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老友记/六人行/Friends 第九季 第十九集 S09E19 The One with Rachel

老友记/六人行/Friends 第九季 第十九集 S09E19 The One with Rachel's Dream / 瑞秋的梦

Joey is insecure now his Days of Our Lives character Dr. Drake Ramore is getting real dialog, so he asks Rachel to come along to the set, which she loves enough to get romantic dreams, but about Drake, Joey or both? Monica's fancy restaurant Javu is doing great, so she's flat out, too badly to accept joining Chandler on a surprise trip he booked to Vermont. When Phoebe comes sing her gross songs outside Javu, Monica tries to tell her nicely it's inappropriate, lacking style, but Phoebe just gets fancier dress; once told the truth, she starts a nasty row... Meanwhile ... 乔伊是不安全的现在他的生活品格德雷克拉莫尔是得到真正的对话的日子,所以他请瑞秋来设定的,这是她喜欢的足以让浪漫的梦想,但是德雷克,乔伊还是两者都有?莫妮卡javu的豪华餐厅做的不错,所以她平了,得接受一个惊喜之旅他预订了佛蒙特州加入钱德勒。当我唱着歌来总外javu,莫妮卡试图告诉她很好,那是不合适的,缺乏风格,但我只会华丽的服饰;一旦说了实话,她开始讨厌的行…同时…


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God, you're beautiful. 天啊,你真美 Why are we fighting this? 我们为什么要抗拒这种感觉呢? You know you want it to happen as much as I do. 你跟我一样都想要的 I want you. I need you. 我想要你,我需要你 Let me make love to you. 让我跟你做爱 I don't wanna stand in the way of, uh, true love or anything... 我不想要介入这场真爱还是什么的 ...but I think a cantaloupe might hurt less. 但是我想如果你找一个甜瓜来爱 可能会比较不痛 No, I'm, uh, rehearsing my lines. 不是啦,我是在练习我的台词 They're giving me a romantic story on Days of our Lives. 他们在《我们的日子》里头帮我 安插了爱情故事情节 It's the first time my character's got one. I'm nervous. I want it to be good. 这是我的角色第一次恋爱 我很紧张,我想要把他演好 Wow, I haven't seen you this worked-up since you did that dog-food commercial... 哇,自从你上次那个狗食广告之后 我就没有看你这么认真练习过 ...and you thought you were gonna be with a real talking dog. 而且那次你还以为是要跟 一只真的会说话的狗一起演出 Yeah, that was a disappointment. 是啊,那次我真的很失望 Ooh, hey, you wanna, uh, come down to the set and tell me if I'm doing okay? 嘿 你想过来片厂看我表现如何吗? - Are you serious? - Yeah. - 真的吗? - 是啊 You just have to promise not to get thrown out again. 只要你保证不要再被赶出去 - That was an honest mistake. - Right. - 那只是个错误 - 没错 "Oh, my God. Is this the men's room? I feel so foolish. 〝天啊,这是男厕所吗? 我真是好蠢〞 Have you always known you wanted to be an actor?" 〝你一直都很清楚自己要当演员吗?〞 Yeah, that was an awesome day. 是啊,真是精釆的一天 - Hey! Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿 You guys wanna come eat dinner at the restaurant in the next few weeks? 你们接下来几个星期 有想要到我们餐厅用餐吗? - Sure! - I'd love to. 我很想 Well, you can't. 喔,没办法 - We're booked solid for the next month. - Well, I can't give you a massage... - 我们下个月全部都被订满了 - 喔,我不能帮你按摩 ...because my license has been revoked again. 因为我的执照又被取消了 - Phoebe, what happened? - Well, it was an accident, you know. - 菲比,发生什么事? - 喔,只是个意外 It's a lot of oil and sometimes the hand just slips. 当用很多精油的时候 有时候手是会滑的 Have I got a surprise for you. Pack your bags. 