有个白痴在打手机 没注意看路?

- Yeah. Me.
对 就是我

- Oh, hey, that's me. - Okay.
- 喔 嘿 我的电梯来了 - 好

Hey, uh, I take it you're just visiting someone.-Yeah.
- 我想你是来探病的 - 对

Well umm, if you have sometime y'know and maybe you might want to visit someone else

Yeah. I would like that.
对 我很乐意

- Great. I'm in room-- - Wait! What? No! Elevator!
- 太棒了 我的房号是... - 等- 下 什么?不 电梯


You gotta press the button.

The nurse said they're bringing in another woman.
护士说 他们要送另一位女人过来

Ugh. Is she pregnant yet?

She doesn't need to be. She'll still have the baby before I do.
她不需要 她还是能比我更快将孩子生下来

- Oh, Ross! Another contraction. - Oh, okay. Here, here.
- 罗斯 我又阵痛了 - 好吧

That's it.

- Oh, that sounded like a bad one. - Yeah, it was.
- 喔 听起来好像很痛 - 没错

Mine haven't been so bad. Oh, here comes one now.
我的阵痛没有那么厉害 又来了

Oh, that was a big one.

Excuse me? Could you help me with something?
对不起 你能帮我一下吗?

The patient I'm looking for has a broken leg

He's in a wheelchair. He's early to mid-30$, very attractive.
他坐着轮椅 31到35岁 非常迷人

- I think I know who you're talking about. - Yay! Great! what room number is he in?
- 我知道你在说谁 - 太棒了 他住几号病房?

I'm sorry, that information is restricted to hospital staff
对不起 只有医院人员能取得资料

- She's with me. Dr. Drake Ramoray. - Dr. Drake who?
- 她跟我是一起的 德瑞克拉莫瑞医生 - 哪个德瑞克医生?

Ramoray. It's Portuguese. We need that information. I'm a doctor.
拉莫瑞 那是葡萄牙姓 我们需要他的资料 我是医生

- A doctor at this hospital? - Damn it! We're losing precious time.
- 这问医院的医生? - 该死 我们正在浪费宝贵的时间

You want this man's blood on your head--
你希望头上 沾了这男人的血...

- Hands. - Hands.
- 是手 - 手上

It is absolutely essential that you tell me what room the man my assistant described is staying in.
你必须告诉我 我的助理描述的人他住几号病房

He's a patient of mine, I've been treating him for years!
他是我的病人 我治疗他很多年了

- He's in room 816. -816. Thank you.
- 他住816号病房 - 816 谢谢

- And what is his name? - No.
- 他叫什么名字? - 别说了

- I think we found a place. - Okay.
- 我想我们找到一个地方了 - 好吧

- Wait. Wanna set the mood a little? - Okay.
等一下 你想增加一点气氛吗?

- We'll dim the lights. - Okay.
- 把灯关暗一点 - 好吧

Or turn them out altogether.

Uh, no scented candles. Okay, here. There we go.
没有精油蜡烛 好吧 就这样吧

Okay, okay. Making me sterile, but okay.
好吧 替我消毒 但没关系

Okay. I'm sorry. Oh, wait. Do we have a condom?
好 对不起 等一下 我们有保险套吗?

Oh, right!

Yes, 98.6. You're gonna be fine.
对 98点6度 你会没事的

Ooh, this is it!

- That's him! - Great. Go get him!
- 就是他 - 太棒了 去找他吧

Wait a second. Or maybe you could go in first.
等一下 或许你该先进去

He's not really my type.

Not you. Dr. Ramoray. Ask him questions and see what he's like.
不是你 是拉莫瑞医生 问他问题 看看他是什么样的人

- People tell doctors everything. - You said he's great guy.
- 大家会对医生说出所有事 - 你说他是个好男人

But lately all the guys I meet seem really nice at first, then they turn out to be the biggest jerks.
我认识的男人一开始都很好 最后都成了大混蛋

- You do attract some stinkers. - I know.
- 你的确吸引了一些烂人 - 对 我知道

Dr. Long, I've been at this for 17 hours.
朗医生 我已经等了17个小时

Three women have come and gone with their babies
三个女人被推进来 又被推出去生下了孩子

Give me good news. How many centimeters am I dilated? Eight? Nine?
你得给我好消息 我张开了几公分?八?九?

- Three. - Just 3?

I'm dilated 3!

We are moving along slowly. Don't worry, you're doing great.
虽然进度有点慢 放心 你做的很好

- I'll be back soon. - Thank you.
- 我马上回来 - 谢谢

Hey, y'know what? I'm not waiting! I'm gonna push this baby out!
你知道吗?我不等了 我要把孩子逼出来

I'm doing it! I mean it's what? Three centimeters? That's gotta be like this! right?
我要那么做 三公分 大概是这么大吧?

