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老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第二十四集 S08E24 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2 / 瑞秋生产记2

老友记/六人行/Friends 第八季 第二十四集 S08E24 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 2 / 瑞秋生产记2

After 21 hours Rachel is finally ready to go to the delivery room and baby-girl Geller Green is born and her name is Emma! Janice comes to see Rachel and Janice says she admires Rachel for her strength to raise the child on her own. When Rachel says she isn't alone because she has Ross, Janice tells her that Ross won't stay around forever and might meet someone else. Suddenly, Rachel feels very alone and she tries to talk to Ross about the kiss they had. Ross doesn't want to have a relationship with Rachel anymore because if it doesn't work out it would really hurt ... 21小时后,瑞秋终于准备去产房,女婴盖勒绿色是出世,她叫艾玛!珍妮丝来见瑞秋和珍妮丝说,她钦佩瑞秋为她的实力要自己抚养孩子。当瑞秋说她并不孤单因为她有罗斯,珍妮丝告诉她,罗斯不会永远保持在能满足别人。突然,瑞秋感到很孤独,她想和罗斯谈他们的吻。罗斯不想和瑞秋的关系了,因为如果不解决这真的会伤害…


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Previously on Friends:

Seventeen hours, I have been at this.

- How many centimeters am I dilated? - Three.
- 我张开了几公分? -三公分

Just three? I'm dilated three.
只有三公分? 我才是张开了三公分

- We've talk about having babies someday. - So we're gonna try?
- 我们总是说以后要生孩子 - 我们要试试看吗?

- Right here? - No, not here.
- 在这里? - 不是这里

Maybe here.

This is your grandmother's engagement ring.

I want you to give it to Rachel.

- Mom, no. - Ross, this isn't just some girl...
- 妈 不 - 罗斯 她不是你在酒吧... picked up in a bar and humped.

- Hey, I take it you're visiting someone? - Uh-huh, yeah.
- 我想你是来探病的 - 对

- Wanna visit someone else? - Yeah, I would like that.
- 如果你有时间想拜访其他人... - 对 我很乐意

- That's him. - Great. Well, go get him.
- 就是他 - 太棒了 去找他吧

Or maybe you could go in first.

Hi, I'm Dr. Drake Ramoray. I have a few routine questions.
嗨 我是德瑞克拉莫瑞医生 我得问你几个例行的问题

Do you sleep with women and never call them again?
你会跟女人上了床后 不再打电话给她们吗?

Oh, my God.

Should we tell Rachel there's an empty, private room right next door to hers?
我们该告诉瑞秋 她隔壁就有一问单人待产室吗?

We could. Or we could have sex in it.
没错 或许我们可以在这里做爱

Well, let me think about that. While I remove my pants.

Okay, mister. Fertilize me.
好吧 先生 来造人吧

Does that sound like Janice?

If it's not, then there's two of them.
如果不是的话 就是有个人很像她

And that would mean it's the end of the world.


- Hey. - Hi.
- 嘿 - 嗨

I can't believe this is taking so long. How are you doing?
我不敢相信要这么久 你还好吗?

Oh, not bad. You know that feeling when you're trying to blow a Saint Bernard out your ass?
还不错 你知道试着 将圣柏纳犬从屁股推出来的感觉吗?

Weirdest thing. Did I hear--?
真的太奇怪了 我听到...

Mother of God, it's true.
天啊 是真的

Chandler Bing.


Notjust Janice. Janice in labor. Contracting and everything.
不只那样 珍妮丝要生了 她正在阵痛

Oh, this should be easy. I have a very wide pelvis.
这应该很容易 我的骨盆很宽

You remember, Chandler.
你应该记得 钱德

Janice, I didn't know you were pregnant.
珍妮丝 我不知道你怀孕了

Who's the unwitting human whose essence you've stolen?

It's you.

This is yours.


Ha, look how nervous he gets! We haven't slept together in years!
看他有多紧张 我们好几年没上过床了

That's funny. Does it hurt? Does the labor hurt?
那真的很有趣 会痛吗? 生产会痛吗?

Okay, I've got one for you. If you had to, which would you rather eat?
好吧 我想到一个 如果非吃不可 你要吃哪一个?

A Seeing Eye dog or a talking gorilla?

I'd have to say the talking gorilla.

