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老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第八集 S10E08 The One with the Late Thanksgiving / 迟到的感恩节

老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第八集 S10E08 The One with the Late Thanksgiving / 迟到的感恩节

Monica wasn't even volunteering to cook her annual Thankgiving feast this year, but accepted to please Phoebe, helped only by Chandler, whose culinary talent doesn't reach further then washing cranberries; they have a fit when everybody is nearly an hour late. Phoebe entered Emma for a Tristate baby beauty contest; Rachel was dead against in principle, but changed her mind as radically when hearing first prize is $1,000, and when dad Ross finds out that's not different. Ross got three prime tickets for the New York Rangers, and promised Chandler not to go as they ... 莫妮卡甚至不是自愿做她每年的感恩节盛宴今年,但接受请菲比,帮助只有钱德勒,他的烹饪天赋不达到进一步然后洗小红莓;他们有一个适合当每个人都迟到了将近一小时。菲比进入艾玛的三态婴儿选美比赛;瑞秋死了从原则上反对,但改变了主意根本当听到一等奖是1000美元,当爸爸罗斯发现没有什么不同。罗斯被纽约队三原票,并答应我不去为他们…


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- Hey, guys. Hey. - 大家好 - 你好 Hi. Hey. - 你好 - 你好 Uh, we need to talk about something. 我们有事要跟你们说 Yeah. We don't feel like we can host Thanksgiving this year. 对,我们今年不想主办成恩节晚餐 What? - Are you kidding? - 什么? - 你们开什么玩笑? Well, it's just with work and the stress of adoption... 因为颌养的过程和压力 ...we don't feel like we have the energy. 已经让我们精疲力尽了 Plus, we don't think it's fair that every year the burden falls on us. 还有,每年都要我们扛重担 并不公平 That doesn't sound like you. 这不像是你会说的话 That's Monica talking. 是摩妮卡在说话 No, no. We made this decision together. 不,我们一起决定的 She's putting words in your mouth. 她把话塞进你嘴里 Don't you put words in people's mouths. You put turkey in people's mouths. 不要把话塞进别人嘴里 只准塞火鸡 I can't believe this. This is Emma's first Thanksgiving. 真不敢相信 这是艾玛的第一个成恩节 - No, it's not. - It's not? When was she born? - 才不是 - 不是?她什么时候出生的? Well, personally, I think it's great you're giving yourself a break. 我个人认为让你休息一下也不错 - Thank you, Pheebs. - Sure. It's just as well. - 谢谢,菲比 - 当然,这样也好 I mean, last year wasn't very good. I think she's losing her touch. 反正去年很糟 她的厨艺已经大不如前了 - What? You are way off, lady. - Am I? Really? Am I? - 什么?你真是大错特错,小姐 - 是吗?真的? Well, why don't you cook Thanksgiving dinner and prove me wrong. 不如你煮威恩节晚餐向我证明 Well, think about it. You'd be trying to top what you did last year. 想像一下,你可以超越去年的表现 You'd be in competition with yourself. 这是一场自我之问的桃战 That's my favorite kind. 我最爱这种挑战 Okay, we are doing this. 好,我煮定了 Don't let yourself get manipulated this way. 不要这么容易就受到控制 Stay out of this, Chandler. This is between me and me. 少插手,钱德 这是我和我之问的事 We are supposed to make these decisions together. 我们应该一起做决定 Did you not watch the Dr. Phil I taped for you? 你没看我录给你 菲尔医生的节目? - Hey. - Hi. Happy Thanksgiving. - 你好 - 感恩节快乐 Oh, yeah. Happy Meatless Turkey-Murder Day. 〝不吃肉的火鸡杀生节〞快乐 You guys, I ordered some chocolate pies from that bakery on Bleeker. 我在布立克街的店里订了巧克力派 - Could you pick them up for me? - You're not making the pies? - 你们可以帮我去拿吗? - 你没有自己做? No, I don't make chocolate pies. 