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老友记/六人行/Friends 第九季 第二十四集 S09E24 The One in Barbados: Part 2 / 巴巴多斯岛之行2

老友记/六人行/Friends 第九季 第二十四集 S09E24 The One in Barbados: Part 2 / 巴巴多斯岛之行2

To the other friends' fury, it keeps raining except during Ross's speech, which to their amazement is a big hit with the paleontologists. Joey's scientific ignorance decides Charlie to turn her favor to Ross, then they must flee the other academics who intend by tradition to throw the key note-speaker into the pool. Chandler and Phoebe knew better, but Mike accepts to play table tennis against ever-obsessive fluffy monster Monica; when she gets injured, Chandler jumps in and crushes Mike. Rachel can't hide her feelings for Joey anymore, so when he sees Ross and ... 给其他朋友的愤怒,下着雨除了罗斯的演讲中,这让他们感到惊讶的是古生物学家的一大打击。乔伊的科学无知决定查利将她喜欢罗斯,那么他们必须逃离,其他学者将传统把主讲人入池。钱德勒,菲比知道更好,但麦克接受打乒乓球对曾经痴迷的毛茸茸的怪物莫妮卡;当她受伤,钱德勒跳进把麦克。瑞秋无法掩饰自己的感情给乔了,所以当他看见罗斯和…


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Hey! I'm all packed and ready to go. 嘿,我都打包好了,随时可以走 Oh, that's right. Daddy and Uncle Joey are going on a trip today. 没错,爹地跟乔伊叔叔 今天要出门去 We're going to a conference in Barbados. Right? 我们要去参加 一个在巴贝多的研讨会,对不对? - Uh-huh. - Can you say, "Barbados"? 你会说〝巴贝多〞吗? Barbados. 巴贝多 Okay. I've gotta say, it means so much to me that you guys are coming... 我觉得 要你们到那么远的地方去… ...all the way over there to hear me give my speech. 听我的演讲 对我真是意义重大 Ooh, and I have a surprise. I had to pull some strings... 我要让你们高兴一下 我费尽功夫… ...but I was able to get everyone passes to the entire conference. That's right! 帮大家争取到 整个研讨会的通行证,没错! These babies will get you into all the paleontology lectures and seminars. 这些宝贝可以让你们自由参加 所有的古生物学演讲或是研讨会 Do you have anything that will get us out of them? 你有什么东西 是可以让我们不用参加的吗? We're excited to hear the speech, but the rest of the time... 能听你的演讲,我们真的很兴奋 但是其他的时问… ...we're gonna want to do island stuff. 我们想要做其他岛上的活动 David'll probably want to hear a few lectures. 大卫或许会想要听几场演说 - Right, because he's a scientist. No, no. - 没错,因为他是科学家 - 不,不是 He's been in Minsk for eight years. If he gets too much direct sunlight... 他在明斯克待了八年 如果在阳光下待太久… ...he'll die. 他会死的 Okay, we'd better go. Yeah? - 好,我们该出发了 - 是吗? - So we'll see you guys tomorrow. - All right, let's do it. - 那我们明天见 - 好的,明天见 A five-hour flight with Charlie, have a couple drinks... 跟查莉一起飞五个小时 喝几杯酒… ...get under that blanket and do what comes natural. 在毛毯下做一些自然会发生的事 It's a blanket, Joe, not a cloak of invisibility. 那是毛毯,乔伊,不是隐形彼风 - Wow, this place is beautiful! - Look at all these paleontologists! - 哇,这地方真漂亮! - 瞧瞧这些古生物学家! I know. There are gonna be some pasty folks by the pool tomorrow. 对啊,明天游泳池旁 一定有许多苍白的人 Oh, my God, I can't believe you're here! 我的天啊,我不敢相信你在这里! I think I've been recognized. 我想我被认出来了 - This happens all the time. - Dr. Geller? I am such a huge fan. - 这常常发生 - 盖勒博士?我真是仰慕你 That never happens. 这倒是从来没有发生过 I've been following your career for years. I can't wait for your keynote speech. 我多年来一直很注意你的研究 我迫不及待要听你的演说 - Wow. This is very flattering... - I would love your autograph. - 哇,你太过奖了 - 能不能请你签名? Well, sure. Um... 喔,当然 - "Dear?" - Sarah. - 亲爱的? - 莎拉 "Sarah. I dig you. " 〝莎扛,我挖(喜欢)你〞 - "Dr. Ross Geller. " - Oh, thank you so much. - 〝罗斯盖勒博士〞 - 哇,真是太谢谢你了 Sure. Sarah, I'd like you to introduce you to my colleague, Professor Wheeler. 不客气,莎拉,容我介绍一下 我的同事,魏勒教授 - And this is Joey Tribbiani. - Are you a paleontologist? - 这位是乔伊崔比亚尼 - 你是古生物学家吗? No, God, no, no. I'm an actor. 不,天啊,不是 我是演员 You probably recognize me from a little show called The Days of Our Lives. 你或许有看过我… 演的一出小戏 叫做《那个我们的日子》 Dude, it's just Days of Our Lives. There's no "the. " 老兄,是《我们的日子》 没有〝那个〞 Okay, Ross, boy, you... Yeah. No, no. I play Dr. Drake Ramoray. 好吧,罗斯,天啊,你… 不,我扮演德瑞克雷莫瑞医生 - I'm sorry. I don't own a TV. - You don't own a TV? - 很抱歉,我家没有电视 - 你家没有电视? What's all your furniture pointed at? 那你家的家俱是摆向哪个方向? David, can you help me? 大卫,你可以帮个忙吗? I'm trying to explain to Chandler how a plane stays in the air. 我正在跟钱德解释 飞机怎么能停留在空中 Oh, certainly. That's a combination of Bernoulli's Principle... 当然,那是白努利原理加上… ...and Newton's third law of motion. - See? - 牛顿第三运动定律 - 看吧? Yeah. That's the same as, "It has something to do with wind. " 是啊,完全就是你所说的 〝跟风有关〞 I'm gonna go pick up a few things for the trip. 我要去为这次旅行买几样东西 I should go too. Now, tomorrow do you want to share a cab to the airport... 我也应该走了 明天你们要一起搭计程车到机场吗? ...or should Mike and I meet you? 还是说我跟麦克到机场 跟你们碰面呢? Mike? Who's Mike? 麦克?谁是麦克啊? - Mike's your ex-boyfriend. - That's right! - 麦克是你的前男友 - 没错! Oh, yeah. Wow, I had totally forgotten about him. 哇,我已经完全忘掉他了 - That's a blast from the past, huh? - No, it's okay. Honest mistake. - 过去的事突然脱口而出 - 不,没关系,无心之过 It really doesn't mean anything. I mean, you know... 那真的不代表什么 我是说,你知道的… ...Monica refers to Chandler as Richard all the time. 摩妮卡也常常把钱德叫成理查 - She does? - Let's get you out of here. - 她有吗? - 我们快让你离开吧 Well, at least you took me down with you. 至少你也拖我一起下水了 I'm so sorry. I just... I keep thinking about Mike. 我很抱歉,我只是… 我一直在想麦克 I'm crazy about David, and we're having so much fun together. 我非常喜欢大卫 而且我们在一起很开心 Why? Why do I miss Mike? That's just... That's gonna go away, right? 为什么我会想念麦克?这真是… 这会消逝的,对吗? - Well, I guess. In time. - Yeah. - 嗯,我猜是吧,总有- 天 - 是啊 I mean, my feelings for Richard are certainly gone. 我对理查的成觉已经消失了 You just did it again. Chandler. Your feelings for Chandler are certainly gone. 