Because at least I could explain to him that you're making me eat him.
因为至少我可以跟他解释 是你逼我吃掉他

- Oh. Somebody went to college. - Yeah.
- 有人读过大学 - 对

Wow. What is it? I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm sorry. It's just my foot itches like crazy.
对不起 我的脚好痒

On. I'll get it.

Wow. I usually get to know a girl better before I let her spoon me.
通常我会跟女人混熟后 才会让她用汤匙帮我搔痒

Relax. It's not like we're forking.
别激动 它不是叉子

Oh, that's five, Ross. Five women have had five babies...
一共是五个 罗斯 五个女人生了五个孩子...

...and I have had no babies.

Why doesn't she want to come out?

You know what I think it is?I think you made such a nice home for her...
你知道我在想什么吗? 我想九个月来...

...over the last nine months that she just doesn't want to leave.
她在你的身体里很舒服 所以她不想离开

Oh. Look at you making up crap for me.

- Oh, God. Ooh, ooh... - Okay. Okay.
- 天啊 - 好吧

Twenty-one hours. You're a hero.
21小时 你是英雄

Doctor, you gotta do something. You gotta give me drugs...
医生 你得想想办法 给我药...

...or you gotta light a fire up in there and just smoke it out.
或是放火 把她熏出来

Actually, I think you're ready to go to the delivery room.
事实上 我想你可以进产房了

- What?

- Ten centimeters.You're about to become a mom.
开了10公分了 你快当妈妈了

Oh, my God. Okay.
天啊 好吧

Ha-ha-ha, beat you, sucker. Oh, baby.
打败你了 混蛋 宝贝

Oh, my God. That's the doctor who was in my room before.
天啊 他就是刚刚来看过我的医生

Oh. Okay, Mr. Percocet.
好吧 幻想先生

I'm telling you, the guy from that show was here...
我是说 电视里的那个人刚刚来过... my room, asking me all these weird questions.

Cliff, do you really believe that a character from a TV show was here in your room?
克利夫 你真的相信电视明星 来过你的房间?

Rachel's having her baby.

That's him. You know him?
就是他 你认识他?

Okay. Okay. I-- Okay. Um... This--
好吧 我...好吧

I sent my friend, Joey, in here to find out stuff about you.
我派我朋友乔伊 来调查你

Um, if it, you know-- If it helps, you came off great.
如果...如果你想知道的话 我们觉得你是个好人

A lot better than I'm coming off right now.

I don't believe this. You got him to pretend he was some fake doctor?
我不敢相信 你要他假扮医生?

Fake? Excuse me? Hello?
假扮?对不起 哈罗

And then you tried to make me think that I was crazy?You're right, that was wrong. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- 你要我以为自己疯了? - 那是不对的 我非常抱歉

It's just that I liked you so much. Can we just start over?
那只是因为我非常喜欢你 我们能重新开始吗?

I don't think so.

Uh, if I may?Look, Cliff, you told me a lot of personal stuff about you, right?
我可以说话吗? 你跟我透露了很多你的私事

Now, maybe it would help if you knew some personal stuff about her.
或许你应该知道 一些关于她的私事

Uh, she was married to a gay ice dancer.

Uh, she gave birth to her brother's triplets.
她帮她弟弟 生下三胞胎

Oh, oh, oh. Her twin sister used to do porn.

- Joey, we're trying to dial down the crazy. - Right.
- 我们不想听那些疯狂的事 - 对

Look, we don't really know each other, so it'd be really easy to just forget about this...
我们并不认识彼此 要忘了这些很容易...

...but there seems to be something between us. And I don't know about you...
但我们对彼此有感觉 我不知道你是怎么样...

...but that doesn't happen to me a lot.

- It doesn't happen to me, either. - Me, neither.
- 我也是 - 我也是

- Push.Push.We're gonna push for five more seconds.
用力 你得再用力推五秒

Five, four...
五 四...

Three, two, one. Oh!
三 二 一

Okay, the next contraction should be in about 20 seconds.
下一次阵痛 是20秒后

- I can't. I can't push anymore. - Sweetie, you're doing great.
- 我没办法再用力了 - 你表现的很好

Oh, God. Twenty seconds, my ass!
天啊 还要20秒耶

Here we go. Okay, keep pushing.
来吧 继续用力

- Come on. - Push. Wait.
- 来吧 - 推 等一下

- I see something. - What, you do? You do? Oh, my God.
- 我看到东西了 - 什么?真的吗?我的天啊

Don't say "Oh, my God." "Oh, my God," What is that?
- 别说〝我的天啊〞 什么? - 那是什么?