我不做巧克力派 When I was younger, I entered this pie-eating contest. 我小时候参加过吃派大赛 I ate so many that the thought of them makes me sick. 我吃到光用想的就会吐 Did you at least win the contest? 那你有赢得比赛吗? Two minutes, twelve pies and a part of one tin. 2分钟内吃12块派 还有盘子的一部分 - Okay, I'll see you guys at 4. Can't wait. - 四点见了 - 等不及了 This dinner is gonna be so great. In your face, last-year me. 这顿晚餮绝对会棒透了 接招吧,去年的我 - Hey, Rach? - Yeah. - 瑞秋? - 什么事? Um, what's Emma doing today? 艾玛今天有何行程? Well, let's see, uh, I know that she has a meeting with her lawyer... 我想想,她要见她的律师 ...and then she has to make a very big poop. 还有拉一大沱屎 - Why? - Well, I want to enter her... - 怎么了? - 我想让她参加宝宝选美大赛 a baby beauty pageant. 我想让她参加宝宝选美大赛 Oh, my God. That's the creepiest thing I've ever heard. 天啊…这是我听过最诡异的事 Okay, but before you say no, my friend Suzanne is entering her kid. 拒绝之前先听我说 我朋友苏珊要带小孩参加 And compared to Emma, she's a real dog. 跟艾玛比起来,她真是丑毙了 - Agh. Phoebe, all babies are beautiful. - Oh, okay. - 菲比,小婴儿都很可爱 - 好吧 No. Ugh, Phoebe, just the idea of pitting one baby against another... 菲比,我只是觉得 让婴充之间互相比较 ...I mean, you know, and judging who's cuter just for a trophy... 争夺谁比较可爱 只为了一座奖杯… - And a thousand dollars. ... is something I'm very interested in. - 还有- 千美金 - 我对此事很有兴趣 Oh, please, do not tell Ross. 拜托,别告诉罗斯 He still believes that what's on the inside is important. 他还是认为头脑比较重要 Okay. Oh, and Emma needs a cowgirl outfit for the competition. 好,艾玛需要穿女牛仔装比赛 Where am I gonna get a cowgirl outfit on Thanksgiving? 威恩节我要去哪找女牛仔服装? - Well, I was thinking... - Take the clothes... - 我是想… - 把乔伊的甘蓝菜娃娃的衣服脱掉 Joey's Cabbage Patch Kid! - Yeah! 把乔伊的甘蓝菜娃娃的衣服脱掉 Did someone drop the baton again? 有人又掉了指挥棒? Why come all the way from Kansas to do that? 干嘛大老远从堪萨斯 跑来这做这种事? I don't get older, I just get better. 不只宝刀未老,还历久弥坚 You know what just occurred to me? 你知道我想到什么吗? This could be our last Thanksgiving just the two of us. 这可能是我俩最后一次的成恩节 I mean, we could be getting a baby soon. 可能很快就有宝宝了 - You don't know that. - Somebody's gonna pick us. - 还不确定 - 定有人会挑中我们 But we haven't heard a thing from the adoption agency. 可是收养中心一点消息都没有 I'm telling you, it's gonna happen. 相信我,一定会成功的 Next year, it's gonna be you, me and little Hemingway Bing. 明年,就有你、我和小海明威宾 - What? He's my favorite author. - Name one of his books. - 干嘛?他是我最爱的作家 - 举出他任何- 本书 The Firm? 《黑色豪门企业》? Okay, let's see. Okay, the turkey's in the oven. The stuffing is ready. 我看看,火鸡在炉子里 馅料也准备好了 You know, you always cook this meal all by yourself. Let me help this year. 你每次都自己煮,今年让我来帮忙 Oh, Chandler, that's sweet. 钱德,你真贴心 But you don't have to do everything Dr. Phil tells you to do. 但不必菲尔医生说什么都照做 I'm serious, let me do something. Just not the turkey. Nothing high-profile. 我说真的,让我帮忙 不必像火鸡那种重要的东西 Okay, let's see. Oh, the cranberry sauce. 我想想…对了,小红莓酱 It's easy to make, and no one really cares about it. 简单做,而且没人会在乎 Tell me more. 继续说 I'm gonna go check on something across the hall. You start by washing these. 我要去对面,你先洗这些 Not with soap! 不要用洗洁精 You obviously haven't tasted my Palmolive potatoes. 显然你没吃过我的棕榄.