你又来了,是钱德 你对钱德的成觉已经消失了 Boy, Phoebe's still pretty hung up on that Mike, huh? 天啊,菲比还在想麦克吗? I wouldn't read too much into it. 要是我就不会想太多 Still, a girl calls you by her ex-boyfriend's name... 但是女生把你叫成 她前男友的名字… ...that's not a good thing, right? - Let me stop you there. - 那不是什么好事,对不对? - 让我先打断你- 下 Because I think I see where this is going. I'm not very good at giving advice. 我想我知道这是怎么回事了 我不太擅长给人忠告 See, if you want advice, go to Ross or Monica. Or Joey... 想要建议,最好去找罗斯或摩妮卡 如果你想了解… ...for advice about pizza toppings or a burning sensation when you pee. 披萨馅料或是尿尿时 为何有灼热成,那就去找乔伊 I'm sorry, I just wish there was something I could do, you know? 很抱歉,我只是希望能做点什么 你知道吗? - Well, you know Phoebe... - Seriously, we're gonna do this? - 嗯,你知道菲比… - 你真的想跟我谈这个吗? I'm sorry, I just wish I could make her forget about Mike already. 很抱歉,我只希望 我能让她忘了麦克 - Why did Phoebe and Mike break up? - Oh, because his penis was too big. - 菲比跟麦克为什么分手? - 因为他的老二太大了 I'm sorry. That's the kind of thing I do. 抱歉,那才是我擅长的事 They broke up because Mike didn't want to get married. 他们分手 是因为麦克不想要结婚 What if you let Phoebe know you'd be open to marriage? 如果让菲比知道 你愿意结婚呢? That's great. That's great. I'll propose to her. 太棒了,太棒了,我会跟她求婚 What? 什么? I was probably going to do it at some point. 反正我迟早都会这么做的 - No, I didn't mean now. - Well, why not? It's brilliant. - 不,我没有说现在 - 为什么不呢?这实在太聪明了 "Goodbye, Mike. We'll see you at the wedding, fella. 〝再见,麦克,我们婚礼见,老兄 Well, we probably won't invite you to the wedding, but... " 我们可能也不会 邀请你参加婚礼,但是…〞 - Well, thank you, Chandler. Sincerely. - Well, you're welcome. - 衷心地谢谢你,钱德 - 不用客气 Glad I could help. 很高兴能够帮得上忙 - How do you think I should propose? - I'm pretending to read here. - 你认为我该怎么求婚呢? - 大卫,我在假装看杂志 I'm sorry. 抱歉 Yeah. How you doing? 你好吗?嘿,你好吗? - Hey, hey. - Hey. - 嘿,嘿 - 嘿 You said you were gonna wear a thong. Where's the thong? 你说你要穿丁字裤的,丁字裤呢? Ha, ha, I didn't mean a thong. I meant thongs. 我不是说丁字裤 我是说夹脚凉鞋 You really should have been more clear about that. 你应该要说清楚的 You're never gonna guess who I just saw downstairs. 你们绝对猜不出来 我在楼下看到谁 Oh, uh, uh, Britney Spears! 小甜甜布兰妮! Yeah. She never misses these conferences. 是啊,她绝对不会错过 这种研讨会的 - No, I just saw Dr. Kenneth Schwartz! - Oh, my God! - 我M . J刚看到肯尼斯史华兹博士! - 喔,我的天啊! - I know! - Did you talk to him? - 对啊! - 你有跟他说话吗? Oh, yeah. What am I gonna say to Kenneth Schwartz? 是喔,我要跟 肯尼斯史华兹说什么? You could say, "Hey, Kenny, how come you're not Britney Spears?" 你可以说〝嗨,肯尼 为什么你不是小甜甜布兰妮?〞 - You ready to go? - You're gonna go now? - 率备好要走了吗? - 你现在就要走了? - I thought we could hang out. - I can't. I have seminars all day. - 我以为你可以陪我- 下 - 我不行,我整天都有研讨会 I promised Ross I'd look at his speech. 我答应罗斯 我会看看他的演说稿 But maybe we could have dinner later? Out on the balcony? Lt'll be romantic. 或许我们晚点可以一起 在阳台上吃晚餮,很浪漫哦 Will you wear a thong? 你可以穿丁字裤吗? I will if you will. 你穿我就穿 You got yourself a very weird deal. 你的交换条件真是奇怪 I'm good. I have dinner plans. 我很好,我晚餮已经有安排了 - So you gonna be okay? - Yeah, yeah. - 你- 个人可以吗? - 当然,可以 I got tons of stuff I could do. I'm gonna hit the beach, go swimming. 我有很多事可以做 我要去海滩、去游泳 Joe, have you looked outside? 乔伊,你有看看外面吗? No. Why? 没有,为什么? - Oh, man. - There's an indoor pool. - 天啊 - 这里有室内游泳池 - You could swim there. - Yeah. - 你可以在那边游泳 - 是啊 I wasn't gonna swim. I was gonna dig a hole. 我没有要游泳,我是要去挖洞的 That "Mike" was interesting. I don't know what's gonna happen... 麦克那件事真是有趣,我不知道… ...with Phoebe and David. - I do. Want a hint, huh? - 菲比跟大卫之问会发生什么事 - 我知道,想要个提示吗? I do. 我愿意 Okay, I'm sensing this is some kind of wordplay... 好,我可以成觉到 这是某种文字游戏 ...because you are pink with barely controlled glee. 因为你已经有点 无法控制,兴奋到脸红了 - David's gonna propose to Phoebe. - What? Why? - 大卫要跟菲比求婚 - 什么?为什么? Because we were talking about ways he could beat Mike... 因为我们本来在谈 他有哪些可以赢过麦克的方式 ...and I told him Phoebe wanted to get married. 而我告诉他菲比想要结婚 Chandler, we have talked about this. 钱德,我们已经谈过了 You are not supposed to give people advice! 你不可以给别人建议! Couldn't you have made some inappropriate joke? 你不能说一些 不得体的笑话就好了吗? I did! A penis one! 我说了!一个老二的笑话! Just so I know, what was so wrong about what I said? 说明一下 我说的有什么不对? They've only been going out for a few weeks. 他们才交往几个星期而已 Phoebe is completely hung up on Mike. I mean, she'll say no... 菲比还无法忘记麦克 我想她会拒绝的 ...David's heart will be broken, it'll be too hard for them to recover... 然后大卫会心碎 他们会很难复合 ...and then Phoebe will end up alone again. 然后菲比又会孤单一个人 Man, that's some bad advice. 天啊,真是糟糕的建议 Oh, hey. Thank God. You guys are here. 感谢上帝,你们来了 - What's going on? - Everything is upside-down here. - 怎么了? - 这里- 切都不对劲 It rains all day long and nobody watches TV, and Ross is famous. 整天都在下雨,没有人看电视 而且罗斯还很有名 I don't want to alarm anybody... 我不想要惊动大家… ...but Monica's hair is twice as big as it was when we landed. 但是摩妮卡的头发 比下飞机时膨了一倍 Okay. When I go places with high humidity... 我去湿度高的地方… gets a little extra body, okay? 头发就会比较蓬松,好吗? That's why our honeymoon photos look like me and Diana Ross. 那就是为什么我们的蜜月照 看起来是我跟戴安娜罗丝 I'll show you guys where to check in. 我带你们去登记住房 Oh, honey? Can you make sure we get a king-size bed? 亲爱的,要确定我们可以拿到 超大尺寸的床哦 Oh, David, get one for us too. Oh, and see if they have a heart-shaped one. 大卫,也帮我们确定一下 还有看看他们有没有心型的床 And with mirrors on the ceiling. 而且天花板上要有镜子 And make sure our room isn't next to theirs. 还有确定我们的房间 不要在他们的隔壁 Oh, you guys are so lucky you're here with people. 