摩妮卡 我要给你个惊喜,回家去打包吧 Oh, no. You guys aren't supposed to get divorced for seven years. 喔,不,你们七年之内不可以离婚的 What? No, I'm taking Monica to a romantic inn in Vermont. 什么?不,我是要带摩妮卡 去佛蒙特州的浪漫小木屋度假 Oh, good. Okay, good for you. Trying to recapture the magic. 喔,好的,很好 试着找回柱日情怀 - So can you get out of work? - Honey, I can't. - 你可以请假吗? - 亲爱的,我没有办法 - Things are crazy at the restaurant. - You're really that busy? - 我刚刚才说餐厅现在忙疯了 - 你真的那么忙吗? Yeah. I'm sorry, I really am. 是的,我很抱歉,我真的很忙 That's okay. I'll just, uh, try and reschedule. 没关系,我来试着更改日期好了 Hi, this is Chandler Bing. I made a reservation there... 嗨,我是钱德宾 我有预定过小木屋 ...and I need to change it. 现在我需要更改日期 What do you mean it's nonrefundable? Well, can I just come some other time? 无法退费是什么意思? 我不能择期再去吗? Can't you make an exception? 你不能破例吗? Tell them I'm a chef at a big New York restaurant. 告诉他们我是纽约一家大餐厅的主厨 Tell them that in two weeks, I will once again be a masseuse in good standing. 告诉他们在两星期以后 我又会再度成为很棒的按摩师 Look, this is ridiculous. I'm not paying for that room, okay? 听着,这实在太可笑了 这钱我不会付的,你听懂了吗? Well, thank you very much. 好的,非常谢谢你 Yeah, I'm going to Vermont. 我得去佛蒙特州 - Don't worry, use your travel insurance. - I don't have travel insurance. - 别担心,你可以用你的旅游保险 - 我没有旅游保险 Well, this is what happens when people live on the edge. 当人们活在危机边缘的时候 就是会发生这种事 Why don't you take Ross? 你何不跟罗斯一起去呢? Heh. Don't you think that'll be a little weird? I mean, two guys in a romantic inn? 你不觉得那会有点奇怪吗? 两个大男人住一问浪漫小木屋? - No, not if the room has two beds. - I guess. - 不会啊,如果有两张床就好了 - 我猜也是 It still seems a little- "Moonlight boat ride"? 但是还是有点… 〝月光船游〞! Joey, is this the bed where Olivia lost her virginity? 乔伊,这是奥莉维亚献出第一夜 的那张床吗? I don't know, but one of the extras sure did. 我不知道,倒是有个临时演员献出过 Listen, Rach. Thanks again for coming down to watch my scenes. 瑞秋,再次谢谢你过来看我的演出 Please, honey. Just the fact that you want me here to support you, I'm- 拜托,亲爱的 我光是想到你要我的支持,我就… Oh, my God. Is that Christian Saunders? He is so gorgeous! 喔,天啊,那是克利斯桑德吗? 他真的是非常师! And also, so gay. 而且是非常同志 Well, in my head, he's done some pretty not-gay stuff. 在我脑海中,他做了很多不是同志的事 Well, at the Christmas party, him and Santa did some definitely-gay stuff. 在圣诞晚会上,他跟圣诞老公公 做了很多绝对是同志的事 Joey? Joey, we're ready for you. 乔伊?乔伊,我们准备好要拍你了 Oh. Ahem. Okay. All right, wish me luck. 好的,祝我好运 Okay. Not that you need it, but good- God! Is that Chase Lassiter? 你不是真的需要运气才做的好,但… 天啊!那是杰斯莱西特吗? - He's straight, right? - Rash, if you weren't here wondering... - 他是异性恋,对吧? - 瑞秋,如果没有你在这里猜测… ...if these guys were gay, I don't know if I could do this. 这些男的是不是同志… 我还真的不知道我能不能演的好 - I'm sorry, you're right. I'm sorry. Good luck. On a bell, please. 我很抱歉,你说的对 很抱歉,祝你好运 拜托准备好, Quietly. 安静 And action! 开拍! Drake, what are you doing here? 德瑞克,你在这里做什么呢? Stopping you from marrying the wrong man... 阻止你嫁给不对的人… ...and making the biggest mistake of your life. 犯下你这辈子最大的错误 - Get out. - You don't love him. - 出去 - 你并不爱他 What do you know about love? 