马铃薯 - Hi. Hey, guess what Joey has. - Three tickets to today's Rangers game! - 你猜乔伊手上有什么? - 三张今天游骑兵的票 - Dude, I wanted him to guess. - Oh. 老兄,我要他用猜的 - Oh, my God. - Yeah, they're great seats too. - 天啊 - 没错,而且座位很棒 - Guess where they are. - Center ice. - 你猜在座位在哪里? - 场中间 Did I do something to you? 我得罪你了吗? - Mm. The game's at 1. - So? - 比赛- 点才开始 - 那又如何? - Dinner's at 4. We'll never make it back. - We leave before it's over. We'll be back. - 四点就要吃晚餐,会来不及 - 我们可以先离开 You say that, but it could take us a long time to get home. 现在这样说 但回来可能会很花时问 Plus, Joey could get lost and they could have to page us to go pick him up. 而且,乔伊可能会迷路 我们还要回头去接他 Dude, two times that happened! 拜托,只发生过两次 Look, Monica's been working hard all day. 听着,摩妮卡忙了一整天 She didn't want to host in the first place. We shouldn't go. 她本来不想主办的,我们不能去 He's right, man. 他说得对 - Yeah, I guess. So we'll see you at 4. - Okay. - 好吧,四点见了 - 好 And get ready to taste my very special cranberries. 准备好享用我的特制小红莓 Or should I say "Chan-berries"? 或者应该说〝钱德莓〞 That's some gentle comedy, dude. 这笑点有点不足,老兄 We're still going to the game. 我们还是要去看比赛吧? - Yeah. - Yeah. 当然 This is contestant number 16, Rebecca Hope from Yonkers. 第16号参赛者 扬克斯来的蕾贝嘉霍普 - Hey. - Phoebe, listen, I think we gotta go. - 你好 - 菲比,我们该走了 This place is freaking me out. 这地方太诡异了 I've been watching this guy over there. I don't think he came with a kid. 那边有个家伙 我看他根本没有带小孩来 But we can't leave now. 我们不能现在离开 There was this one baby, Haley, who was favored to win... 本来有个宝宝,海莉 很讨评审欢心 ...she got croup, so she had to stay home. 可是她得了喉炎不能来 This competition just blew wide-open, folks. 我们简直是不战而胜 Phoebe, it's just too weird. 菲比,真的太怪了 I just saw a 1-year-old run around with pantyhose on. 我刚看到穿着吊带裤袜的一岁小孩 Oh, I know. We should've been more prepared. 我知道,应该要多费心思准备的 It's okay. Now, the way I see it, our real competition now is Cameron. 没关系,现在看来 唯一的敌手的是卡麦隆 My God, they just took her sweater off. 天啊,他们把她的衣服脱掉了 Look at those arms. Hello, Michelin Man. 瞧那对臂膀,你好,米其林宝宝 - Oh, Phoebe. - Whoo-hoo. 菲比, Come on! You know what, it's already 3:00. 走吧,已经三点了 They haven't even gotten to Emma's group yet. We got dinner. 根本还没轮到艾玛这组 我们还得去吃晚赛 But Emma's got what it takes. She could go all the way! 可是艾玛的实力坚强 她绝对会过关斩将 - Phoebe, you have to calm down. - Ahem. Okay. - 菲比,冷静点 - 好 Rachel, the hottest babies in the tri-state area are in this room right now. 瑞秋,三州最辣的宝宝都在这里 I overheard one judge say that not one of them holds a candle to Emma. 我偷听到一个评审说 没有一个人比得上艾玛 - Really? - Yeah. - 真的? - 当然 - You heard him say that? - Yeah. - 他真的这么说? - 对 All right. Okay. All right, let's give these babies something to cry about. 好吧…我们让这些小鬼哭着回家 Good. Let's get down to business. Emma needs some makeup. 很好,来办正事,艾玛需要化妆 What? No... What? 什么? She's gonna look washed-out next to the others. 不然她会白得跟鬼一样 No, I'm not letting you put makeup on my baby. 不行,我不能让你替我的宝宝化妆 - Why not? - Because I already did. - 为什么? - 因为我已经帮她化了 - Oh! You bum! Get off the ice! - You suck! Get off the ice, you idiot! - 烂死了 - 滚出去,白痴 - What a game. - I know. Yeah. - 比赛真精彩 - 没错 - I can't believe Chandler's missing this. - I'm sorry he's not here. - 钱德错过这场比赛真可惜 - 他没来真可惜 But I gotta say, I am really enjoying nacho chair. 