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老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第十三集 S10E13 The One Where Joey Speaks French / 乔伊说法语

老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第十三集 S10E13 The One Where Joey Speaks French / 乔伊说法语

Ross accompanies Rachel to Long Island after Rachel's father has a heart attack. Rachel wants to have sex with Ross but he rejects her and they make a promise never to sleep together again. Erica comes to town and Monica and Chandler find out that the baby's father might be a shovel killer. Phoebe, back from her honeymoon helps Joey prepare for an audition by teaching him how to speak french. Joey does not progress well, even on the first line, and Phoebe says he will never learn french, and running out on their lessons. 罗斯陪同瑞秋到长岛后,瑞秋的父亲心脏病。瑞秋想和罗斯做爱,但他拒绝了她,使他们不再睡在一起了。她来到镇莫妮卡和钱德发现婴儿的父亲可能是铁铲杀手。菲比,从度完蜜月回来帮助你准备面试的教他如何讲法语。乔伊不顺利,甚至在第一行,菲比说他永远不会学习法语,并在他们的经验教训了。


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Hi! 嗨 - Hey! - Hey! Welcome back! - 嗨 - 嗨,欢迎你回来 - How was the honeymoon? - Oh, incredible! - 蜜月旅行如何? - 非常美好 Oh, champagne, candle-lit dinners, moonlight walks on the beach. 香槟、烛光晚餐、月光下沙滩散步 - It was so romantic. Oh. 真是浪漫 - So where's Mike? - Oh, he's at the doctor. - 麦克呢? - 他去看医生了 He didn't poop while we were there. 我们在那里时,他完全没大便 - I'm glad you're back. I need your help. - Oh, why, what's up? - 真高兴你回来了,我需要你帮忙 - 怎么了? I have an audition for this play, and I have to speak French... 我有一场试演,而我得说法语 ...which, according to my résumé, I'm fluent in. 我的履历表上写着 〝法语流利〞 - Joey, you shouldn't lie on your résumé. - Yeah, you really shouldn't. - 乔伊,你不该在履历上作假 - 是啊,你不该这么做 By the way, how was that yearlong dig in Cairo? 顺便一提,你在开罗挖掘了 整整一年,还可以吗? It was okay. 还可以 I did not know you spoke French. 我不知道你会说法语 Oh, oh, you're so sexy. 你真性成 - Well, so will you help me? Sure. - 你会帮我吗? - 当然 Ha, ha, seriously, stop it. I'm gonna jump on you. 说真的,别说了,我会扑到你身上 - Hey. - Hi. - 嘿 - 嘿 Why are you wearing my apron? 你干嘛穿我的围裙? I'm making cookies for Erica. 我在为艾瑞卡做饼干 We have to leave soon. Her plane comes in in about an hour. 我们差不多得走了 她的飞机约一小时后抵达 When she gets here, is it okay if I introduce you two as my wife... 她来的时候,可以介绍你们 为我太太… ...and the woman who's carrying my child, ha, ha? 以及怀着我小孩的女人吗? No? 不行吗? Divorce? 离婚呢? - Hey. Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿 - Uh, you know where Rachel is? - Haven't seen her since morning. - 你们知道瑞秋在哪儿吗? -- 早都没见过她 It's unbelievable. She was supposed to meet me a half-hour ago with Emma. 真不敢相信,她半个小时前 就该带着艾玛和我碰面的 - Hey! - Hey! - 嘿 - 嘿 - These are for Erica! - She's gonna eat all those cookies? - 这是给艾瑞卡的 - 她能吃完所有的饼干吗? Well, I want the baby to come out all cute and fat! 我希望生出白白胖胖的宝宝 - So, uh, why is Erica coming to visit? - We wanna get to know her better. - 为什么艾瑞卡要来? - 我们想多了解她 And, uh, she's never been to New York, so she wants to see the tourist spots: 她从来没有来过纽约 所以她想去观光景点看看 Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building. 自由女神像、帝国大厦 Oh, there's always so many people, and they're being corralled like cattle. 