你懂什么是爱? I know what I felt that night when we kissed under the bridge. 我知道那晚我们在 桥下接吻的成觉是什么 That kiss never happened. - Well, what about this one? - 那个吻并没有发生 - 那么,这个呢? Now, I told you to get out. 我说过了,滚出去 Fine, I'll go. 好,我走 But let me ask you one question. 但是让我问你一个问题 - You look real familiar. Have we-? - Shh! He's asking her a question. - 你看起来很面熟,我们有…? - 嘘!他要问她问题 Can you live the rest of your life never knowing what we could have been? 你可以渡过一生而不知道 我们如果在一起会是如何吗? - I don't have a choice. - Yes, you do. - 我没有选择 - 你有选择的 Yes, you do. I'm the one who doesn't have a choice because I... 你有的,我才是那个没有选择的人 因为我… Because I can't stop loving you. 因为我无法停止爱你 Don't say that. Tell me to stop. - 别那样说 - 你叫我停下来吧 Just" 你只要… ...tell me to stop. 叫我停下来 Cut! - No! 卡! 不! Or, cut. You know, that's your call. 卡也好,那是你的决定 - Everything was delicious. - Thank you. - 每道菜都很美味 - 谢谢你 It was. The duck in particular was superb. 真的,尤其是鸭肉更是美味绝伦 Thank you. 谢谢你 You haven't said anything. 你还没有开口说话 Actually, I do have one small complaint. 其实我有一捆小小的抱怨 Oh, well, please, I welcome criticism. 喔,请说,我欢迎各种批评指教 The musician right outside the restaurant is kind of a mood killer. 餐厅外面的歌手有点破坏气气 What musician? 什么歌手? And there's a country called Argentina 才汹叫斤程鳃寸廖茉 It's a place I've never seen 走一御我突表尼过寸地才 But I'm told for 50 pesos You can buy a human spleen 夕走我听认R要五子揽才 状就可以买一御人分泞尔 Human spleen 人付泞宝 Olé! 挪! What are you doing here? 你在这里做什么呢? You said you had customers lined up in the street, so I'm here to entertain. 你说你们的客人都排队排到街上 所以我就过来娱乐他们了 - Great. - Yeah, it really has been great too. - 很好 - 是啊,- 切都进行的很好 They must have seen me play before... 他们一定有看我表演过 ...because they requested a bunch of my songs. 因为他们一直要点我的许多歌曲 Yeah, "You Suck"... 像是《你逊毙了》 ...and, um, "Shut Up and Go Home. " 还有《闭嘴回家去》 - Listen, Phoebe. - Yeah. 听着,菲比, You know how much I love listening to your music... 你知道我很爱听你的歌 - ... but... - But what? - 但是… - 但是什么? Um, this is kind of a classy place. 这是个蛮高级的场所 Okay, say no more. 好的,不用多说了 It wasn't just that she was fat The woman smelled like garbage 不R是刃港她衣群 郡女人才丽垃圾芣 Everyone! 大家一起来! It wasn't just that she was fat The woman smelled like garbage Classy, huh? 高级,不是吗? Hi, Chandler Bing. I have a reservation. 嗨,我是钱德宾,我有订房 Welcome to the Chestnut Inn. Where are you joining us from? 欢迎来到小木屋,宾先生 你们是从哪里来的呢? - New York. - The Big Apple. - 纽约 - 大苹果 He's wound up. We had to stop at every maple-candy stand on the way here. 他太兴奋了,我们来这里的路上 每问枫糖糖果店都有停下来 I ate all my gifts for everybody. 我吃光了要买给大家的礼物 I'm sorry, there's no record of your reservation in the computer. 我很抱歉,电脑没有登记您的预订 - That's impossible. Check again, please. - Check again, please. - 那是不可能的,请再查- 次 - 请再查- 次 - I'm sorry, it's not here. - It's not there. - 我很抱歉,没有 - 没有 Let me get this straight. I called to try to cancel my reservation... 让我搞清楚,我有打过电话来 试着要取消我的预约 ...was told it's not refundable. We drove six hours all the way up here... 