喔,你们真幸运 有人陪你们来这里 You know, it's just such a romantic place. 这是个很浪漫的地方 I just wish I could share it with a guy. 我只希望可以跟一个男人共享 - Not Joey. - Not Joey. No. - 不是跟乔伊 - 不是跟乔伊,不是 - I was just lusting after Chandler. - Yeah, right. - 我只是在垂涎钱德 - 是噢 So I'm proposing to Phoebe tonight. 我今晚要跟菲比求婚 Tonight? 今晚? Isn't an engagement ring supposed to have a diamond? 订婚戒指不是应该要有钻石吗? Oh, there it is. 喔,在这里 Yes, well, being a failed scientist... 是啊,一个失败的科学家 ...doesn't pay quite as well as you might think. 并没有像你想的赚那么多 That's one-seventieth of a carat. 那是七十分之一克拉 And the clarity is quite poor. 清晰度是很差 Nice. 很好 - Monica, can I talk to you for a second? - Okay. - 摩妮卡,我可以跟你谈- 下吗? - 好的 David's gonna propose to Phoebe tonight. 大卫要在今晚跟菲比求婚 See what happens when you give people advice? 你看,这就是你给别人建议的结果 - Well, I hope you told him not to. - That would be advice! - 我希望你有告诉他不可以 - 那也是- 个建议! Okay, fine. I'll handle this. 好,没关系,让我来处理 - Phoebe? - Yeah? - 菲比? - 怎样? - I need to talk to you. - Are you leaving the Supremes? - 我需要跟你谈谈 - 你要离开《至上女声三重唱》了吗? Okay, my husband just gave your boyfriend some very bad advice. 我老公刚给了你男友 一个很糟糕的建议 David's gonna propose to you tonight. 大卫今晚要跟你求婚 Wow, really? 哇,真的吗? That's fantastic! 这实在太棒了! What? Are you serious? You want to marry him? 什么?你是说真的吗? 你想嫁给他? - What about Mike? - Oh, okay, you want me to marry Mike? - 那麦克呢? - 是吗,你要我嫁给麦克吗? Let's just gag him and handcuff him... 好啊,我们把他 嘴巴塞住,手铐铐上 ...and force him down the aisle, okay? 然后逼他踏上红毯,好吗? I can just see it. "Mike, do you take Phoebe?" 我已经可以预见到 〝麦克,你愿意娶菲比吗?〞 You know? It's every girl's dream. 你知道吗?那真是每个女孩的梦想 Do you really think marrying someone else is the right answer? 你真的认为 嫁给别人就可以解决? Sure. Look, okay, bottom line? I love Mike... David! 当然!听着,最重要的是 我爱麦克…大卫! David! I love David. 大卫!我爱大卫! Don't look at me that way, Roseanne Roseannadanna. 别那样看我,戴安娜罗丝 "By using CT scans and computer imaging, we can, in a very real way... 〝藉由电脑断层扫描跟电脑成像 我们可以用非常逼真的方式… ...bring the Mesozoic Era into the 21 st century. " 将中生代时期带到二十一世纪〞 It's great. 太棒了 You'll be the hit of the conference. 你会成为此次研讨会的明星 It'll be even better tomorrow... 你知道吗?明天还会更好 ...because I won't be constantly interrupted by Joey... 因为我不会一直被乔伊打断… ...checking to see if they put chocolates on my pillow yet. 他一直来检查我枕头上 放了巧克力没有 - Hey, guys. - The chocolates aren't here. - 大家好 - 巧克力还没送来 Damn it! 该死! Ross just read me his speech. It's fantastic. 罗斯刚念完他的演讲稿给我听 真是精彩 Oh, is it on the computer? Because I'd love to give it a read. 在电脑里面吗? 因为我也想看 If you want to check your e-mail, just ask. 如果你想要查电子邮件就说吧 What? May I? 什么?我可以吗? What's with the rain, Geller? I mean, when I signed up for dino week... 这雨是怎么回事,盖勒? 我报名参加恐龙营的时候… ...nobody said anything about it being monsoon season. 没有人说过现在是雨季 - The wet season is June to December. - It's not the time, Charlie. - 雨季其实是六月到十二月 - 现在不是时候,查莉 Oh, no. No, no! Dear God, no! 哎呀,糟糕! 天哪,不会吧! What, did someone outbid you for the teapot? 怎么了? 有人比你抢先标下茶壶吗? Secret teapot. 秘密茶壶 Your computer. I don't know what... Everything's gone. 你的电脑,我不知道怎么… 全部消失了 - What do you mean? Must be a virus. - 什么意思? - 定是病毒 I think it erased your hard drive. 我想它把你的硬碟全杀掉了 What? Oh, my God. What did you do? 什么?我的天啊! 你干了什么好事? Someone I don't know sent me an e-mail and I opened it. - 个我不认识的人寄信给我 然后我打开了 - Why? Why would you open it? - Well, it didn't say, "This is a virus. " - 为什么?你为什么要打开? - 那上面又没有写〝这是病毒“! - What did it say? - "Nude... " - 那上面写什么? - 〝裸体的…〞 "Pictures of Anna Kournikova. " 〝安娜库妮可娃的照片〞 - I'm so sorry. - What am I gonna do? - 我很抱歉 - 那我怎么办? - My speech is gone! - It's not gone. - 钱德,我的演讲稿不见了! - 没有不见 I'm sure you printed out a copy. You have a hard copy? 我相信你有列印出来 你有印出来吧? No, I don't! 不,我没有! Well, you must be pretty mad at yourself right now. 那你现在一定很气自己 - It's really gone? - Yep. - 真的不见了吗? - 不见了 I'd like to thank you guys for coming down here... 我想要谢谢你们来这里… complain about the rain and ruin my career. 抱怨雨 而且毁了我的事业前途 - I just feel awful. - Yeah, you should. - 我觉得非常抱歉 - 你是应该要抱歉 Nude pictures of Anna Kournikova? She's never even won a major tournament. 安娜库妮可娃的裸照? 她根本什么大赛都没赢过 Well, I tried Billie Jean King, but... 我有试过比莉珍金,但是… You know, you and Monica have the same I'm-gonna-kill-you look. 你知道吗?你跟摩妮卡 那种我要杀了你的表情一模一样 I can usually make it go away by kissing her. 我通常亲她一下 就可以逃过一劫 Get out. 滚出去 You know, this happens all the time to my computer at work. 我工作的电脑也常常发生这种事 - What do you do? - I usually go... - 那你怎么办? - 我通常会… Tetris on somebody else's computer. 到别人的电脑上 玩俄罗斯方块 I can't believe this is happening. 我不敢相信会发生这种事 I have to give the keynote speech tomorrow. 我明天就要演讲了 I have to stand up in front of all these people. What am I gonna say? 我要站在所有人面前 我要说什么呢? You can use a speech I memorized for auditions. 你可以用我背下来 参加试镜的那段话 I don't think your monologue from Star Wars is gonna help me right now. 我认为你在《星际大战》里的独白 不会对我有帮助,乔伊 Ross, we can solve this. I just heard your speech. 罗斯,我们可以一起解决问题 我听过你的演讲 - We can re-create it. We've got all night. - What, you really think we can do that? - 我们可以重建,我们有- 整晚的时问 - 怎么?你真的认为我们办得到? Oh, wait. Joey and I are supposed to have dinner. 等等,乔伊跟我已经约好 一起去吃晚餮 Don't worry about that. I mean, Ross needs you. 别担心,我知道罗斯需要你 Rachel and I will stay and help any way we can. 瑞秋跟我会留下来尽量帮忙 All right. Okay, let's do it. 好吧,我们现在就开始 Well, I know we start by discussing the shortcomings of carbon dating. 我知道我们一开始 是讨论碳年代测定法的缺点 And then I move on to what is clearly the defining moment... 