那里总是有很多人 就像是被赶入围栏的牛只 And, you know, there's always some idiot who goes, "Moo. " 总是有个白痴会啤嗥叫 Well, if it annoys you so much, then why do you do it? 如果你觉得很蠢的话 那你干嘛学? Oh, hi! Hi! 嗨,嗨 - Thanks for showing up 30 minutes late. - Ross. - 谢谢你们晚了三十分钟才出现 - 罗斯 No, I'm sure you have a great excuse. What was it, a hair appointment? 我敢保证你有绝佳的藉口 到美容院做头发? Uh, a mani-pedi? Was there a sale at Barneys? 指甲沙龙? 还是巴尼百货公司有打折? My father had a heart attack. 我父亲心脏病医 While I was at Barneys. 当我在逛巴尼百货公司时 - Oh, my God, Rach. - Honey? - 我的天,瑞秋 - 亲爱的? - I'm so sorry. - Uh, is he okay? - 我很抱歉 - 他还好吗? Yeah, he's gonna be fine, but he's heavily sedated. 他会没事的,但是他现在还没醒 Okay, I'm gonna go to Long Island with you. 我和你一起去长岛 - I mean, you can't be alone right now. - No, come on, I'm totally okay. - 你现在不能自己- 个人 - 不用,我没问题的 I don't need you to come. 我不需要你和我去 - I can totally handle this on my own. - Still, still, let me come for me. - 我自己可以处理的 - 但为了我,还是让我- 起去 Okay. If you really need to. 好吧,如果你非去不可的话 I bet someone could use one of Monica's freshly baked cookies. 我打赌有人会想要来片 摩妮卡的现烤饼干 - Oh, I really could. - Oh. 正合我意 Oh. All right, it seems pretty simple. 看起来蛮简单的 Your first line is, "My name is Claude. " 你的第一句台词是〝我叫克劳德〞 - Okay. - So just repeat after me. - 嗯 - 所以跟着我念 - Well, let's try it again. - Okay. - 我们再念- 次 - 好的 Huh. It's not... 这不太像… ...quite what I'm saying. 我刚刚说的 Really? Sounds exactly the same to me. 是吗?我听起来却一模一样 - It does, really? - Yeah. - 是吗? - 没错 - Let's just try it again. - Okay. - 我们再试- 次 - 好的 - Really listen. - Got it. - 仔细听 - 没问题 Okay. 好 Hey, you guys! 大家好 Hi. Hey! - 嗨 - 嘿 I want you to meet someone really special. 我要和你们介绍一位很特别的人 - Phoebe, this is Erica. - Hi. - 菲比,这位是艾瑞卡 - 你好 - And this is the baby! Oh, hi. - 这是宝宝 - 你好 - Joey,EHca,baby. - Hi. - 乔伊,艾瑞卡,宝宝 - 你好 Everyone, Erica! Baby! 各位,艾瑞卡,宝宝 - Monica. Calm. Self. - Ha, ha. 摩妮卡,冷静,自制 Hey, sit down. - Thank you. - 坐下吧 - 谢谢 It's really nice to meet you guys. I can't believe I'm here. 很高兴认识你们 不敢相信我在这里 Well, welcome to New York City, or should I say: 欢迎来到纽约市,或者我应该说… ...New York City. 纽约市 Why would you say that? 你为什么要那样说? Okay. What are you gonna be doing today? 你们今天打算要做什么? Well, I wanna see everything! Times Square, Coney Island, Rockefeller Center. 我什么都想看看,时代广场 康尼岛、洛克斐勒中心 You should walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty. 你应该到自由女神像上面看看 - Oh, yeah, let's do that. - Great. - 好啊,我们去看看 - 太好了 This baby better be really good. 宝宝最好是一个很好的宝宝 Hi, um, uh, excuse me, I'm here to see my father. My name is Rachel Green. 你好,我是来探望我父亲的 我是瑞秋葛林 - And I'm Dr. Ross Geller. - Ross, please, this is a hospital. - 我是罗斯盖勒博士 - 罗斯,拜托,这里是医院 That actually means something here. 这里的博士头街才值得重视 - So can we please go in? - Absolutely. - 我们可以进去看他吗? - 当然 Rach, I think I'm gonna wait out here... 瑞秋,我想我在这里等… ...because, uh, my throat is feeling a little scratchy. I don't wanna infect him. 因为我的喉咙痒痒的 我不想要传染给他 - Ross, please. Don't be so scared of him. - I am not scared of him. I'm really sick. - 罗斯,拜托 - 我才不怕他 你不用怕他 我真的不舒服 - He's under sedation, so he's out. - I'm feeling better. - 他打了镇静剂,没有知觉 - 我觉得好多了 Oh, my God. 我的天 Oh, oh, wow. That ear and nose hair trimmer I got him was just money down the drain, huh? 