你们告诉我不能取消 然后我们开了六小时的车到这里 - ... and now we don't have a reservation? - I don't know what to say. - 现在你又说我们没有订房? - 我不知道该说什么 She doesn't know what to say. 她不知道该说什么 Just give us the cheapest room you have. 那给我们最便宜的房间就好了 The only thing we have available is our deluxe suite. The rate is $600. 我们现在剩下来的房间就只有精致套房 价格是每晚六百元 - That's insane. - It's totally insane. - 这真的过分 - 真是太过分了 Let's drive home. We'll hit all the maple-candy stores on the way back... 我们开车回家吧,可以在回家路上的 再去每间枫糖糖果店 ...and if they're closed, then maybe we'll tap a tree and make some ourselves. 而且如果他们关门了 或许我们可以找探树自己做枫糖 Does that room have a closet I can lock him in? 那个房问有个衣橱 可以让我把他锁起来吗? - We'll take it. - Great. - 我们要那间房 - 太好了 - They are totally ripping us off! - Dude, don't worry about it. - 他们完全就是在剥削我们 - 老兄,别担心 I know how to make your money back. This is a nice hotel. Plenty of amenities. 我知道要如何让你花的钱回本 这是问不错的饭店,有很多福利设施 We just load up on those. Like those apples. Instead of taking one... 我们只要尽量拿走那些东西就好了 像是这些苹果,不要只拿一个, I take six. 我给他拿六个 Great. At $100 an apple, we're there. 太棒了,一个苹果一百块,我们办到了 Come on, you get the idea. You know, we'll make our money back in no time. 别这样,你知道我的意思的 我们很快就可以回本了 - Dude, you're shaking. - It's the sugar. Could you hold the apple? - 老兄,你在发枓耶 - 是糖在搞怪,可以帮我拿苹果吗? Hi. - Hey. - 嗨 - 嘿 Joey, I got to tell you, I have been thinking all day about that scene you did. 乔伊,我要跟你说 我整天都在想你的演出 - You were amazing. - Oh. 你真是棒透了 You know, the writing was good. And the director's good. 你知道的,编剧很棒 导演也很棒 And my costar's good. 我的对戏演员也很棒 But they're not as good as me! 但是他们还是不如我棒! You have to tell me what happens tomorrow. 你得告诉我明天会发生什么事 I'm going over the script now. Wanna read lines with me? 我现在正在看剧本 你要帮我一起对台词吗? Me? Oh, I'm not an actress. 我吗?喔,我不是演员的料 - I can ask Monica. - Screw her! That part is mine! - 好吧,我去找摩妮卡 - 去她的!那角色是我的! Right. Okay, so, uh, just from the top of the page right here. 好的,从这一页开头开始 Okay. 好的 Hello, Drake. I'm surprised to see you here. 哈罗,德瑞克,我很讶异会在此看到你 - I can't believe you married him. - Well, what choice did I have? - 我不敢相信你嫁给他了 - 我能有什么选择呢? He was keeping my sister in a dungeon. 他把我妹妹关在地牢里 So, what about us? Everything we feel for each other? 那我们呢?我们对彼此的成觉呢? It's over. You have to accept that. 结束了,你必须要接受 How can I, knowing I'll never hold you in my arms again... 我如何接受?当我知道我再也无法把你拥入怀中 ...or touch your skin or feel your lips... 或是碰触你的肌肤 或是威觉你的双唇 ...knowing I'll never make love to you? 或是永远无法跟你做爱 How can I accept that I can never kiss you again... 我怎么能接受 我再也无法亲吻你 ...when it's all I can do not to kiss you right now? 而我现在最想要做的 就只是亲吻你 Kiss me. 亲我 What? 什么? Kiss me. 亲我 - Uh, Rach, it doesn't say that. - No, I'm saying it. - 瑞秋,剧本不是那样写的 - 不,是我说的 - But- - Just don't talk. - 但是… - 不要说话 Well, that's new. 那牌J是新的梦 Hi, this is Ross Geller in suite 206. 嗨,我是2 06号房的罗斯盖勒 Um, I've forgotten a couple of things. 