我接着解说 什么事件显然… ...of the Mesozoic Era, the breakup of Pangaea. Hello? 是中生代的关键时刻 原始大陆的分裂,不是吗? And then there's the overview of the Triassic. 再来是三叠纪的概观 Ooh, ooh. Any chance any of this happened in a galaxy far, far away? 这一切有没有可能 是在很遥远的银河系发生的? - Hello? Okay, Mike? - 喂? - 好了,麦克? Enough is enough. You love Phoebe, and she loves you. 闹够了 你爱菲比,而她也爱你 So get over your I- never-wanna-get-married thing... 所以不要再说什么 〝我不想结婚〞的话了 ...and step up! 赶快站出来! Who is this? 你是谁? This is Monica, Phoebe's friend. 我是摩妮卡,菲比的朋友 Listen. Phoebe is back with David. 听着,菲比跟大卫复合了 He's gonna propose, and she's gonna say yes... 他即将要求婚,而她会答应 ...but I know she really wants to be with you. 但是我知道 她真正想要的是跟你在一起 He's gonna propose? 他要求婚了? I'm sorry, did you say something? I can't hear through all this damned hair! 对不起,你说什么? 该死的头发遮住我听不到! If Phoebe wants to marry David, she should. 如果菲比想要嫁给大卫,那就去吧 I'm not gonna stand in the way of that. Neither should you. 我不会从中作梗,你也不应该 You don't tell me what to do. I tell you what to do. 不用你来告诉我该怎么做 是我来告诉你怎么做 Just call her. She's at the Paradise Hotel in Barbados. 打电话给她 她在巴贝多的天堂饭店 And while I've got you, you've got curly hair. 对了,你也有卷发 What do you do in the humidity? 在湿气重的地方你怎么办? Damn it! 该死 - Well, I hope you're happy. - Aw, I hope you're happy too, honey. - 嗯,我希望你很快乐 - 我也希望你很快乐,老婆 Phoebe's going to say yes to David. 菲比会答应大卫的求婚 - That's what happens when you meddle. - Phoebe's gonna say yes? That's great. - 这就是你爱管闲事的结果 - 菲比要答应?太棒了 No, it's not. She's still in love with Mike. 不,一点也不棒,她还爱着麦克 - There's no chance that will work? - No, I called. - 那不会有什么结果吗? - 不会,我已经打过电话了 - It's not gonna happen. - Meddler! Meddler! - 不会有结果 - 鸡婆!鸡婆! If you hadn't meddled to start with... 如果不是你先多管闲事… ...then I wouldn't have had to go in and meddle myself. 我就不用插手进来管事了 No matter how much we meddle, we'll never be able to unmeddle... 不管我们怎么插手 都没有办法补救… ...the thing that you meddled up in the first place! 你一开始多管闲事惹出来的祸! This vacation sucks! 这场假期真是烂! - I'm so bored. - Mm. 我好无聊 Stupid rain. We can't do anything. 该死的雨,我们什么事都做不了 Well, I brought some books. We could read. 我带了一些书来,我们可以看点书 Hey, it hasn't come to that yet. 嘿,还没糟糕到那个地步 Hey, hey, hey, don't mind if I do. 嘿,等一下 不好意思 I'm sorry, sir, these are for the pharmaceutical convention. 对不起,先生 这是给药学研讨会的 You feel like going to a convention? 瑞秋,你想要去参加研讨会吗? - We can't. We're not pharmacists. - I know we're not... - 我们不行,我们不是药剂师 - 我知道我们不是… ...but Frank Madaio and Eva... 但是法兰克马迭欧跟伊娃齐罗欧… - Kate Miller. - Kate Miller it is. - 凯特米勒 - 凯特米勒就对了 - Okay. - Oh, good... - 好的 - 喔,很好… And that's the most sex I'm gonna have this weekend. 这是这个周末 我最接近性爱的时刻了 Well, in that case, should I make sure it's on real good? 如果是这样 我应该要确定这黏得够牢罗? Thank you. - 谢谢你 - 不客气 Oh, and then you said that thing about bringing the Mesozoic Era... 喔,然后你闻始谈 将中生代世纪… ...into the 21 st century. 带到二十一世纪 Well, yeah. That's it? 对喔,就这样吗? - Yeah. - Oh, my God. We did it. - 是的 - 天啊,我们办到了 Actually, I did it, Ross. You remembered shockingly little of your own speech. 事实上是我办到了,罗斯 演讲稿是你的,你记得的却少得惊人 Yes, but I did make a pyramid out of the bath products. 是的,但是我用沐浴产品 做了个金字塔 Oh, this is amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much. 真是佩服 谢谢你,真的很谢谢你 That's a pretty necklace. 这项链真漂亮 Thank you. 谢谢 Hey, what do you say we celebrate? Champagne? 我们庆祝一下吧?要来点香槟吗? Yeah! Save the cork, and that way, we can fill the bottle with water... 好啊,软木塞留着 我们可以把瓶子装满水… ...and put it back so they don't charge you. 然后再放回去 这样他们就不会收钱了 Oh, my God, I love you. 我的天啊,我爱你 This is such a cute picture of Emma. And is this your son... 艾玛这张照片真是可爱 而这是你儿子… ...or just some kid whose picture you bring on vacation? 还是某个你渡假时 会带在身上的小男孩照片? That's Ben, my son from my first marriage. 那是班,我第一次婚姻生的儿子 - Your first marriage? Yeah. - 你第- 次婚姻? - 是的 You've been married more than once? 你结过不只一次婚吗? No. 没有 Mm. So why'd you break up? 那你为什么离婚呢? Oh, it was... 嗯,因为… It's complicated, you know? She was, uh... 很复杂,她是… 同性恋 Oh, my God. 我的天啊 This is so cool! 这实在太酷了! Okay. Odd thing to get excited about. 为这种事兴奋是很奇怪的事 No, it's just that I was engaged to a guy who turned out to be gay. 不是,只是我曾经订过婚 而那梱男的竟然是同志 Hey! High-five! 嘿,击掌吧! Didn't you feel so stupid that you didn't see the signs? 你不觉得没有看出瑞倪 实在是很笨? My fiancé was always going on long weekends with his "tennis partner. " 我未婚夫总是跟 他的〝网球球友〞一起度周末 My wife had a workout friend she went to the gym with every day for a year. 我老婆有一年跟一个朋友 天天都到健身房报到 She didn't get any fitter. 她也没有变结实 - Everybody's like, "I knew all along. " - I know. - 每个人都说〝我早就知道了〞 - 对嘛 If you knew, why didn't you tell me? I mean, call, leave a note. 如果你们知道,怎么不告诉我? 打个电话、留个字条什么的 "Hi. Just dropped by to say your wife's gay. " 〝嗨,只是过来告诉你 你老婆是同性恋“ - I know. - And then... - 对嘛 - 然后… And then you try to make the best of a bad situation... 然后你试着把危机变转机… you float the idea of a threesome. 所以提出三人行的建议 I didn't do that. 我没有那样做 Me neither. 我也没有 Well, who knew? Pharmacists are fun. 谁想得到药剂师们会这么好玩 I know. That old lady at the end was ready to take you home. 对啊,那位老太太 最后都已经准备要带你回家了 Not enough pills in the world, Rach. 全世界的药都还不够,瑞秋 What about you, huh? You're the single one. See anybody in there you like? 那你呢?你才是单身的人 有没有看到喜欢的? Well, let's see. There was that really big guy that I was talking to... 让我想想,那梱跟我 说过话的大个儿… ...with the really nice breasts. 他的胸部很不错 But what about back home? 