可是我得说有椅子放零食真好 Yeah, I'd probably enjoy it more if you didn't keep batting my hand away. 对,如果你不要一直 把我的手打掉会更好 Oh! - Yeah! - These seats are great. - 太好了 - 这座位真棒 I know, I know. When I was here for "Holidays on Ice"... 没错…我上次来看《冰上假期》 ...I was sitting so far away, Michelle Kwan couldn't read my banner. 坐得太后面 关颖珊都看不到我的看板 Whoa, we'd better get going. If we don't leave now, we're gonna be late. 我们该走了,不然要迟到了 But it's a tie game. So we're a little late. The girls will be there. 可是现在打成平手,迟到又如何 女生们会先到 Let's just stay for one more goal. 等再得一分再走 - I don't know. - One more fight. - 我不知道 - 等他们打群架 - Okay. - Okay. - 好 - 那好 Where is everybody? They're 45 minutes late. 人到哪去了?已经迟到45分钟了 I can't believe they're not here. I slave and I slave for what? 他们竟然没来 我做牛做马都是为了谁? They've ruined Cranberry Day. 他们毁了小红莓节 - How late are we? - Forty-five minutes. - 多晚了? - 45分钟 - Wow. - Here. 拿去 Yeah. Okay. 好 Rachel and Phoebe are already there, so they probably started without us. 瑞秋和菲比已经到了 他们应该先开动了 We could just slip in, and no one needs to know where we were. 我们只要溜进去 没有人会过问我们到哪了 - You may want to lose the foam finger. - Oh, no, no, no. - 你最好拿下假手指 - 想得美… You just want to put it on your hand. 你休想拿去戴 Hey. Oh. You...? You're not at Thanksgiving? 你们没去吃成恩节晚餮? - No. - No, we're late. 没有,我们迟到了 - What are you doing here? - We're late too. - 你们在这做什么? - 我们也迟到了 We figured we could be late because you'd be on time. 我们以为你们会准时 所以迟到应该无妨 Don't point that thing at me, Tribbiani. 不要指着我,姓崔的 - Nobody's here? Monica's gonna kill us. - Yeah, where were you? - 没人到?摩妮卡会杀了我们 - 你们到哪去了? - Well... Uh... Yeah, what's with the trophy? - 这个… - 还有,奖杯哪来的? - Uh, well, uh... - We were at a spelling bee. 我们去参加拼字比赛 And I won. 而且我赢了 You won an adult Thanksgiving Day spelling bee? 你赢得感恩节成人拼字比赛冠军? Yes. Y-E-S. Yes. 是的,是…的,是的 Let me see this. 给我看… "Grand Supreme Little Darling, New York Division"? 〝纽约区小宝贝冠军〞? That's me. Heh. 就是本人 You entered Emma in a beauty pageant? 你让艾玛参加选美? And it looks like she put makeup on her. 而且她似乎有化妆 Wait a second. Where have I seen that cowgirl outfit before? 等等…这件女牛仔装 怎么那么眼熟? I can't believe this. She's our daughter. 真是的,她是我们的女儿 That you would treat her like some kind of show dog is inexcusable. 你把她当展示狗,真是罪不可赦 - She won a thousand dollars. - So this is an annual thing? - 她赢了- 千美金 - 年只办- 次吗? That's Alicia May Emory's outfit! 这是艾莉西亚美的衣服 Guys, there are people in there who are not getting any happier. 各位,里面有人不太高兴 - What are we gonna do? - Figure it out. 我们该怎么办? I gotta put Emma down for a nap. 我要先带艾玛去睡午觉 And, Rach, while you're in there, throw something on Alicia May. 瑞秋,待会M .)便帮 艾莉西亚美穿点衣服 - All right, what are we gonna say? - Ooh! 好吧,我们该说什么? We'll say that we were mugged. 就说我们被抢劫 You can't get mad at someone who's been mugged. 对被抢劫的人会有恻隐之心 Good. But you don't look like you were mugged. 很好,可是你看起来不像被抢过 No. Here. 这样 Hey! 拜托 Do you hear something? 你有听到声音吗? They're out there. 他们在外面 Let me see. 给我看 I can't believe this. They're an hour late... 真不敢置信,迟到一小时 ...and they're just standing out there talking. 