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老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第十四集 S10E14 The One with Princess Consuela / 康斯韦拉公主

老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第十四集 S10E14 The One with Princess Consuela / 康斯韦拉公主

When Phoebe goes to get her name changed she realizes she can change it to anything she wants, so she changes it to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. When Mike suggests he changes his name to Crap Bag, Phoebe gets his point and changes her name to Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan. Chandler finds out that Monica never changed her last name. Monica and Chandler take Joey to their house to convince him it is a good move he tries to find anything wrong with the house so they wouldn't buy it. Rachel goes to a job interview at a restaurant but her current boss is sitting right beyond... 当我去她的名字改变了她意识到她可以改变的东西,她想,于是她改变到康斯薇拉公主香蕉吊床。当迈克建议他改变他的名字的垃圾袋,菲比被他的观点和改变自己的名字菲比汉尼根。钱德发现摩妮卡没有改变她的姓。莫妮卡和钱德带我到他们家去说服他这是一个很好的移动,他试图找到房子什么错所以他们不会买它。瑞秋去一家餐厅的面试,但她现在的老板是坐在…


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Thank you guys for having us over. 谢谢你们请我们过来 - Yeah, this is fun, couples night. - I don't know why we don't hang out... - 夫妻之夜真有趣 - 我们之前怎么会 - ... with married couples more often. - Because every time we do... - 不常和已婚的朋友聚餐? - 因为每次… make jokes about swinging and scare them away. 你都说荡秋千的笑话把他们吓走 You mean that Portuguese couple? Yeah, like you wouldn't have done it. 你说那对葡萄牙夫妻? 换做是你也会这么做 Hey, you guys, I have great news. 嘿,各位,我有好消息 - Ross, we're kind of in the middle of dinner. - Oh, well, I already ate, but sure. - 罗斯…我们正在吃晚餐 - 我已经吃过了,但好吧 - Guess what happened at work today. - A dinosaur died a million years ago? - 你们猜我今天工作发生什么事? - 有只恐龙在一百万年前挂了? Uh, try 65 million years ago. And then try: Shh! 是六千五百万年,然后请你… My tenure review board met today, and I hear it's looking really good. 我的终生职评估表出来了 听说情况很乐观 Wow. - Yeah. Do you have any idea what this means in academic circles? 你们知道 这在学术界意味着什么吗? I am gonna get laid. 我的生活有〝搞头〞了 - Hi, you guys. Hey. - 你们好 - 你好 Oh, Italian. 义大利菜 No one- No one wanted seconds, right? 有谁…有谁要再吃多一点吗? No, I'm good. 我不用了 Guys, you're never gonna believe it. This headhunter called me. 各位,你们绝不会相信 有个人力仲介来电找我 I have a meeting tomorrow with Gucci. Gucci wants me. 明天我要去古驰面试 古驰竟然要我 - I'm up for tenure. - Congratulations. - 我快得到终生职了 - 恭喜 - You too. What are the odds? - Oh... 你也是,真是巧 Guess what. 你们猜怎么着? I finally got that seed out of my teeth. 我终于把牙缝里的种子挖出来了 I don't know who I'm happiest for. 我真不知该替谁高兴 I do. He's been working on that all day. 我知道,他已经努力一整天了 Hey, Mon, was it weird changing your name to Geller Bing? 嘿,摩妮卡,你把姓改成 盖勒宾会很怪吗? No. No, it felt nice to acknowledge this. 不会,叫起来很温馨 - Where'd you go to do it? - Um, the- - 要去哪里改? - 就是… The Ministry of Names... 姓名局… ...Bureau. 总着 You never did it. 你没去改? I'm sorry. It's just the idea of- 对不起,我只是还不想 Of being an official Bing. 正式成为宾家人 Hey, I will have you know that- 让我告诉你… Ah, who am I kidding? Let's call the kid Geller and let Bing die with me. 我骗谁啊?小孩跟你姓 让宾家绝后吧 - Here you go. - Thanks. - 拿去 - 谢谢 Honey, would you want me to take your name? 甜心,你要我冠夫姓吗? Oh, it's up to you. It's your name. You've gotta live with it. 随便,你的名字决定权在你 - Let's see. Call me Mrs. Hannigan. - Mrs. Hannigan? - 试试看,叫我汉尼根太太 - 汉尼根太太 What, can't you see I'm in the middle of something? 你没看到我很忙吗? I like it. 我喜欢 - Hey, guys. Hey, Joe. - 你们好 - 你好,乔伊 We got things to check out at the new house. You want to come? 