我买给他的耳鼻毛修剪器 难道只是浪费钱吗? Ms. Green? Your father's doctor's on the phone if you'd like to speak to him. 葛林小姐,你父亲的医生在线上 你要不要和他说话? Oh, great. Um, are you gonna be okay? 好的,你持在这儿没事吧? - He's unconscious. We'll be just fine. - Okay. - 他没有意识,我们没事的 - 好,巴 - Uh, did the TV wake you? - No. - 电视把你吵醒了吗? - 不是 When you put your feet up on my bed, you tugged on my catheter. 你把脚跷在我的床上 拉到我的导尿管 Ouchy. What are you doing here, Geller? 盖勒,你来这里做什么? Well, I came with Rachel, who should be back any second. 我和瑞秋一起来 她应该很快就回来了 - So, what's new? - Oh, I had a little heart attack. - 有什么新鲜事吗? - 我的心脏病有点发作了 Right. Is it painful? 这样很痛苦吗? What, the heart attack or sitting here talking to you? 你指的是心脏病,还是和你讲话? Let's see if we can get that Rachel back in here. 我们来看看能不能把瑞秋叫回这里 So, what's new with you? Knocked up any more of my daughters lately? 你有什么新鲜事? 最近有没有让我其他的女充怀孕? Nope. Just the one. Rachel! 没有,只有一个,瑞秋 No! 不是 Okay, maybe if we just break it down. 好吧,或许拆开来念会比较好 Okay, let's try it one syllable at a time. Okay, so repeat after me. 我们一次念一个音节 好,跟着我念 Great! Okay, faster. 太好了,念快一点 - Okay, it's too hard. I can't teach you. - What are you doing? - 太难了,我教不了你 - 你要做什么? I have to go before I put your head through a wall. 我得在拿你的头去撞墙前先走一步 No, no. Don't go, I need you! My audition is tomorrow! 别走,我需要你,明天就是试演了 - Hey. - Hi. - 嘿 - 嗨 I was gonna make us some dinner... 我本来想做晚餐… ...but all I found in your dad's fridge was bacon and heavy cream. 但是你爸爸的冰箱里 只有培根和鲜奶油 I think we solved the mystery of the heart attack. 我想我们解开了 他得到心脏病的谜团 - Did you call your parents? - Oh, yeah. Emma's doing great. - 你打电话给你爸妈了吗? - 打了,艾玛很好 Oh, good. 那就好 Wow. What? 怎么了? I just can't believe I'm in Rachel Green's room. 我不敢相信我在瑞秋葛林的房问里 - You've been in my room before. - Hah, yeah, sure, right. Ha, ha. - 你来过我房问的 - 才没有 Like I'd ever be in Rachel Green's room. 我哪会有机会进来 瑞秋葛林的房问? Okay, I gotta tell you, it's really weird when you use my whole name. 我跟你说,听你叫我全名 成觉非常奇怪 - Oh, ha, ha. - Sorry. 抱歉 - You okay? - Yeah. - 你没事吧? - 没事 - Yeah, you had a rough day, huh? - Yeah. - 挺难受的- 天 - 是啊 It's just so weird seeing him like that, you know? I mean, he's a doctor. 看到他那样很奇怪 你知道吗?因为他是个医生 You don't expect doctors to get sick. 人们认为医生是不会生病的 But we do. 但我们也会生病 Well, he's gonna be okay, Rach. 他会没事的,瑞秋 Aw. I don't want him to wake up alone. I should go to the hospital. 我不希望他醒来身边没人 我要去医院陪他 - What? No, no. Hey, hey, look. - What? - 什么?不…听着 - 什么? They gave him a lot of medication. 他们给他吃了许多药 He wouldn't even know if you were there. 你就算去了 他也不会知道你在那 We'll go see him first thing in the morning. 我们明早第一件事就是去看他 - Really? I shouldn't feel guilty? - No- God, hey. - 是吗?我不应该觉得内疚吗? - 天啊,当然不用 Rach, you've been an amazing daughter, okay? 瑞秋,你是个很棒的女儿 - Right now you need to get some rest. - Okay, maybe you're right. - 现在你需要休,急- 下 - 好吧,或许你说得对 Good night. 晚安 Wait, wait, wait. 等等 Would you stay here with me for a little while? 你可不可以在这袒陪我一会充? - Sure. - Okay. - 当然 - 真好 - Thank you for coming with me today. - Oh, of course. - 谢谢你今天陪我去 - 不客气 Rachel Green is very happy you're in her room. 瑞秋葛林很高兴你在她的房问 - Me too. Come here. - No. 