还站在外面聊天 Everything's so distorted. It looks like Joey has a giant hand. 看出去的世界都扭曲了 乔伊的手变得好巨大 That says "Rangers" on it. They went to the game. 上面写着〝游骑兵〞 他们跑去看比赛 Oh, they are in for a world of pain. 这下他们不得好死了 - Ross' shirt is torn. - They're late and they're sloppy. - 罗斯的衣服破了 - 他们既迟到又衣衫不整 All right, Emma's napping. What happened to your shirt? 好,艾玛睡了,你的衣服怎么了? I got mugged, and they stole my pocket. 我被抢劫,口袋被抢走 We're just trying to figure out an excuse. 我们在找搪塞的藉口 Hey, ooh! How about this? 不如这样… We could say that Monica told us 5:00, not 4:00. That way we're right on time. 可以说摩妮卡说五点 不是四点,这样刚好准时 Or! 或者… Or we could plant PCP in the apartment and call the cops on her. 可以在公寓里放毒品 再报警告发她 That would be a good way to get rid of all the PCP we have lying around. 好一个解决掉藏毒的好方法 We'll just say that she said it was 5:00. 就说她说五点 We'll just act casual. We're not late, we're right on time. 装没事,我们没迟到,是准时到达 "We know you're out there. " 〝我们知道你们在外面〞 Who do you think it's from? 会是谁写的? Oh, God, this is bad. This is so bad. 天啊,真是糟透了 Well, let's just go in there and face them. 我们就进去面对他们 I'm not going in first. I bet that vein on Monica's forehead is popping like crazy. 我不要先进去 摩妮卡的额头上会爆青筋 I hate that thing. It's like a bolt of lightning. 那最恐怖了,活像一条闪电 I have an idea. Why don't we play Rock, Paper, Scissors. 不如猜拳决定, Whoever loses, goes in first. 输的人先进去 All right, I'm in. Ready. - 好,来吧 - 好了吗? Ha, ha! I win. 我赢了 - What is that? - That's fire. It beats everything. - 那是什么? - 这是火,它可是所向无敌 Oh, really? Does it beat water balloon? 真的?它比水球强吗? - Pop-pssh. - Aw. Well-played, Phoebe Buffay. Well-played. 算你行,菲比布非,算你行 All right, let's all go in at the same time. 算了,我们一起进去 - Okay. - Okay. Okay. - 好吧 - 好 - It's locked. - What? Oh, sure, now they lock it. - 锁住了 - 什么?现在才锁起来 When they're having sex on the couch, it's like: 当他们在沙发上做爱时,成觉像 "Come on in, my butt is surprisingly hairy!" 〝欢迎来看我毛得惊人的屁股〞 All right, come on. All right, you guys, we're so sorry we're late. 好了,别这样,两位 很抱歉我们迟到了 Please let us in so we can have dinner together. 让我们进去,我们一起吃晚餐 No, everything's cold. The turkey's dried out and the stuffing's all soggy. 不,食物都冷了 火鸡干了,馅料也糊了 Yeah, and there's a bowl of cranberry sauce that's... 没错,那碗小红莓酱也… What happens to cranberry sauce? 小红莓酱怎么了? - Nothing, it's fine. - Oh, thank God. - 没事,它还好好的 - 感谢老天爷 Come on, you guys, we're sorry. Our subway broke down. 别这样,两位,对不起 我们的地铁故障了 That's a lie! You went to the game. I can see Joey's hand. 你说谎,你们去看比赛 我看到乔伊的手 For the love of God, take it off! 看在老天份上,快脱掉 Guys, it doesn't matter why we're late. We're all here now. 两位,迟到原因不重要 我们现在都来了 Please let us in so we can have some of your delicious turkey. 拜托让我们进去享用你美味的火鸡 I had a dream once about a fax machine that did that. 我梦过传真机也有这种功能 That's all the turkey you're gonna get. 你们只能吃那些火鸡 - How are we gonna decide who gets this? - Water balloon! - 要怎么决定谁吃? - 水球 What are we gonna do? I'm starving. 怎么办?我快饿死了 Ah, oh! I just remembered, we do have something to eat. 我想起来了,还有东西吃 Monica put something in our oven this morning. 摩妮卡早上有放东西在炉子里 You touch that, and you will be sorry! 