我们要去新房子办点事 你要来吗? - No, thank you. - You're not happy about us moving... - 不必了,谢谢 - 我知道你不想让我们搬家 ...but you're the only one who hasn't seen the house. 可是你是唯一还没见过房子的人 You'll see how close it is to the city. 对啊,跟我们去你就知道有多近了 No, it's not close. You said it was in escrow. 不,一点都不近 你们说在公证托管 I couldn't even find that on the map. 可是地图上都找不到 Joey, please come. It would mean so much to us. 乔伊,拜托,这对我们很重要 You know what? You are my friends. I want to be supportive. 好吧,你们是好友 我也希望表达支持 - I will come with you. Shotgun. - Damn it. - 我会跟你们去… 我要坐车头 - 可恶 See you guys later. We'll pick you up at 11. 回头见,我们11点来接你 - So glad you're coming. - All right. - 很高兴你要来 - 好 - Good for you. That was really mature. - What? The only reason I'm going... - 真好,你表现得很成熟 - 什么?我去的原因 their stupid new house is to point out everything wrong with it... 是让他们看清所有房子的缺点 they don't move. I'm gonna make them stay here. 他们才不会搬走 我要逼他们留下来 You're a strange kind of grown-up. 你真是奇怪的成年人 Joey, you can't make someone do something they don't want to do. 乔伊,你不能逼别人做不想做的事 Believe me. There's something I've been trying to get Mike to do in bed, and- 相信我,我一直想叫麦克 在床上做一些事… - Whoa. Can we not talk about that now? - All right. Prude. - 现在不要谈这个好吗? - 好吧,老古板 Look, Monica and Chandler really love this house. 听着,摩妮卡和钱德 真的很喜欢那栋房子 You are not gonna talk them into staying here. 你是无法说服他们留下的 Hey, I can convince people to do anything, you know? 我最会说服别人了 I bet I could even get Mike to do that thing. What is it'? 说不定我可以说服麦克做那件事 是什么? I am not gonna help you do that! 我才不要帮你做那档事 Oh, my God. 老天啊 Hi. Um, I'm here to see Mr. Campbell, with Gucci. 你好,我要找古.驰的坎贝尔先生 The reservation's probably under Gucci. 应该是以古驰的名义订位的 It's spelled like "gucky," which can be confusing. 拼起来很像〝古鸡〞,很容易搞混 Mr. Campbell's not here yet. Let me show you to his table. 坎贝尔先生还没到 让我先带你到他的坐位上 Oh, my God. That's my boss. You have to seat us somewhere else. 天啊,是我的老板 请帮我们换位子 I'm sorry, that's always Mr. Campbell's table. 很抱歉,坎贝尔先生习惯坐那里 But my boss cannot see me. I'm interviewing for another job. 我不能让我老板瞧见 我在应征新工作 - I know. With Gucky. - Shh! 我知道,〝古鸡〞的工作 - Rachel? - I'm on a date. - 瑞秋? - 我来约会 That's great. 那很好 Yeah, it is. Yeah, you know, it's tough. Single mom. Career. 没错,单身母亲,事业家庭两头忙 You gotta get out there. 还是得轻松一下 - Well, you've got a good energy. - Oh. 你真是活力充沛 - Rachel? - Yes, hi. - 瑞秋? - 是的,你好 - James Campbell. - Hi. - 詹姆斯坎贝尔 - 你好 - Excuse us. - Please. - 不好意思 - 请坐 Okay. Oh. He's cute. 他真帅 So... 那么·” ...your resume is quite impressive. 你的履历真是精彩 My, ha, ha... My résumé? 我的履历? I wouldn't- I wouldn't call my online dating profile a résumé. 我的…线上个人资料 应该不算是履历 Dating profile? No, I'm- I'm talking about the work résumé. 个人资料?不… 我是说你的求职履历表 Whatever happened to just singing for no reason? 这年头大家怎么都忽然不唱歌了? Maybe people found it weird. 可能因为觉得很诡异 - Maybe. 80... - 可能 - 那么… - Why do you want to leave Ralph Lauren? - What? - 你为何想离开劳夫罗伦? - 什么? - I don't. - You don't? - 我没有 - 没有 No, I love- I love it there. 对,我喜欢那里的工作 Well, if you don't want to leave, why are we having this lunch? 你不想离开 那吃这顿饭的意义何在? That is my boss. What? 什么? That is my boss. That's Hugo Boss? 那是雨果伯斯? God, this place is so depressing. If I had to work here, I'd kill myself. 这里真阴沉 我在这工作一定会自杀 But you obviously haven't. 显然你还没下手 - How can I help you? - I need to change my name, please. - 有何可效劳? - 我想改姓名 See, I need to change it because I'm hiding from the law. 我要改名躲避法律制裁 You're fun. 你真健谈 - You need to fill out this form. - Okay. Well, just so I know- - 请填妥这张表格 - 我想问- 下… I don't know how it works. My name is Buffay... 