That's the baby's buttocks. She's breech.
宝宝的屁股 她倒过来了

- Oh, my God. I thought she had two heads. -Oh, God.
- 我以为她有两个头 - 天啊

Is she gonna be okay?

-She's gonna be fine. - OK
- 她没事的 - 好吧

She's in a more difficult position, so you're gonna have to push even harder now.
她的胎位不正 你得更用力推

- Okay. - Go. Come on. Go. Go.
- 好吧 - 就是那样 推

Rachel you're gonna have to push even harder, nothing's happening!

- I'm sorry, I can't. I can't. - Yes, you can. I know you can do this.
- 抱歉 我办不到 - 不 我知道你办得到

- Let's go. - I can't do it.- No, please, you do it for me.-no
我不知道 拜托 帮我推吧

Let's go. One more time. One final push. Ready? One, two, three.
来吧 再一次 最后一次 准备好了吗?一二 三


Keep pushing.

Are you okay?

You have no idea how much this hurts.

Keep going! Keep going!

Here we go.

Oh, oh! She's upside down, but she's coming. She's coming.
宝宝胎位不正 但她要出来了

- Oh, God! - Oh. Oh, my God.
- 天啊 - 我的天啊

Oh, my God, she's here.
天啊 她出来了

Oh, she's perfect.

Oh, she's so tiny.
哇 她好小

- Where'd she go? - They're just wrapping her up.
- 她要去哪里? - 他们得先把她包起来

Okay. Well, be careful with her, she's really tiny.
好吧 小心一点 她真的很小

Here she is.

Oh, you.

Oh, thanks for coming out of me.

I know.


Oh, she's looking at me. Hi. I know you.
她在看我 嗨 我认识你

- Do we have a name yet? - No, not yet.
- 你们取好名字了吗? - 还没有

That's fine. For now we'll just call her Baby Girl Green.
没关系 先叫她葛林之女

Oh, no. Baby Girl Geller-Green.
不 盖勒葛林之女

Hello, Baby Girl.
嗨 小女孩

-Can we come in? - Oh, come on in.
- 我们能进去吗? - 请进

- Oh, there she is. - Oh, she's so beautiful.
- 她在那里 - 她好漂亮


Oh, my God. She's amazing.
天啊 她好神奇

Oh, I'm so glad you guys got drunk and had sex.
我很高兴 你们喝醉后上了床

It's incredible. I mean, one minute she's inside you...
太不可思议了 前一分钟她还在你肚子里...

...and then 47 hours later, here she is.

She looks so real.

You know what I mean.

- Okay, my turn. My turn. - Aunt Phoebe.
- 好了 轮到我了 - 菲比阿姨

Yes. Oh, baby. Oh, you're so cute.
宝贝 你好可爱

Oh, I could squeeze your little head.

I won't.

- Honey, what's the matter? - Nothing. Sorry, I just can't stop crying.
- 甜心 怎么了? - 没事 我只是不由自主地哭了

The doctor says it's completely normal with all the hormones. Plus, you-you're sleep deprived.
医生说这很正常 都是荷尔蒙害的 而且我还会睡不着

-So? You guys are all sleep deprived.

I don't see you weeping because you put your slippers on the wrong feet.
我没看过你因为鞋子穿错脚 就哭个不停

Oh, God.

- What's the matter now? - I was reliving it.
- 怎么了? - 我又想起来了

So do you know what you're gonna call her yet?
你们帮她 取好名字了吗?

Oh. Wait a minute, it's not gonna be Baby Girl?I thought that was so original.
等一下 她不是叫女儿吗? 我觉得那个名字很有创意

Uh, actually, we've narrowed it down to two names.
事实上 我们正在考虑两个名字

Yeah, and you know what? I love them both.So why don't you just pick one, and that'll be it.
你知道吗?两个名字我都很喜欢 你们帮忙桃一个

Wow, um, okay. Uh, everyone?
好吧 大伙们...

This is Isabella.