那在家乡呢? Anything going on there? Anybody you like? 有什么吗?你有喜欢的人吗? No. 没有 - There is. You're blushing. - No, I'm not blushing... - 有的,你脸红了 - 没有,我才没有脸红 ...and I'm sunburned. 这是晒伤的… From, you know, the rain. 因为下雨的缘故 You like someone. Tell me who. 你有喜欢的人,告诉我是谁 - Tell me who it is. Come on. - No. Joey. - 告诉我是谁,说啦 - 不,乔伊 Who do you like? You're not getting away that easy. 你喜欢谁啊?别想轻易躲掉 - Who do you like? - Joey, come on! - 你喜欢谁? - 乔伊,别这样! It doesn't matter, you know? It's not like anything's gonna happen. 没什么大不了的,你知道吗? 又不是说会发生什么事 What? Why not? Rach, who can you not get? 什么?为什么不会? 瑞秋,有谁是你得不到的? Okay. Okay. You really want to know who it is? 好,你真想知道是谁吗? - Yeah. Who is it? - Do you? - 很想,是谁? - 你真的想? - Yeah. Hey. - 对 - 嗨 Hey. I just left you a message. - 嗨 - 我才M . J留官给你 Ross and I were gonna go grab a bite... 罗斯跟我本来要去吃点东西… ...but now that you're here, we could have that dinner. 但是既然你在这里 我们可以一起去吃晚餮了 Right! Of course. Hey, did you guys finish the speech? 没错!当然 演讲稿写完了吗? Yep! We got it. We got it. Thank you so much. 完成了 我们完成了,非常谢谢你 - I had a great time. - Yeah. - 我做得很开心 - 是啊 This isn't over, because I really want to know... 这还没完,因为我真的想知道… Later. Later. 等一下,等一下 So shall we? - Yeah. - 那我们走吧? - 好的 - Okay. - Good night. - 好的 - 晚安 Good night. 晚安 - Okay, good night. - Good night, Ross. - 好吧,晚安 - 晚安,罗斯 I can't believe she's gonna say yes to David. 我不敢相信她要答应 She's clearly in love with Mike. 她显然还爱着麦克 You know, it's very hard to take you seriously when you look like that. 你这样子 实在很难把你的话当真 Um... Phoebe, um, I have, uh, something I want to say. 菲比,我有一些话要说 Oh, God, he's gonna do it. I cannot watch this. Let's go. 天啊,他要开口了 我看不下去,我们走吧 I think we have time. Have you heard him talk? 我想我们还有时间 你有听过他说话吗? "Uh, Phoebe, um, I would be honored if, uh, uh... " Spit it out, David! 〝菲比 ,我将会很荣幸如果…〞 说快点,大卫! Uh, Phoebe, um... 菲比… You're an amazing woman, and the time we spent apart was unbearable. 你实在是太迷人了 我们分开的那段日子非常难熬 Of course, the sanitation strikes in Minsk didn't help. 当然明斯克卫生设施员工罢工 让情况更糟 Sure. Okay. Yeah. 当然,好的,然后呢? But, um, well, now that we're together again, I don't ever want to be apart. 但是现在我们又在一起了 我再也不想跟你分开 So to that end... 所以… - Oh, my God, Mike. - It's David, actually. - 喔,我的天啊,麦克 - 事实上,我是大卫 No, Mike's here. 麦克在这里 不 Oh, hey, Mike. 麦克 嘿 Hi, David. 嗨,大卫 Chandler. Monic... Oh! 钱德,摩妮…哇! It's the humidity! 是湿气! - Hi, Phoebe. - What are you doing here? - 嗨,菲比 - 你在这里做什么? I have a question I need to ask you. 我有个问题一定要问你 I have a question I was kind of gonna ask her myself. 我也有问题要问她 Yeah, I understand, but before you do, she really needs to hear this. 我了解,但是你问之前 她真的需要先听我说 Okay. 好吧 - Would you care for my seat as well? - Actually, yeah, that'd be great. - 那我的座位你也想要坐罗? - 噢,那就谢谢你了 Well, that's fair, you've had a long trip. 很公平,你大老远赶来 Phoebe, I love you. 菲比,我爱你 I've missed you so much these last few months. 我过去这几个月非常想念你 I thought we were apart for a good reason... 我原本以为 导致我们分手的是个好理由 ...but I realized that there was no reason good enough... 但是我发现 根本没有理由好到… keep me from spending the rest of my life with you. 让我决定不和你共度下半辈子 Kind of steps on the toes of what I was going to say. 这有点毁了 我本来打算要说的话 I'm sorry, David, but she really has to know this. 抱歉,大卫 但是她真的需要知道 All right, but after this, I want to see you outside. 好吧,但是之后 我要在外面跟你单桃 If the rain stops. 如果外面雨停了的话 You're the most incredible woman I've ever met. 你是我遇过最不可思议的女人 How could I lose you? Now, I don't actually have a ring. 我怎么能够失去你? 我现在身上没有戒指 - I have a ring. - I wouldn't brag about that, big guy. - 我有戒指 - 我不会在这时候炫耀,老兄 But, Phoebe... 但是,菲比… ...will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗? No. 不 Ha-ha. I love you, but I never needed a proposal from you. 我爱你,但是我从来不需要你求婚 I just needed to know we were headed somewhere. 我只需要知道 我们之问可以有发展 - That we had a future. - We can have any future you want. - 我们是有未来的 - 我们可以有任何你想要的未来 Okay, well, I'm gonna take off. 好,我要走了 David, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. 大卫,我很抱歉,真对不起 Just so I know, if I had asked first? 让我知道一下,如果我先问了… Yeah, I might have said yes, but that would've been wrong. 我有可能会答应,但那是不对的 Please, you don't have to explain. 你不用解释,没关系 I mean, perhaps if I hadn't gone to Minsk... 如果我当初没有去明斯克… ...things would have worked out for us, and I wouldn't have ruined my career. 我们之问可能就没问题了 而我也不会毁了我的事业 Or lost that toe to frostbite. 或是因冻疮而失去那只脚趾 It was a good trip. 那是趟好旅程 - Is it okay if I hug you now? - Oh, yes. - 我现在可以拥抱你吗? - 喔,可以 Because of our meddling! All right? 就是因为我们多管闲事,知道吗? Oh, isn't this nice? It's so quiet. I could just lie here all day. 很舒服吧?如此安静 我可以整天都躺在这里 Oh, I know. 是啊 - Open your drapes! Open your drapes! - So glad we got adjoining rooms. - 打开窗帘!打开窗帘! - 真高兴我们的房问是相通的 - The sun is out! - Hey! Remember when I had corneas? - 太阳出来了! - 嘿!记得我还有眼角膜的时候吗? Go to the pool and reserve chairs. 赶快去游泳池占位子 - I will get the magazines and the lotion. - Ladies? Ross' speech is in 45 minutes. - 我会拿杂志跟防晒乳液 - 罗斯的演讲再四十五分钟就开始了 - No! - Damn it! - 不会吧! - 该死! Walls are pretty thin, guys. 墙壁很薄的,你们这些人 "Then we have to weigh the data from recent MRI scans and DNA testing... 〝我们必须考量最近核磁共振造影 与去气核醣核酸测试的资料… ...which call into question information gathered from years of carbon dating. " 对多年来通过碳年代测定 收集资料的方式形成了一些疑点〞 Look at the woman sitting out by the pool getting tan. 瞧瞧那个坐在游泳池畔 晒太阳的女人 She's all leathery and wrinkled. I'm so jealous! 她的皮都变粗生皱纹了 我真是嫉妒! "Finally, factor in the profusion of new species recently discovered. 