我忘了带几样东西 Could you have some complimentary toiletries sent up to my room? 你可以帮我送几样赠送的 卫生用品到我房问里来吗? Thank you. Okay, a toothbrush, toothpaste... 谢谢你 好的,牙刷、牙膏 ...razor, mouthwash, deodorant, floss, Band-Aids, shaving cream, after shave. 刮胡刀、漱口水、体香剂、牙线 绷带、刮胡乳液、收敛水 And I feel like I'm forgetting something. 我觉得我好像漏了什么东西 Um, is there anything else you have that I haven't asked for already? 你还有什么东西是我没有提到的呢? Yeah, go ahead, send up some tampons. 好,那就送一些卫生棉条上来 - What'd you get? - USA Today. - 你拿了什么? - 《美国时报》 Nice. Put it with the others. 很好,跟其他的放在一起 And I also got two more apples. 而且我还多拿了两个苹果 We're four short of a bushel! 还差四个就可以做水果花篮了! God, I feel so alive. I love being in the country! 天啊,我觉得充满活力 我喜欢乡间生活! Also, got these great salt and pepper shakers... 还有,我从餐厅里拿了这些… - ... from the restaurant. - That's not cool. - 盐巴胡椒罐 - 这不好 Dude, none of this is cool. 兄弟,这一切都不好 Look, Chandler, you have to find the line between stealing... 听着,钱德,你要找出介于偷窃跟… ...and taking what the hotel owes you. 拿取饭店欠你的东西之问的界线 For example: a hair dryer, no, no, no. 例如,吹风机,不不不 But shampoos and conditioners, yes,yes,yes. 但是洗发精跟润发乳,可以可以可以 Now, the salt shaker is off limits. Ah. 盐巴罐是不行的 But the salt... 但是盐巴… I wish I'd thought this through. 我希望我冈j冈j有想清楚点 I think I get what you mean, though. Like, the lamp is the hotel's... 我想我知道你的意思了 就像台灯是饭店的… ...but the bulbs- Oh, you already got that. 但是灯泡… 喔,你已经拿了 Not my first time in a hotel, my friend. 我的朋友 这可不是我第一次住饭店 - Okay, uh, how about this? - No, no, no. - 好的,那这个呢? - 不不不 - You can't take the remote control. - Yes, but the batteries. - 你不能拿遥控器 - 是的,但是可以拿电池 Thank you. Thank you very much. 谢谢,太谢谢你了 - Ooh! Let's celebrate with some maple candy. - No! - 我们来吃枫糖庆祝吧 - 不! At least tell me where you hid it. 至少告诉我你把它藏哪里去了 - Can I ask you a question? - Yeah. - 我可以问你- 个问题吗? - 好的 Have you ever had any... 你有没有作过任何… ...weird, romantic dreams? 奇异的… 浪漫的梦呢? Hmm, let me think. 让我想想 Oh. When I was younger, I used to dream that I got married to Mayor McCheese. 当我较年轻的时候 我曾经梦过跟麦当劳的卡通市长结婚 And on our wedding night, I ate his head. 然后在我们新婚之夜,我吃了他的头 Okay. 好的 Well, this is like that... 这一点也… no way. 不像是那样 I had a dream last night that I wanted to kiss Joey. 我昨晚梦到我想要亲乔伊 Wow! You mean like "kiss him" kiss him? 哇!你是说真的亲吻他吗? Oh, yeah. I mean, it was pretty intense. 是啊,我是说那种很激情的 - What brought that on? - I don't know. - 为什么会那样呢? - 我不知道 Maybe it had to do with the fact I saw him do a love scene. 或许跟我看到他演出那场爱情戏有关 - A love scene? With who? - Olivia. - 爱情戏?跟谁呢? - 奥莉维亚 Olivia? I thought she was marrying Connor? 奥莉维亚?我以为她要跟康纳结婚了 Oh, right. Real life more important. 对了,现实生活比较重要 - You think my dream means anything? - I don't know. - 你认为我的梦代表什么吗? - 我不知道 I mean, you saw him do a love scene. Maybe you don't have a thing for Joey. 你看到他演出爱情戏 或许对乔伊没有感觉 Maybe you have a thing for Drake. 或许你是对德瑞克有感觉 Huh... Well, it was Joey reading Drake's lines in the dream. 