- Hi, Isabella. - Hi.
嗨 伊莎贝充 嗨

- What?

- That's not her name.

I'm sorry, she just doesn't feel like an Isabella.
抱歉 她感觉上不像伊莎贝儿

- What was the other one, Ross? - Um, Delilah.
- 另一个名字是什么? - 笛莉拉

Oh, great. Suddenly she sounds like a biblical whore.
太棒了 突然间她成了圣经里的妓女

- Ahem, so I guess we're back to Baby Girl. - Yay.

What are we gonna do?

- It's okay, honey. You'll find a name. - Ugh. Easy for you to say.
- 没关系 你们会想到好名字的 - 你说的倒容易

You already know what your kids' names are gonna be.
你已经知道 你的孩子要叫什么名字了

- You do? - Yeah. I had them picked out since I was 14.
- 是吗? - 我14岁时就帮他们取好了名字

Oh, no, it's gonna be named after some snack or baked good, isn't it?
不 你的宝宝会以点心 或烘烤食物的名字来命名吧?

- Well, tell us, what are they? - Um, okay. If it's a boy, it's Daniel.
- 告诉我们你想了什么名字 - 好吧 如果是男孩的话就叫丹尼尔

- And if it's a girl? - I don't want to say.
- 如果是女孩呢? - 我不想说

Oh, stop. Tell us. We're not gonna want it.
少来了 告诉我们 我们不会抢走它的

Okay. It's Emma.
好吧 她叫艾玛


See, I don't want it.
看吧 我不喜欢它

- Take it. - What?
- 拿去吧 - 什么?

She's clearly an Emma.

Oh, honey, but you love that name.
甜心 但你喜欢那个名字

Yeah. But I love you more.
对 但我更爱你

Besides, you know, nothing goes with Bing. So I'm screwed.
而且什么名字都跟宾不配 所以我是死定了

Aaron Lipman-Guralnick would like to say hello to his future bride.
亚朗利普曼古扛尼克 要跟他未来的新娘打个招呼

Wow, he kind of takes your breath away, doesn't he?
他真的会让人说不出话来 对吧?

He's a keeper.

- How are you feeling? - Oh, you know, I'm fine.
- 你觉得如何? - 我很好

Can I just say, I really admire what you're doing.Just raising her all alone.
我真的很佩服你做的事 你要自己抚养她

Oh, I'm not doing it alone. I have Ross.
我不是一个人 我有罗斯

Oh, sure. Now.But what happens when he meets somebody else and gets married?
现在是的 如果他认识别人结了婚 那时又会是怎么样的呢?

Well, then he gets a divorce. It's Ross.
他会离婚的 那就是罗斯

I'm telling you, Rachel. Listen to Janice.
我得告诉你 瑞秋 听珍妮丝的话

They all say they're gonna be there, until they start their real family.
男人都说他们会在 但他们会成立自己的家庭

-That's never gonna happen with Ross.-That's what I thought about my first husband.
- 罗斯不会那么做的 - 以前我也那么相信

Now, I'm lucky if my kid gets to spend the weekend with her father...
如果我的孩子能跟她爸 及新的波霸小姐共度一个周末...

and the twins and little Ms. New Boobs.


I hate to be the one to say it...

...but, honey, you two are on your own.

Well, that's, you know, that's...
那是...你知道的 那是...

We've been alone for the last 20 minutes and we're doing okay.
我们已经单独相处了20分钟 我们表现的很好

Besides y'know what? I-I - Maybe we won't be alone,

Because lately things have been happening between me and Ross, you know?
因为最近 我跟罗斯之间有些事发生

And right before I went into labor, we had this kiss. You know?
我来医院前 我们还接了吻 你知道吗?

So it might be the beginning of something.

- Hey, Janice. - Oh, hi.
- 嗨 珍妮丝 - 嗨

Oh. Who's this little guy?

- Say hello to Aaron, your future son-in-law. - Oh, no, no.
- 亚朗 那是你未来的岳父 - 不

- I'm gonna leave you three alone. -Okay.
- 我让你们一家人好好独处 - 好吧

- Man, you see the kid on that nose?
天啊 你看到那孩子的鼻子了吗?

- You know what I was thinking about?

Um, that kiss before we left the apartment.That was something, huh?
我们出门前的那个吻 那真的很特别吧?