〝最后,再加上 最近发现的大量新物种 Giganotosaurus. 巨兽龙 - Argentinosaurus. " - Not to mention Coldsaurus. - 阿根廷龙〞 - 更不用提冷龙(音似唇泡疹) "And that's just the herbivores. I'm not even gonna discuss the carnivores. 〝而这些只是草食性的 我还没有要提到肉食性的 Their heads are already too big. 他们都已经有大头症了 Which is ironic, considering their stunted cerebral development. " 蛮讽刺的 因为他们大脑发育不良〞 Really? 真的吗? "But all kidding aside, in much the same way... 〝但是撇开玩笑不谈,这近似于… ...that Homo ergaster is thought to be a separate species from Homo erectus... " 匠人现在被认为 与直立人(音近勃起)不同种〞 - What? - He said "erectus. " - 什么? - 他说〝直立人〞 - You're kidding, right? - No, he really said it. - 你在开玩笑吗? - 不,他是真的那样说 "And while there are certainly vast differences... 〝虽然介于这些中生代化石… ...between these Mesozoic fossils and the example of Homo erectus... " 跟直立人例子之问 有许多巨大的差异〞 Erectus? 勃起? - Homo. - Right. - 同性恋(音同人属) - 没错 "In a very real way, we can bring the Mesozoic Era into the 21 st century. " 〝以非常逼真的方式,我们可以 将中生代时期带到二十一世纪〞 Thank you. 谢谢大家 Really great. - Thanks, guys. - 真的很棒 - 谢谢你们 I thought it was wonderful. 我认为那很精采 Jarvis Oberblau. Cornell. 我是康乃尔大学的 杰维斯欧伯劳 I mean, the ideas you put forth, and from someone so young and... 你突显出来的议题 尤其是你这样年轻而且… Okay, now we're just holding hands. 现在我们只是握着手 Alrighty. We're gonna hit the beach. That was really great. 好,我们要去海滩了 演讲真的很棒 - Oh, thank you. - Yeah. Oh, and so funny. - 谢谢 - 是啊,而且很好笑 - Take it easy. - All right, thanks. Thanks so much. - 别太累 - 好的,谢谢,非常谢谢 I can't tell you how much it means that you were here. 我无法形容 你们在这里对我的意义有多重大 You kidding? We wouldn't have missed it. 你在开玩笑吗? 我们不可能会错过的 Oh. I'm back. 我回来了 Okay. Well, excuse me? 好,失陪一下 Hey. 嘿 - Well? - You were incredible. - 怎么样? - 你真是了不起 You blew them away. 你完全迷住他们了 I can't tell you how great it was to look in the crowd and see your face. 我无法形容 在人群中看到你的脸成觉有多棒 I mean, did you know you were mouthing the words along with me? 你知道你嘴巴在跟着我念吗? - I was not. - No, it's okay. - 我才没有 - 不,没关系 It made me feel like a rock star. 那让我自觉像个摇滚巨星 Oh, my God. I'm your groupie. 我的天啊 我居然是个追星大粉丝 Hey, I better not find you naked in my hotel room. 你最好不要脱光光 躲在我的房间里喔 Look, I took it too far. 哎呀,我扯太远了 I can't believe it's raining again. It's so unfair. 不敢相信又在下雨了,真是不公平 Well, on the bright side, now we won't have to see... 往好处想就是我们不用看到… ...all these paleontologists with their shirts off. 那些古生物学家脱掉上衣 Not you guys. 不是你们 You've got it going on. 你们还不错 - What will we do today? - They have a game room downstairs. - 我们今天要做什么? - 他们楼下有游戏问 They have Ping-Pong and stuff. 有兵乓球和其他的东西 Ping-Pong? Honey, they have Ping-Pong. 乒乓球? 亲爱的,他们有乒乓球耶 - Let's play. - I don't think so. - 我们来玩 - 我不要 - Why not? - You know how competitive you get. - 为什么不要? - 你知道你得失心很重 And while I say it's cute, others disagree, and I'm lying. 我可以说那样很可爱 但别人都不同意,而且我是在说谎 - I'm not always that bad. - Oh, yeah? - 我又不是- 直都那样糟糕 - 是吗? What happened when we played last time? 我们上次玩的时候 发生什么事? I punched you. 我揍了你 - And? - Phoebe. - 还有呢? - 还有菲比 - And? - I clunked your heads together. - 还有呢? - 我把你们的头撞在- 起 - There you are. - Hey. Listen. - 你在这里 - 嘿,听着 As soon as it stops raining, we have got to go snorkeling. 只要雨一停 我们一定要去浮潜 Some kid told me about this sea turtle. If you blow bubbles in his face... 有个小孩告诉我有海龟 如果你对着他的脸吹泡泡… ...he chases you. 他会追着你跑喔 I'm sorry, I can't. I'm running a discussion group all afternoon. 很抱歉,我不能去 我整个下午都要主持小组讨论 Oh. That's okay. I'll find someone else to do it. 没关系,我找别人去好了 I'd do it alone, but, uh... 我是可以一个人去,但是… ...I don't know what happens if the sea turtle catches you. 不知道海龟 如果抓到我会发生什么事 You know, I feel so bad. 我觉得很不好意思 I haven't seen you this whole trip. Especially last night... 我整赵旅途都没有跟你在一起 尤其是昨晚… Don't worry about it. It was fine. I had the best time with Rachel. 不用担心,没关系 我跟瑞秋玩得很开心 I just felt bad for you, stuck in that room working on Ross' speech. 我只是为你难过 跟罗斯关在房问里赶演讲稿 Actually, it turned out to be a lot of fun. 事实上,结果还蛮好玩的 Oh, well, at least we're both having fun, right? 那至少我们都过得很愉快,不是吗? - Is it weird that it's not with each other? - Yeah. 一我们不在一起却很快乐,很怪吧? 一是啊 A little bit, yeah. 有一点,是啊 I think we need to talk. 我想我们需要谈谈 Yeah, I think we do. 是啊,我想我们是需要 About what? 谈什么呢? - Come on, you guys, it'll be fun! - All right. - 别这样,会很好玩的啦! - 好,巴 - I'll play if we don't keep score. - Well, then how do we know who wins? - 不计分我才要玩 - 那我们怎么知道谁赢呢? - Nobody wins. - So we're just four losers. Super. - 没有人会赢 - 所以我们是四个输家,太好了 - Well, I'm not playing with her. - I'm out. - 我不要跟她玩 - 我不玩了 - I'll play you. - Okay. - 我跟你玩 - 好的 - You don't know what you're doing. - She gets crazy. - 麦克,你不知道你在做什么 - 她会很疯狂的 This scar? That's from Pictionary. 这个疤痕是从画图猜字游戏来的 I think I'll be all right. 我想我会没事的 - You want to volley a bit for serve? - Sure, if you want to. - 你想要先热身- 下吗? - 当然,如果你想要的话 Ho! Oh, by the way, I'm awesome. 对了,我很厉害 Oh, dear God, there's two of them. 天哪,这两个人一模一样 - You ready to play? - Hell, yeah. - 你准备好要上场了吗? - 当然 - Did you know this about him? - No idea. I thought he was soft like you. - 你有看过他这- 面吗? - 没有,我以为他跟你- 样软弱 - Want to make it more interesting? - How much you thinking? - 想要更刺激点吗? - 你想赌多少? - Ten bucks a game? - Make it 50. - 十块钱- 局? - 加到五十块钱好了 - I'll make it 100. - One thousand... - 我加到- 百块钱 -- 千… Okay! 好了! We'll flip to see who goes first. You got a quarter? 我们掷铜板来决定谁先开球 你有铜板吗? No. Either of you girls got a quarter? 没有,你们两个女生谁有铜板? Honey, try to focus the trash talk on him. 