- Actually, it's more like this. - Oh, stupid metric system.
- 事实上是这么大 - 愚蠢的度量衡系统

We'll take you straight to the delivery room.
天啊 我们得直接将你推到产房

Oh, for the love of God!
喔 我的天啊

I'm Dr. Drake Ramoray. I have a few routine questions I need to ask you.
嗨 我是德瑞克拉莫瑞医生 我得问你几个例行的问题

Really?I've been dealing with Dr. Wells.

I know, but I'm a neurologist. And just to be on the safe side,
我是说 我是神经科医生 为了预防万一...

...Dr. Wells wanted a more comprehensive overview of you status so he sent me.
威尔斯医生需要更多相关资料 所以他请我过来

Dr. Wells is a woman.

That was a test. Good response.
我是在考你 反应不错

- All right. Uh, full name? - Clifford Burnett.
- 好吧 全名 - 克利夫伯奈特

- Date of birth? - November 16, 1968.
- 生日 - 1968年11月16日


-Can't you figure that out based on my date of birth? - I'm a doctor Cliff, not a mathematician.
- 你不会用生日自己算吗? - 我是医生 不是数学家

- I'm 33. - Okay.
- 33岁 - 好吧

- And, uh, are you married? - No.
- 已婚吗? - 没有

Oh, really? So 33 and single? Would you say you have commitment issues?
真的吗?33岁还是单身? 你害怕许下承诺?

Are all the questions this personal?


Well, if you must know, I'm a widower.
如果你想知道的话 我是鳏夫

- Oh, that's terrible. I'm really sorry. - Yeah.
- 太可怕了 我真的很遗憾 - 对

Do you sleep with women and never call them again?
你会跟女人上了床后 不再打电话给她们吗?

- No. - Excellent. Excellent.
- 不会 - 太棒了

And, uh, finally, are you into any weird stuff, you know, sexually?
最后是 你有奇怪的性癖好吗?

- No! - Ooh. Wrong answer.
- 没有 - 答错了

- What else? What else? - Uh, he's 33.
- 还有呢? - 他33岁

A widower.

He seemed like a standup guy. And he's not into anything weird sexually.
他似乎是个标准男人 他没有奇怪的性癖好

Enter Pheebs.

- This room's available. - Okay! Wait, You listen to me! You listen to me!
- 这个房间是空的 - 好吧 等一下 听我说

Since I've been waiting, four women...

that's four,one higher than the centimeters I'm dilated...
一共是四个 比我子宫颈张开的公分数还多一个

...have come and gone with their babies. I'm next. It's my turn. It's only fair.
进来这里 又被推出去生孩子 下一个是我 轮到我了 那才公平

If you bring in one more woman who has her baby before me, I'm going to sue you.
如果你再推个女人进来 她又比我早生 我就要告你

Not this hospital. I'm gonna sue you. My husband is a lawyer.
不是这家医院 我要告你 我先生是律师

- Uh, Rach? - You get back on that case, honey!
- 瑞秋 - 你好好处理这件事 甜心

I don't think the next patient is very far along.
我想下一位产妇 不会太快生

Okay. Well, then bring her in.
好吧 把她推进来

Qh, my God!

I can't believe this!

And yet, somehow, it's true.

I mean, this is so great. We're gonna be baby buddies!
我是说这太棒了 我们可以指腹为婚

Squeeze your legs together, cover the baby's ears.
把你的双腿并拢 别让宝宝听见了

- Hi, sweetie! - Hi, sweetheart.
- 嗨 甜心 - 嗨 甜心

This is my husband, Sid. I don't think you've met. Ross, Rachel, this is Sid.
他是我丈夫希德 你们应该没见过他 罗斯、瑞秋 他是希德

nabbed him a year ago at the dermatologist's office.
一年前我在皮肤科诊所 认识他

Thank God for adult acne huh?

I still can't believe it. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
我还是不敢相信 我是全世界最幸运的人


What did he say?

Oh y'know what? You have to speak very loudly when you're talking to Sid, because he's almost completely deaf.
你得大声一点 他几乎快聋了

- Oh, there you go. - Of course he is.
- 原来如此 - 那当然

So? Congratulations you two, I didn't even know you got married.
恭喜你们 我不知道你们结婚了

- Oh, no. We didn't. - No, no, we -What?
- 我们没结婚 - 什么?

We're just having this baby together, but, uh, that's all. You know?
我们只是要一起生下我们的孩子 就那样而已


Uh, we're just not in that place, you know? But we're very excited about this.
我们还没有到那个程度 知道吗? 但我们很期持宝宝的出生

Oh. Well, then shut me up.

Just tell me how.

Uh-oh. Oh, I feel another one coming.
喔 我又开始阵痛了

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