你敢趣就会后悔一生 Guys, I'd listen to her. The vein is bigger than I've ever seen it! 各位,最好听她的 我没见过这么大的青筋 - Ah! - Ha-ha-ha. Oh, my God, it's Brussels sprouts! 天啊,是球芽甘蓝 That's worse than no food. 我宁愿饿死 Ha, ha! All you got was Monica's stinky Brussels sprouts. 你们只有摩妮卡的臭球芽甘蓝 Stinky? 臭? Please let me stay on this side of the door. 请不要赶我出去 Oh, I know! I still have my old key. 我知道了,我还有旧钥匙 Oh. - We can just unlock the door. 可以用来开门 I don't know if that's a good idea. They don't wanna be with us. 这样好吗? 他们已经不想见到我们了 I don't wanna be with them either... 我也不想见到他们 ...but it's Thanksgiving, and we should not want to be together together. 可是威,惑节 不想在一起也要在一起 If I could just get in there, make a face-to-face apology. 如果我可以进去当面道歉 Look them in the eye, I could get them to forgive us. 看着他们的眼睛 他们一定会原谅我们 - I don't know. - I'm telling you... - 真的吗? - 我说真的 ...I can do it. 我办得到 Yeah, he can do it. 没错,他办得到 Oh... Aw. It all looks so beautiful. 食物好丰盛 - The turkey, the stuffing. - The cranberries. - 火鸡、馅料… - 还有小红莓 Ugh, enough! A monkey could've made them. 够了,连猴子都会做 Hey, listen, guys, we feel really terrible. 两位,听我说,我们真的很抱歉 He's doing that weird eye-contact thing. 他又在使眼色了 Don't look at him. Don't look at him. 不要看他… Come on, you guys. We want you to know we're very, very sorry. 别这样,两位,我们真的…很抱歉 Right, guys? 对吧?各位 I feel terrible. Oh, so sorry. - 我很难过 - 对不起 But let's not ruin this day. You've worked so hard. 我们不要毁了这一天,你这么辛苦 Let's move past this and try to have a nice meal all together, huh? 不如既柱不究 - 同愉快的用赛好吗? The floating heads do make a good point. 漂浮人头说得有理 Yeah, they do seem to feel pretty bad. 对,他们的确也不好受 - So bad. - So bad. - 好难过 - 真不好受 So bad. 真不好受 Okay. 好吧 Okay, you two go get the dessert, and I'll let you in. 你们去拿甜点,我就让你们进来 Dessert? 甜点? Yeah, I asked you and Phoebe to pick up the pies. You did remember, right? 我叫你和菲比去拿派 没有忘记吧? Pies. Oh, we thought you said "prize. " 派…我以为你说〝奖品〞 Here. 拿去 - "Grand Supreme Little Darling"? - Congratulations! - 〝小宝贝冠军〞? - 恭喜 Oh, my God, you forgot the pies? Well, I cannot believe this. 天啊,你们忘记拿派? 我真不敢相信 You forced me to make dinner, you're an hour late... 你们逼我煮饭,却迟到一小时 ...and you forget the one little thing that I asked you to do. 现在连这么小的事都忘记 Really, girls, not cool. 女孩们,看你们干的好事 Well, you man-heads aren't any better. You lied about going to the game. 你们男人头也好不到哪去 你们偷跑去看比赛 You knew it'd make you late, and you went anyway. 明明知道会迟到,还是照样去 Hey, I'm getting a little tired of this. We said we're sorry. 我有点不耐烦了 我们道歉都说过了 It's Thanksgiving, for Pete's sakes! A day of forgiveness. 今天是成恩节,应该要宽恕他人 - It's a day to be thankful. - Don't make me come up there! - 是成激他人 - 不要逼我上去揍你 It's too late for apologies. 道歉太迟了 Fine, let's just go. I don't need your stupid dinner. 好,我们走,我不吃你的蠢晚餐 That would be a lot more convincing if you weren't drooling. 如果你不流口水的话 会比较具说服力 - Ew, is that what that is? - Sorry. - 那是口水? - 抱歉 Come on, you guys, let's just do our own Thanksgiving. 各位,我们自己去过威恩节 - Yeah, I'll cook. - Yeah, let's go out. - 我来做菜 - 我们出去吃 Hey! Yeah, you three have a nice Thanksgiving. 