是啊,在梦里是当乔伊 在念德瑞克台词的时候 Of course it was. Trust me, when it comes to psychology... 当然罗,相信我 只要是跟心理学有关的 ...I know what I'm talking about. 我是很内行的 - I took two psych classes in college. - You took the same class twice. - 我在大学的时候修过两堂心理学 - 你是同一堂课修两次 - It was hard! - I know. - 那很难耶! - 我知道 - Hey. Hi. - 嘿 - 嗨,菲比 Here, Monica, look what I got to wear when I play at your restaurant. 摩妮卡,瞧瞧我为了要到你餐厅演唱 买了什么 Ah. Ah. Wait. 等等 Right? I think this might even class up "The Ballad of the Uncircumcised Man. " 对吧,我想这会提高 〝没有割包皮男人之民谣〞的格调 Um, Phoebe... 菲比… ...maybe I wasn't clear before. 或许我之前说的不够清楚 I really love listening to your music here. 我真的很喜欢在这里听你的音乐 But my restaurant, it's sort of an upscale place. 但是我的餮厅是比较高级的地方 Right, yeah, okay. I'll ask the butler to fetch my diamonds out of the vault. 好的,好吧,我会要管家帮我把 我的钻石从保险箱拿出来 Phoebe, it's not what you wear. 菲比,不是你穿的衣服的关系 It's sort of your songs. 是你的歌 I just don't think you should play at the restaurant anymore. 我只是觉得你不应该再到餮厅演唱了 Oh. Okay. Fine, I'll just- 好的,没关系,我就… I'll take the hat back. 我把帽子拿回去退 There. 好了 Hey, so you guys, the funniest thing happened at work the- 嘿,我办公室发生一件最好笑… My songs aren't good enough for your restaurant? 我的歌不够格登上你们餐厅的大堂吗? Okay, we're still on that. 好吧,我们还在谈那个 - I didn't say they weren't good enough. - Then what's wrong with them? - 我没有说它们不够格 - 那有什么不对呢? What, they don't go with your tiny portions of pretentious food? 是怎样?他们不够格配你的 - 丁点份的,自负的食物吗? - Tiny portions? - Yeah, well, um, "Excuse me. -- 丁点份? - 是啊〝不好意思… I ordered the smoked salmon appetizer, but I can't see it. I can't see it. " 我点了燻鲑′鱼开味菜 但是我看不到鲑鱼,我看不到〞 - Phoebe, it's not about quantity. - Well, it's not about quality. - 菲比,份量不是最重要的 - 喔,品质也不是最重要的 Oh, really? You wanna talk about quality? 真的吗?你想要谈品质吗? Have you ever heard of a "key"? It's what some people sing in. 你有听过什么叫〝调〞吗? 那是大家唱歌要对的 Well, at least all my songs don't taste like garlic. 至少我所有的歌都没有蒜头味 Yeah, there are other ingredients, Monica. 没错,摩妮卡 还有其他的东西可以拿来调味的 So that's what we're doing. 所以我们要这样做罗 When I'm in a coffeehouse bopping along to one of your songs... 当我在咖啡厅里跟着你的歌打拍子时 - ... I'm wearing earplugs. - Earplugs or cloves of garlic? - 我是有戴耳塞的 - 是耳塞还是蒜头塞呢? You know what? I take back what I said before. 你知道吗?我收回我所说的话 Keep playing at the restaurant, because with your music driving people inside... 继续到餐厅演唱吧 因为你的音乐会把人逼进餐厅里… bar sales have gone up like crazy. 我们吧台的营业量会疯狂激长的 What are people having, the garlic martini? 他们都点什么呢?蒜头马丁尼吗? Here's your bill. We hope you enjoyed your stay. 这是您的帐单,希望您还住的愉快 Oh, we did. And you still have all your lamps. 喔,我们很愉快 而且你们的台灯都还在 - I didn't factor in the room tax. - Dude, don't worry about it. - 我没有算进税金 - 兄弟,不用担心 I found an unattended maid's cart. We're way ahead of the game. 我找到了一台没人看管的女佣拖车 我们是居领先地位的 - Oh, my God. - What? 我 的 天 ? - 喔, - 怎样 There's something new in the bowl. 