我也是,过来 I just don't wanna be alone tonight. 我今晚不想一个人 Okay, well, um, I can maybe grab a sleeping bag or- 好吧,我可以拿个睡袋来,还是… No, Rach! 不,瑞秋 I'm sorry, I just don't think this is a good idea. 不好意思,我不觉得这是个好主意 Well, we won't know that until we do it, will we? 我们还没做,我们怎么知道? No, um, uh, look, um. 听我说 You are upset about your father, and you're feeling vulnerable... 你因为你父亲的事而感到难过 而且你觉得很脆弱 ...and I just don't feel it would be right. 我觉得这样不好 I feel like I'd be, you know, taking advantage of you. 我觉得我在占你便宜 What-? Taking advantage? I am giving you the advantage. Enjoy! 什么?占便宜? 我给你便宜,好好享受 Look, I'm sure it would be great... 我知道一定会很棒的 ...but I think one of us has to be thinking clearly. 但我们其中一人得头脑清楚 So I'm gonna go. 所以我要走了 Wow. Okay. 好吧 - I'll see you in the morning. - Mm-hm. 明天早上见 I haven't had sex in four months. I should get a medal for that! 已经有四个月没和人上床 我刚刚的行为应该获颁奖章 Thanks so much for taking me to all those places. I had a great time. 谢谢你们带我去那么多地方 我玩得很愉快 Oh, I'm glad. Listen, I wanna apologize about Chandler, though. 很高兴你很开心 不过因为钱德,我得向你道歉 - I just did not see this coming. - New York is awesome! - 我没有料到会这样 - 纽约实在太棒了 - What is with you? - I've been to these places before... - 你是怎么回事? - 我去过那些地方… ...but I've never really seen them. 但是我没有仔细地看 Yeah, you miss a lot when you're mooing. 没错,当你啤啤叫时,错过了不少 - Thanks so much for showing me around. - Oh, it was our pleasure. - 谢谢你们带我到处看看 - 是我们的荣幸 We're so much enjoying getting to know you. 我们很高兴能更了解你 Well, if there's anything else you wanna know... 你们还有没有想知道什么? Oh, uh... Okay, um. 好的 Can we ask you some questions about the father? 我们可以问有关 孩子父亲的问题吗? Oh, sure. Yeah. 当然 Well, he was my high-school boyfriend, captain of the football team, really cute. 他是我高中时的男友 美式足球队长,很可爱 - Got a scholarship and went to college. - That's great. - 他拿奖学金,上过大学 - 很好啊 Yeah, it's almost definitely him. 是啊,应该是他没错 How's that, now? 什么意思? Well, there's a chance it's another guy. 有可能是另一个男的 I mean, I've only ever been with two guys... 我只有和两个男的交柱过… ...but they sort of overlapped. 但是同时交往的 So, what does the other guy do? 那另外一个男友是做什么的? - Does he go to college too? - No, he's in prison. - 他也上过大学吗? - 不,他在监狱袒 Oh. Well, um, was he falsely accused of something? 他遭到诬告还是怎么了? No. 不是 He killed his father with a shovel. 他用铲子把他爸打死了 Other than that, he's a great guy. 除此之外,他是个很好的人 I'll bet his dad doesn't think so. 他爸爸可不这么认为 - Are you awake? - Of course I'm awake. - 你醒着吗? - 我当然醒着 Assume from now on that I'm always awake. 我想从现在开始,我都得保持清醒 All right, we don't know that it's him. I mean, it could be the football guy. 我们不知道他是不是孩子的爸 可能是美式足球队长 Honey, it's us. Of course it's the shovel killer. 亲爱的,我们的运气很糟 当然会是铲子杀手 Well, all right, let's say that it is him. 好吧,如果真的是他 Would we not want the baby? No. 我们会不想要小孩吗?当然不会 - Would we treat him any differently? - I'd keep an eye on him. - 我们对待小孩会有不同吗? - 我会盯着他 We have to find out which the father is. 我们必须查出爸爸是谁 - How? - I don't know. - 怎么查? - 我不知道 - They have tests for these things, right? - Yeah, but maybe we're overreacting. - 应该有测试可以查出来吧? - 是啊,或许我们只是过度反应 Easy for you to say. He's a father killer. 你说得倒轻松,他是杀父凶手 He probably loves his mommy. 