祝你们三个威恩节快乐 - The three of us? - Yeah. You, Chan and the vein. - 三个? - 对,你、钱德和青筋 - Uh-oh. I'm stuck. - Joey, that is not gonna work. - 我被卡住了 - 乔伊,这招不管用 No, seriously. Unh. 我说真的 - I'm really wedged in here. - I'll pull you through. - 我被卡在这里了 - 我拉你出来 Okay. 好 Ow! Stop, stop, I'm worried about damaging my head. 停…这样脑部可能会受损 It's a little late for that. 现在担心太迟了 Hurry up, you gotta do something. 快点,想法子帮我 All right, well, this does not change anything. 好吧,但情况还是不变 We need to get something to grease his face. 我们要拿东西润滑他的脸 - We got turkey grease. - Bring it. - 有火鸡油 - 去拿 I just want to say that I'm sorry I referred to the vein as a separate person. 我很抱歉,把青筋拟人化 Here you go. 来吧 Oh, that smells good. 好香 - Okay? Okay, try it. - 好了吗? - 好,试试看 Gah! It isn't working. 没有用 - We're gonna have to unscrew the chain. - Hurry, I can't feel my ears. - 看来得把链条解开 - 快,我的耳朵没成觉了 Can you ever feel your ears? 你的耳朵曾经有威觉吗? Interesting. 好问题 - Chandler, where are your tools? - Oh, I left them on my bulldozer. - 钱德,你的工具在哪? - 我放在推土机上 I don't have tools. 我哪来的工具? - Well, I do, but Rachel borrowed them. - I lent them to Ross. - 我有,可是瑞秋借去了 - 我借给罗斯 - I gave them to Joey. - I left them at the park. - 我拿给乔伊 - 我放在公园里 I'm finding it really hard not to mess with him. 我真想趁现在整整他 I stuffed Brussels sprouts down his pants. 我已经把球芽甘蓝塞到他裤子里 Nice. 好主意 Okay, I have to get that. 我得去接电话 Now, when I get back, I want you and your friends to be gone. 等我回来,我要你和你的朋友消失 Thanksgiving is over. The vein has spoken. 威恩节结束了,青筋说的 - It's really starting to hurt. - Look, I'm gonna pull on the door... - 越来越痛了 - 听着,我把门拉开 ...and you guys push. Maybe we can get enough room to wiggle him out, okay? 你们用谁的 也许会有空问让他挤出去 Okay, so push. 好,开始推 Just a sec. We're kind of in the middle of something here. 等等,我们玩得正开心 Ooh, ooh. Stop putting things down my pants. 不要塞东西到我的裤子里 - Come on, guys, push! - Yeah, come on, push! - 快点,各位,推 - 对,快雅 Push! Push! 用力堆… - My cranberries! - Man, I got food all over me. - 我的小红莓 - 老天,我身上都是食物 I can't believe what you did. Monica's gonna kill you. 看你干的好事,摩妮卡会杀了你 Look! Look! Look what the... Look what the floating heads did! 你看…漂浮人头干的好事 I don't care. 我不在乎 What's going on? 发生什么事? That was the adoption agency. 是收春中心打来的 And? 然后? - We're getting a baby! - Are you serious? - 我们有宝宝了 - 你说真的? There's a pregnant woman in Ohio, and she picked us. 俄亥俄州有个孕妇选中我们 - Oh, my God, that's great! That's incredible. - 天啊,太好了 - 真是太好了 I'm so happy for you. 真替你们高兴 This Thanksgiving kicks last Thanksgiving's ass! 今年感恩节比其他都棒 To Monica and Chandler and that knocked-up girl in Ohio. 敬摩妮卡和钱德 还有俄亥俄州那孕妇 I'm just so happy you guys are finally getting a kid. 真高兴你们终于有宝宝了 I know. Have you considered pageanting? 没错,有想过让她参加选美吗? I can't believe they called. I mean, we're actually getting a baby. 真不敢相信他们打来 我们真的要有宝宝了 Aw. I know how you feel. 我能咸同身受 - Really? - Sure. - 真的? - 当然 I went through the exact same thing with Alicia May Emory. 我和艾莉西亚美也经历同样的过程 The waiting, the wondering. 一切等持和不确定成… Then one day, I get that call from Toys"R"Us. 然后有一天,玩具反斗城打电话来 She was in stock. 她刚好有货 That is the exact same thing. 果真一模一样

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