亲爱的,这种骂人的话 都用到他身上 - Monica, you call it. - Heads. No, tails! Heads! - 摩妮卡,你来猜 - 正面,不,背面!正面! - Tails. - Oh, what are the chances? - 背面 - 机率有这样低吗? - Hah! My point! Oh, no, I don't think so. - 我得分! - 不,我可不这么认为 Standard rules: If at any time a player uses his nonracket-bearing hand... 根据桌球标准规则,若参赛者 在任何时问将没握球拍的手… touch the playing surface, he or she forfeits the point. 碰触到球桌表面,得分不算 He was a lawyer. 他曾经是律师 All the East Coast is having beautiful weather. 东岸的天气十分良好 In New York, it's 72 and sunny. 纽约摄氏二十二度 而且阳光普照 Oh. Weather bitch. 气象婊子 It's open. 门没锁 - Hi, Joe. - Hey. - 嗨,乔伊 - 嘿 - What? Is everything okay? - Charlie and I broke up. - 怎么了?还好吗? - 查莉跟我分手了 No. Why? 不会吧,为什么? Well, she said we have nothing in common. 嗯,她说我们没有任何共同点 That's crazy. 这真是胡说 No, it's not. We have nothing in common. 不,是真的,我们没有任何共同点 - Yeah, that's true. - Yeah. - 是啊,是没错 - 是啊 I mean, she should be with someone more like Ross. 她应该跟罗斯那样的人在一起 You know, I mean he uses all those big words too. 你知道,他也会用那些很艰深的字眼 - Man, smart people are dull. - Well, hey! - 天啊,聪明的人真是无趣 - 嗯,喂! Okay, Rach. 好了,瑞秋 I feel so stupid, you know? Why do I keep going after the wrong girls? 我觉得好蠢,你知道吗?我为什么 一直都喜欢不适合我的女生呢? - What are you talking about? - Oh, come on. - 你在说什么? - 喔,少来了 I mean, there's you, then there's Charlie. It's like... What the hell's my problem? 先是你,然后是查莉 这就像是…我到底是哪根筋不对? I just... 我只是… Okay. Maybe you're not always going after the wrong girl. 好吧,或许你并没有都跟 不适合你的女生在一起 I'm telling you, Rach, Charlie is not right for me. 我告诉你,瑞秋 查莉并不适合我 - I'm not talking about her. - Well, then, who? - 我不是在说她 - 是喔,那谁呢? The waitress I went out with last month? 我上个月约过的那个女服务生吗? - You know what? Forget it. - No, no, no, no. - 你知道吗?算了 - 不… - Who are you talking about? - No, I don't... - 你是在说谁呢? - 不,我不… I actually don't know who I'm talking about, so... 事实上我也不知道 我在说什么,所以… - Okay. - Yeah. - 好吧 - 嗯 Well, I'm gonna go see if I can get a room for tonight. 我要去看看今晚有没有办法 订到另一问房问 - And I'll see you later. - Yeah, sure. Okay. - 待会儿见 - 好啊 - You like me? - Okay. - 你喜欢我? - 呃 - Let's not make a big thing about this. - It's a huge thing! - 我们不要过度强调这件事 - 这是- 件大事! Okay, not working with me, Joe. 你很不合作喔,乔伊 Look, here's the thing. Lately, I have been having thoughts. 听着,事情是这样的 最近,我有些想法 Musings, if you will. 应该说是冥想 - Well, for how long? - Oh, only like a month. - 多久了? - 大概只有- 个月 - A month?! - Well... -- 个月! - 嗯… Dial it down. Listen, maybe they're crazy thoughts, but sometimes I do. 小声点,或许只是一些疯狂的想法 但是有时候我就是会想啊 I have been thinking about, you know, us. 我一直在想我们之问的可能性 - Okay, dial it up a little. - Oh, you're right. Okay. 一好,现在音调可以提高一点 一你说的对,好吧 - I just have a question. - Shoot. - 我只有- 个问题 - 说吧 - What the hell are you doing? - I'm not trying to do anything. - 你到底是在搞什么? - 我也不是想做什么 It's just, we have such a good time when we're together, you know? 只是我们在一起时都非常开心 你知道吗? And I mean, aren't you just a little curious what it would be like? 你难道都没有好奇过 那会是怎样的情形吗? Am I curious? I mean, I'm as curious as... 我好奇过吗?我就跟… ...George! 乔治一样好奇! Who? 谁? - Curious George! - Oh! 好奇乔治啊! You know, the monkey and the guy with the yellow hat. 那只猴子,还有那个戴黄帽的男人 - Of course. I remember. - He had a paper route. - 我当然记得 - 他还有自己的送报路线 Yeah, he did. 是啊,没错 - See, this is what I'm talking about. - No, I know. We're great! - 你看,这就是我在说的 - 对啊,我们在- 起太好玩了! But, Rach, no, this can't happen. 但是瑞秋,不,不能这样 Can't it just happen a little bit? 不能有一点点机会吗? - No! It can't happen at all! - Why not? - 不!- 点也不行! - 为什么不行? Because, look, no one wants this to happen more than me, okay? 我也非常想要,好吗? I have gone over this moment in my head 100 times... 我在脑海中已经幻想过 这情节一百次了 ...and not once did I ever say no. 而且我从没拒绝过 I couldn't do it to Ross. 我不能这样对待罗斯 - But that wasn't gonna stop you before. - I know. I know... - 但之前你却不是这样 - 我知道… ...but I've thought about it a lot since then, and it just wouldn't be right. 但是在那之后我想了很多 这是不对的 I'm sorry. 我很抱歉 I'm sorry too. 我也很抱歉 - Oh, God, I shouldn't have said anything. - No, no, no, no. Hey, we'll be fine. - 天啊,我不应该说出来的 - 不…别这样,我们没事的 - Like you said, it's no big deal. - It's not a big deal. - 就像你所说的,这没有什么 - 没错 - No big deal. - It's so not a big deal. - 没有什么 - 真的是没有什么 - I'll see you later. All right, hey. - Okay, great. - 待会充见,好 - 好的,太好了 Okay... Oh! 好… Oh, I'm sorry, I think... I think that may have missed the table. 真抱歉喔,我想… 我想那可能没有趣到桌面 - Oh, do you? - Yeah. - 是吗? - 是的 - Do you? - Yeah. - 是吗? - 是的 - Do you? - Yeah! - 是吗? - 是的! - You really find this attractive on him? - Oh, yeah. - 你真的认为他这样很有魅力? - 当然 Are you telling me you're not even a little turned on by Monica right now? 你是在说,你现在没有 被摩妮卡撩得心痒痒的吗? This is the first time in our marriage that I've felt like the more attractive one. 这是婚后我第一次觉得 我是比较有魅力的那一个 All right, come on, Mike. You can beat her. 加油,麦克,你可以打败她的 Knock that dog off her head. 把她打得落花流水 - Oh, damn it! - I sleep with him! - 该死! - 我跟他上床喔! - Game point. - Don't get too cocky. - 关键分数 - 别太骄傲 Remember, I won the last one. 记住上次是我赢的 Oh, by the way, how did that feel, losing to a girl? 喔,对了 输给一个女生感觉如何? You should look in the mirror before you call yourself that. 你应该先照照镜子再说 - No! No! No! - And that's how it's done. - 不!不!不! - 而这就是这样结束的 Okey-dokey. 好了 You've each won a game, and I've lost what's felt like a year of my life. 你们都各赢一局 而我感觉我的寿命好像短了一年 Everybody goes home a winner. 每个人都可以跟一个赢家回家 - Best of three? - What I'm thinking. - 三战两胜? - 我就是这样想 Should I use my invisibility to fight crime or for evil? 