他大概很爱他的妈味 He's probably got a tattoo that says "Mom" on his shovel-wielding arm. 搞不好他那用铲子的手臂上 有刺〝妈〞这梱字 We'll now count from one to five. 让我们从一数到五 Good job. - Thank you. - 很好 - 谢谢你 - Hey. - Hey, JOEY- - 嘿 - 嘿,乔伊 Listen, I feel really badly about yesterday, and I thought about it a lot. 我很抱歉,昨天就那样走掉 我想了好久 No, I was too impatient. So let's try it again. 我太没耐心了,我们再来试试 That's okay. I don't need your help. 没关系,我不需要你教我了 I worked on it myself, and I gotta say, I am pretty good. 我自己抓到诀窍了 而且我还说得挺好的 - Really, can I hear some of it? - Sure, sure. - 是吗?我可以听听看吗? - 当然… Okay. Ahem. 好的 See? 你看 Right, but you're not- 你不是… You're not- You're- 你不是… Again, you're not speaking French! 我再说一次,你说的不是法语! Oh, well, I think I am! Yeah, and I think I'm definitely gonna get the part! 我是在说法语 而且我会得到那个演出机会 How could you possibly think that? 你为什么会那么笃定? The guy on the tape said I was doing a good job! 录音带上的人说我念得很好 Hey, Rach, can you grab me a cup of coffee? 瑞秋,可以帮我倒杯咖啡吗? Sure. 当然 You've been quiet all morning. Is everything okay? 整个早上你都很安静,没事吧? Mm-hm. - You sure you're all right? - Yep. - 你确定你没事? - 是的 Okay. Um. 好吧 Well, I'm gonna go, uh, grab us some breakfast. 我要去买些早餐 - FYI. - There it is. - 顺便提- 下 - 我就知道 In the future, when a girl asks for some ill-advised sympathy sex, just do it. 以后当有女孩头脑不清 要求和你上床,做就是了 Wait, wait, you're, uh, mad at me about last night? 等等,你因为昨晚的事生我的气? - I was just trying to do the right thing. - Really? - 我只是不想做错事 - 是吗? If you had done the right thing... 如果你做的是对的… ...I wouldn't have woken up feeling stupid and embarrassed. 我就不会早上醒来 觉得自己很蠢又挨 I would've woken up feeling comforted and satisfied. 我应该醒来觉得 获得安慰而且满足 - Well- - Oh, stop that! - 好吧 - 少假了 I can't believe this! I was just being a good guy. 我不敢相信,我只是想要做个好人 I treated you with respect and understanding. 我用尊重和同情心对待你 Oh, that is so hot. 真是迷人 Hey, I was looking out for you. 我是在保护你 Oh, really? Well, you know what? lam a big girl. 是吗?你知道吗?我是个大女孩了 I don't need someone telling me what is best for me. 我不需要人家来告诉我 什么对我最好 I gotta say, I've not had sex a lot of times before. This is the worst ever! 告诉你,我没有很多性经验 但你是最糟的 Oh, oh, really? Really? Well, it wasn't very good for me either. 是吗?对我来说 那也是很糟的经验 Oh, okay, you know-? Hey, hey, you know what? 好吧,你知道吗? To avoid this little thing in the future... 以后为了避免这种事 ...let's just say, you and me? Never having sex again. 从今以后,我和你再也不上床 - What? - That's right! Sex is off the table! - 什么? - 没错,上床免谈 I am never having sex with you again! 我再也不会和你上床 Dr. Green, are you feeling better? 葛林医师,有没有觉得好一点? - Hey! How was lunch? We had a good time. - 午餐如何? - 我们很开心 By the way, I wanted to ask you something. 另外,我想问你一件事 It would really mean a lot to me if the baby was a boy... 这对我意义重大 如果宝宝是男孩… ...that you name him after my father... 如果你能用我父亲的名字为他命名 ...Jiminy Billy Bob. 吉米尼比利鲍伯 - Oh, really? - No! Ha, ha. - 真的吗? - 不 - You were right. That was fun. - Ha-ha-ha. 你说得没错,很好玩 I'm gonna go finish packing. 我要继续去打包了 - Okay. - Ha, ha. 好 - So is she gonna take the test? - No, she doesn't have to. - 她要去做测试吗? - 不,她不需要 - I found out who the father is. - Oh, God. - 我知道谁是孩子的爸爸了 - 天啊 - It's Shovely Joe, isn't it'? - No, it's not. - 铲子杀手,是吗? - 不,不是的 How do you know? 