那盆子里有新的东西 - Look, we have enough. Just walk away. - No, but I want the pine cones. - 听着,我们拿够了,走吧 - 不,但是我想要松果 - There's a forest right outside. - It's not the same. - 外面就有- 片森林 - 那不- 样 Okay, go quick. 好吧,快点 Thank you for a delightful stay. 谢谢你们今人愉快的服务 MY maple candy! 我的枫糖糖果! The food here at Javu Will kill you 夕右村徐祈计害尼状 The food here at Javu Will kill you 夕布村徐祈计害尼状 It's just you. I thought someone was swinging a bag of cats against the wall. 原来是你,我还以为有人 拿了一袋子的猫往墙上撞 You'd better get back in that kitchen. The garlic's not gonna overuse itself. 你最好回去厨房 蒜头是不会自己多用自己的 - Okay, you have to stop playing now. - Why? - 好了,你.马上给我停唱 - 为什么? The only person my playing is bothering is you. 我的歌干扰到的人只有你 - Oh, yeah? Let's settle this. Come on. - Get your garlic peelers off me. - 是吗?我们来解决这件事,来吧 - 把你的蒜头手拿开 Excuse me? Excuse me? 不好意思,不好意思 Hi, I'm Monica Geller. I'm the head chef here. 我是摩妮卡盖勒,这里的主厨 Okay, I was actually expecting a little applause there, but whatever. 好的,我本来真的希望有人鼓掌的 但是没关系 Quick question. By a show of hands... 一个问题,请大家举手回答 many of you were bothered by this woman's singing outside? 你们有谁被这女人 在外面唱歌干扰到呢? Okay, okay. How many of you enjoyed the music outside? 好的… 你们有谁喜欢外面的音乐呢? Ha! Let me ask you this question. How many thought the music was fine... 让我问你们这个问题 有谁认为音乐还好… ...but not in keeping with the tone of the restaurant? 但是跟本餮厅的格调不符呢? Who identified this restaurant's tone as "pretentious-comma-garlicky"? 好的,谁认为这个餐厅的格调是 〝自以为是又充满蒜头味〞呢? Okay, who thinks the food is delicious and a little pretension never hurt anyone? 好的,有谁觉得食物是很美味的 而一点点做作是没关系的? Okay, well, all right, who thinks the food is fine, the music was fine... 好了,没关系,有谁觉得食物很好 音乐也很棒 ...but your evening was ruined by this incessant poll-taking? 但是你的晚餐已经被这个持续不断 的民意调查给毁了? Excuse us. 不好意思 All right, here's a question. 好了,我问你 Uh, who was so worried about her restaurant being fancy... 有谁认为她的誉厅是那么的高级… ...that she made a big deal about her friend playing her music... 让她过分的担心 她的朋友会演唱不适当的音乐… ...and feels really bad about it now? 而现在真的觉得很难过呢? Well, who was so stupid and stubborn... 有谁很愚蠢又很顽固… ...that she lashed out against her friend's cooking... 批评了她朋友的烹饪技术… ...which she actually thinks is pretty great? 而其实她觉得她的烹饪很好呢? - I'm sorry. - I'm sorry too. - 我很抱歉 - 我也很抱歉 Hey, you wanna stick around and I'll whip you up some dinner? 嘿,你要不要留下来 然后我帮你准备晚餐呢? Yeah, as long as it's free. The food here is ridiculously overpr- 好啊,只要是免费的 这里的食物真的是超贵… Who hopes the hand-raising thing is still cute enough that you won't hate me? 谁希望举手这件事 还可爱到使你不要恨我呢? _H6Y- _H6Y- - 嘿 - 嘿 Joey, do you have peanut butter on the back of your head? 乔伊,你的头后面有花生酱吗? Oh, man. I thought I got it all. 喔,天啊,我以为我都擦掉了 How...? 怎么会… How? 怎么弄到的呢? I was making a peanut butter smoothie, right? 我正在做花生酱冰沙 I couldn't find this little plastic thingy that goes in the top of the blender. 我找不到果汁机上面那个小塑胶盖 And I thought, "Well, you know, how important can that be?" Right? 然后我想 〝那个小东西有什么重要的呢?〞 Turns out, very. 