Yeah. Yeah, it really was.
对 真的是

But we, we gotta be careful.

We-- You know, we can't let that happen again, you know?
我们...你知道的 我们不能让历史重演


We don't want to go down that road, do we?-No. No, of course not. No, that's why I brought it up.
- 我们不希望再发生那种事 - 对 所以我才会跟你提这件事

- They didn't have any sodas? - Oh, my God. I'm sorry.
- 他们没有汽水吗? - 天啊 对不起

I was talking to this nurse. Completely forgot.
我忙着跟护士说话 完全忘了

And so it begins.

She in there?

Yeah. She's putting her down now. That's her.
对 护士正把她放在床上 那就是她

Look at Emma.
你看 快看艾玛

I just can't decide who she looks more alike, you or Rachel?
我无法决定 她长得像你或瑞秋

Oh what are you kidding? She's gorgeous, it's all Rachel.
什么?你在开玩笑吗? 她美极了 完全是瑞秋的遗传

I'm sorry. For the last time, why aren't you two together again?
对不起 这是我最后一次问你 你们两个为什么不结婚?

No, I know. Because you're not in that place.
不 我知道 因为你们没有到那个程度

Which would be fine, except you totally are.
那真的很棒 但事实上你们真的到了

It's complicated, okay?
情况很复杂 好吗?

Yeah, that's true.
对 那是真的

Yeah, you love her. You always have. You have a child together.
你一直都爱着她 你们生了一个孩子

There's no right answer.

Look, we've been together. Okay, and then apart.And then together, and then apart.
我们曾经交往过 后来分手 后合后又分手

And now we have a baby.

It's just, if we got together again and it didn't work out?
如果我们又复合 结果还是不行...

I could never do that to Emma.

I mean, she came into this world thinking everything-- Now me.
她来到这个世界 想像每件事都...这是我的想法

What, do they put something in the water in this place?
什么? 他们在水里放东西?

It's just, Rachel and I, we're doing really well right now.
瑞秋跟我 现在过得很好

I know. I know. I know. I know, and if you try to make it more you might wreck it.
我知道 如果你想更进一步 就得突破现状

- Yeah, exactly. - Right.
- 没错 - 对

Or you might get everything you've wanted since you were 15.
或许你可以得到 你从15岁开始梦想的世界


I just saw a woman breastfeeding both of her twins at the same time.
我看到一个女人 同时在喂双胞胎母乳

It is like a freak show up here.

- What's the matter? - Nothing.
- 怎么了? - 没事

What is it? Hey?

- Really, it's nothing. I'm... - Rach, come on. What?
- 真的没事 我... - 瑞秋 别这样 什么?

I've just been thinking about how my baby and I are gonna be all alone.
我一直在想 我跟宝宝要怎么独自活下去

What are you talking about: "alone"? What about Ross?

Oh, please. He'll be with his real family. The twins and little Miss New-Boobs.
拜托 他会有自己的家庭 双胞胎跟新波霸小姐

Okay, how long was I watching that woman?
好吧 我看那个女人多久了?

I'm just saying that, you know...

...someday Ross is gonna meet somebody...
因为有一天 罗斯会认识别人...

...and he's gonna have his own life.


Yeah, I guess so.

I just never thought I'd be raising this baby all by myself.
我没有想过 我要自己抚养这个宝宝

Pretty dumb, huh?

Hey, you listen to me. Listen to me.
你得听我说 听着

You are never, ever gonna be alone.

Okay? I promise I won't let that happen.
好吧? 我发誓我不会让那种事发生

Oh, Joey. Oh, sweetie, what would I do without you?
乔伊 喔 甜心 没有你我该怎么办?

You don't have to worry about that, okay?
你不必担心 好吗?

Oh, honey, could you grab me my other box of tissues?
你能再帮我 拿盒面纸来吗?

They're right on that chair under Ross' coat. -Sure.
- 就在罗斯的外套下面 - 没问题

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.


- That was amazing. - I know.
- 那真的是太神奇了 - 我知道

Hey, do you realize that we may have just changed our lives forever?
你知道我们很可能 已经永远地改变了我们的生活吗?

We may have started our family.

Nine months from now, we could be here...

...having our own baby.

And if not, we got to do it on a bucket.
要是没办法的话 我们得把宝宝生在桶子里

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