你怎么知道? Erica didn't pay attention in sex ed. class... 艾瑞卡没有很认真上性教育课 ...because the things she did with that prison guy? 因为她和蹲苦窑的那家伙做的事 It'd be pretty hard to make a baby that way. 那样很难会怀孕 Oh, God, what was it? The thing we hardly ever do, or the thing we never do? 天啊,什么事?我们很少做 还是从没做过的事? The thing we never do. 我们从没做过的事 Shovely Joe. 铲子杀手 - Whenever you're ready, Joey. Right. Ahem. - 乔伊,准备好就开始 - 好的 - I'm sorry, what's going on? - Dude, come on, French it up. - 抱歉,怎么回事? - 老兄,说说法语吧 Joey, do you speak French? 乔伊,你会说法语吗? You know what? I think this audition is over. 你知道吗?我想试演结束了 Uh, excuse me? 不好意思? Uh, I am Régine Phalange. 我是苗吉娜法兰奇 Uh, I was passing by when I heard this man speaking... 我N . J刚经过 听到这位先生说的话… ...the regional dialect of my French town of Estée Lauder. 那是法国一个叫做 雅诗兰黛小镇的方言 You really think this man is speaking French? 你真的认为他说的是法语? Good job, little buddy. 讲得好,小兄弟 That was some really good French. 你的法语讲得真好 But I think we're gonna go with someone else for the part. 但是我们打算请别人来演这个角色 - Oh, all right, but my French was good? - It was great. - 好吧,但我的法语很好? - 非常棒 Oh, ha, ha, see? 你看 - Emma's down for the night. - Oh, good. - 艾玛已经睡着了 - 那好 - So, uh, I guess I'm gonna take oh'. - Okay. - 我想我该走了 - 好吧 Hey, listen, uh, just before you go- 听着,在你走之前… I just wanna say thank you for coming with me. 我想谢谢你陪我一起去 Oh, no problem. 别客气 And also, you know, I, uh- 还有,你知道的… I was thinking about what you said, uh, you know, about the whole sex thing... 我想了你和我说的话 有关于上床的事 Probably not a great idea to go down that road again. 走回头路或许不是个好主意 Thank you. I'm glad you agree. 谢谢你,很高兴你想通了 It's a shame, though. When we did it, it was pretty good. 不过很可惜,我们做得都还不错 Yeah. 是啊 Yeah, that's true. 那令」是真的 Hey, um, do you remember that one really great time? 你记不记得真的很棒的那一次? - Oh, yeah! - You know? - 是啊 - 你记得? - It was Valentine's Day. - It was your birthday. - 情人节 - 你生日的时候 Oh, yeah. 对了 Well, I guess that's all in the past now. 我想那都是过去式了 Mm-hm. - Not even one more time. - Not even once. -- 次都不行 -- 次都不行 - No matter how much we want it. - Even if we want it... - 不论我们有多想 - 即使我们… - ... really bad. - That's what we decided. - 非常想要 - 我们已经作了决定 Yeah, ha, ha, that's right. 没错 - It's kind of hard, though. You know? - Yeah. - 不过有点难,你也知道的 - 是啊 When two people have a connection, you know, that's- 两个人处得那么好,你知道的… Just seems like... 似乎有点… ...such a... 很… ...waste. 浪费 I hate waste. 我不喜欢浪费 - Ross? - Yes? - 罗斯 - 是的 Just so you know... 我想让你知道… ...with us... 我们两个's never off the table. 永远有得谈 Damn it, it's never off the table. 该死,永远有得谈 - Okay, can you really tap-dance? - No. - 你真的会跳踢踏舞吗? - 不会 It's off the résumé. 从履历表上划掉 - Archery? - No. - 射箭? - 不会 - Horseback riding? - Would fall off a lot. - 骑.马 - 会摔得很惨 You can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds? 你可以在十秒内 喝完一加仑的牛奶吗? That I can do. 我可以 Come on, you can drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds? 拜托,你可以在十秒内 喝完一加仑的牛奶? All right, watch me. 好,你看着 - Okay, you time me, ready? - Ready, go! - 好,你准备计时 - 预备,开始 You did it! 你成功了

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