结果是非常重要 Wow, definitely just Drake. 哇,一定只是因为德瑞克 - What? - How's it going with Drake? - 什么? - 德瑞克演的如何呢? - I don't think it's going very well. - What? - 我想可能演的不是很好 - 什么? That scene I saw was so good. 我看的那一场戏很好啊 Well, I'm feeling really insecure about the one we're shooting tomorrow. 我对明天要拍的那场戏 觉得很没安全威 Is this that thing you do when you say you're bad so I'll give you a compliment? 乔伊,你是不是又故意说自己很糟 然后让我来赞美你呢? A little. 有点 No, I really am worried. I have to make it convincing that I'm in love with Olivia. 不,我是真的很担心 我必须要演得像是我真的爱上奥莉维亚 - So? - So I've never played that. - 所以呢? - 所以…我从来没有演过那种戏 Oh, honey, it can't be that hard. I mean, you've been in love before. 喔,亲爱的,那不会很难的 你也有谈过恋爱啊 Uh, well, just once... 嗯,只有一次… ...with you. 就是跟你 Okay. Well, this could be a little awkward. 好了,这实在是有点尴尬 I'm just gonna blow past it. 我们跳过好了 Well, look, can't you just use that method-actor thing... 听着,你何不运用你那个特殊方法 ...where you use your real-life memories to help you in your performance? 就是利用你的真实生活回忆 来帮助演出呢? What the hell are you talking about? 你在说什么? All right, look, just, um, try to remember how you felt when you were in love... 好的,只要试着回忆起 你在谈恋爱时候的成觉 ...and think about that when you're playing the scene. 然后在演出的时候回想起那些成觉 Oh. Okay. Yeah, I think I can do that. 好的,是啊,我想我做的到 Yeah. Okay, there's this party scene coming up. 好的,有个晚会的剧情 - Uh-huh. - And Olivia and her husband are there... 奥莉维亚跟她老公就在那里 ...and all Drake wants to do is grab her and kiss her, but he can't. 而德瑞克想要做的只有抓住她 然后亲吻她,但是他不能 That makes me think about those times I wanted to grab you and kiss you... 那让我想起许多时候我好想抓住你 然后亲吻你 ...but you didn't know, so I would just pretend everything was cool... 但是你并不知道 所以我只能假装没事 ...but really it was killing me. 但这真的让我很受折磨 Joey, you never talked about that before. 乔伊,你从来没有说过这些 Well... 嗯… Hey, you know what else I could use? 嘿,你知道我还可以用什么吗? There's this scene where Drake sneaks into Olivia's bedroom... 有一场戏是德瑞克偷偷溜进 奥莉维亚的房问 ...and she doesn't know he's there, which never happened with us. 她不知道他就在那里 当然,我们之问没有发生过这样的事 I mean, he knows he shouldn't be there, but he just wants to look at her. 他知道他不应该去那袒 但是他只想看看她 You know? 你知道吗? And I remember all those mornings before you even put on your makeup... 而且我记得有好几个早上 就在你开始要化妆之前 ...when I would think to myself, "My God, she is beautiful. " 我会想〝天啊,她真是美丽〞 And it hurt so much because I knew I could never tell you. 而且让我好心痛 因为我知道我永远不能告诉你 But it was worth it just to be there looking at you. 但是光是看着你 我就觉得心满意足了 Thanks, dude. This is great! 谢了,真是太棒了! I got you something from Vermont. 我从佛蒙特州帮你带了些东西 Besides tampons and salt? 卫生棉条跟盐巴以外的东西吗? Oh, my God. 喔,我的天 Maple candy. That's so sweet of you. 枫糖糖果,你真是贴心 That's weird, it's empty. 真是奇怪,里面是空的 Hi, you guys. What's going on? You guys wanna hang out, or...? 嘿,你们好,怎么了呢? 你们要一起做点什么吗? Do you guys hear a buzzing? 你们有听到嗡嗡声吗?

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