我应该运用我的隐形术 来打击犯罪或是做坏事? - Serve the ball, chump. - "Serve the ball, chump. " - 开球吧,木头人 - 〝开球吧,木头人〞 Okay, better comebacks, Mike. Better comebacks. 好,重彼战袍会更好,麦克 重彼战袍会更好 I'm just saying, I have a cabin in the Adirondacks. 我是说说而已,我在 阿迪朗达克山区有间小木屋 If you ever want to get away from the city, well, that'd be... 如果你想要远离尘嚣 那就”" ...just nifty. 太美妙了 Well, I've kind of got a lot on my plate right now. 嗯,我现在事情是蛮多的 Not that I wouldn't love a weekend in the country with a strange man. 不是说我不喜欢 跟陌生男人到乡间度周末 - Jarvis? - Oh, you're back. - 杰维斯? - 喔,你回来了 - This is my wife, Nancy. - Well, get out! - 这是我老婆,南西 - 少来了! Ross? Can I talk to you for a minute? 罗斯,我可以跟你谈谈吗? Yes, please. 当然了 So, what's going on? 怎么了? Well, Joey and I broke up. 嗯,乔伊跟我分手了 - Oh, my God. What happened? - Joey is a great guy... - 我的天啊,发生了什么事? - 乔伊是个好男人… ...but we're just... We're so different. 但是我们就是… 我们很不一样 I mean, like, during your speech, he kept laughing at "Homo erectus. " 像是在你演讲的时候 他一直在笑〝直立人〞 I knew that was him! 我就知道是他! Anyway, I just... I think it's for the best. 反正,我只是… 我想这样是最好的 - Hey. Hey, you okay? - I guess. - 嘿,你还好吗? - 还好 There was... 还有… There was another reason that I thought it was time to end it with Joey. 我跟乔伊分手 还有另外一个原因 I started to realize that I was having feelings for someone else. 我开始发觉 我对另外一个人有成觉 Okay, Geller. Last day of the conference. 好的,盖勒,研讨会的最后一天了 You know what happens to the keynote speaker. 你知道主讲人会被怎么样 Professor Klarik, we're in the middle of a conversation here. 克雷克教授,我们正在谈话 - Can't you throw him in the pool later? - Or we could throw you both in now. - 不能等会儿再丢他进游泳池吗? - 不然就是把你们两个都丢进去 Okay, gentlemen, please. Aren't we a little old for this? 各位先生,拜托 我们会不会太老了? I mean, we're scientists, all right? We're academics... 我是说我们是科学家,好吗? 我们都有学术素养 ...and most importantly you will have to catch us first. 而且最重要的是 你们必须要先捉到我们 Go! Go! Go! 跑!跑!跑! Okay, so it's tied again, 41 to 41. 好,又平手了,四十一比四十一 - Okay, look, enough is enough. No. - 好,你们给我听着,够了 - 不 - I just have two more points to beat him. - Monica, that was also true an hour ago! - 我只要再两分就可以打败他了 - 摩妮卡,- 小时前你就这样说了! I mean, please, look at you. 拜托,瞧瞧你自己 Your hand is blistered, you can barely stand, your hair is inexplicable! 你的手都起水泡了,你连站都站不住 你的头发整个莫名奇妙! You've already proven you're just as good as he is. 你已经证明你跟他一样厉害 We missed our dinner reservation, let's go upstairs... 我们已经错过晚餐预约 所以我们就上楼去… ...order room service, take a shower and shave your head! 点客房服务,洗个澡 然后剃光你的头发! I can't just walk away. I've put in four hours. 我不能这样走掉 我已经投入四个小时了 You knew this about me when you married me. 你娶我的时候 你就知道我是这样 You agreed to take me in sickness and in health. 你答应无论我生病 或是健康都要照顾我的 Well, this is my sickness! 这就是我的病! - What about the obsessive cleaning? - That's just good sense. - 那洁癖呢? - 那只是好习惯 Ow! - You okay? - No, honey, I'm okay. - 你还好吗? - 亲爱的,我还好 Shake it off. Oh, no shaking. No shaking. No shaking. 甩一甩,哎,不能甩 不能甩,不能甩 Oh, my God. I can't play. 我的天,我不能玩了 - So you forfeit? - Mike wins? - 所以你要弃权了? - 麦克赢了吗? I can't believe it. I lost. 我不敢相信,我输了 - No, you didn't. - What? - 不,你没有 - 什么? - Because I'm gonna play for you. - You can't do that. - 因为我要帮你玩 - 你不能这样做 It's okay. I don't care which of them I beat. 没关系,我不在乎 我打败的是其中哪一个 Okay, we're taking that paddle home, mister. 好,我们要把 那个球拍带回家,先生 - Honey, you don't have to do this. - Yes, I do. - 亲爱的,你没有必要这样做 - 有,我有必要 I may not understand why you have to win so badly... 我或许无法理解 你为什么一定要赢… ...but if it's important to you, it's important to me. 但是如果这对你很重要 对我就很重要 Because I love you. 因为我爱你 But you suck. 但是你很逊啊 You're welcome, sweetheart. 不客气,甜心 All right, let's get this over with. Sudden death. 好,麦克,我们快开始吧 - 球定生死 - Whoever wins this point, wins. - Okay. - 赢得这- 分的人就算赢了 - 好的 - Oh, my God. You're good. - It's like watching porn. - 天啊,你真棒 - 这好像是在看色情片- 样 And that's how it's done. 而这就是这样结束的 Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That was so amazing. 我的天啊… 这实在太惊人了 Well, when did you...? 你是何时… Hold on, I almost forgot. Loser. 等等,我差点忘了,输家 - When did you stop sucking? - I never sucked. I just didn't want you... - 你是什么时候开始不逊的? - 我从来没逊过,我只是不想让你… know how good I was. - Why? - 知道我有多厉害 - 为什么? - I don't know. - Well, this is so great. - 不知道 - 这真是太棒了! - Now we can enter doubles tournaments. - That's why. - 现在我们可以参加双打比赛了 - 这就是为什么 - They still looking for us? - Yeah. - 他们还在找我们吗? - 对 The bartender said they split up into two search parties. 酒保说他们分成两组搜索队伍 The herbivores and the carnivores. 草食组跟肉食组 You know, we, as a group, are not the coolest. 我们古生物学家实在酷不起来 Oh, look out. 喔,小心 - I don't think they saw us. - I don't think they did. - 我想他们没有看到我们 - 没错 So I started to tell you something earlier. Um... 我刚刚想告诉你一些事 There was another reason that I realized it was time to end it with Joey. 我跟乔伊分手,还有别的原因 I kind of realized I was starting to have feelings... 我有点惊觉到我闻始对某人… ...for someone else. 有一点威觉 Oh. And can I ask who? 我可以问是谁吗? I think you know. 我想你知道是谁 I think I know too, but I've been really wrong about this stuff in the past, so... 我也认为我知道 但过去… 我对这种事的判断都错了,所以… - I'm sorry, we can't. - All right. All right. - 我很抱歉,我们不能这样 - 好吧 I mean, you just went out with my best friend, you know? 说真的 你才冈j跟我最要好的朋友分手 I just think it would be a really, really bad idea. 我只是认为这样很不好 Or not. I mean... 不过或许也不会,我是说… What? 怎么了? Oh.

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