我不太了解作业过程 我姓布非 ...and my husband's name is Hannigan. 我先生姓汉尼根 So is it supposed to be "Buffay-Hannigan" or "Hannigan-Buffay"? 该改成〝布非汉尼根〞 还是〝汉尼根布非〞? - It can be anything you want. - Well, not anything. - 想改什么就改什么 - 不能随我高兴 Yeah. Anything. 没错,随你高兴 Oh, this could take a while. 这下有得瞧了 - Get out of my line. - Okay. - 不要档住别人 - 好 - Hey. Hey, Pheebs. - 你们好 - 你好,菲比 Oh, not anymore. I changed it today. 已经不是了,我今天改名了 - Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. Hannigan. - Wrong again. - 抱歉,汉尼根太太 - 又错了 Apparently, you can change it to anything. 既然可以随心所欲地改名 So I thought, "All right, here's an opportunity to be creative. " 所以我想 〝这是发挥创意的好时机〞 So meet Princess Consuela Bananahammock. 现在我是康苏拉香蕉吊床公主 That's what we were gonna name the baby. 你抢了我们小孩的名字 - Phoebe. - Ah, Princess Consuela. - 菲比 - 康苏拉公主 - You changed your name to that? - Uh-huh. 你真的把名字改成那样? Okay, so from now on, we have to call you Princess Consuela? 现在起我们得叫你康苏拉公主? No, I'm gonna have my friends call me Valerie. 不,我的朋友要叫我薇拉莉 - Hey, how did the interview go? - Ugh. Not good. - 面试结果如何? - 不太好 I always feel that way after an interview I'll bet it went better than you think. 每次面试完我都有这种成觉 一定比你想像中好 Well, I didn't get the job at Gucci and I got fired from Ralph Lauren. 我没得到古.驰的工作 而且还被劳夫罗伦炒鱿鱼 That is a bad interview. 真的是很糟的一次面试 What are you talking about? How did this happen? 你说什么?发生什么事? My boss was at the same restaurant where I was having my interview... 我老板也在我面试的那家餮厅 ...and he heard everything. 过程全都被他听到了 Later, he calls me into his office and tells me he'll have to let me go... 之后他要我去他办公室 说要将我辞退 ...because I'm not a team player. 因为我没有向心力 And I said, "Wait a minute. Yes, I am. " 我说〝等等,我有〞 And then I had to sit there for 45 minutes... 然后我坐在那45分钟 ...while he proved that that, in fact, was true. 听他举例证明 结果证明我真的没有向心力 - Oh, God, I'm so sorry. - God. 天啊,我很遗憾 H93'- 你们好 What-? What's this? 这是什么? Why, it's a bottle of champagne. Why is this here? 一瓶香槟,怎么会跑来这里? - Ross. - I guess it's here... - 罗斯 - 我想是因为… ...because I got tenure! 我得到终生职了 Congratulations. - Wow. - 恭喜 - 恭喜 This is the single greatest day of my professional career. 这是我职业生涯最美妙的一天 - Gunther. Six glasses. - Six? - 阿甘,拿6个杯子来 - 6个? - You want me to join you? - I thought Joey was here. Five is good. - 你要让我加入? - 我以为乔伊也在,5个就好 Wow, I'm gonna have a loogey in my coffee tomorrow. 我明天的咖啡会被吐痰 Ooh. Israeli champagne. 喔,以色列香槟 And it's vanilla. 还是香草口味 I got tenure. I didn't win the lottery. 我得到终生职,又不是中乐透 Hey, Rach, so, uh, how did your thing go? 瑞秋,你的结果如何? Oh, good. But I won't hear about that for a couple days. 不错,不过几天后才知道结果 Oh, you know what, you're gonna get it. I can feel it. 你一定会得到的,我有预感 Can yQu'_7 真的? All right, everybody, here's to Ross. 好啦,各位敬罗斯 And to years of hard work finally paying off. 多年的辛苦终于闻花结果 And to knowing that your career doesn't mean everything. 但事业并非代表一切 But also knowing it means a lot. 但却也相当重要 But more importantly, to full, well-rounded lives. 更重要的是拥有圆满的人生 That center around work. 还是要以成功事业为中心 - To Ross. To Ross. - 敬罗斯 - 敬罗斯 You know what the best part about this is? I can never be fired. 知道最棒的是什么吗? 我永远都不会被炒鱿鱼 - Oh, God. No, seriously. - 天啊 - 我说真的 I have job security for life. 我有终生的职业保障 You know? I mean, I never have to worry. 我永远都不必担忧 Oh, look at you. Look how happy you are for me. 瞧瞧你有多替我高兴 No, it's not that. I got fired today. 不是,我今天被炒鱿鱼了 And I didn't get the other job. 而且也没得到另一份工作 - Oh, my- Rach, I'm so sorry. - Oh... 瑞秋,我很抱歉 - Great, I feel like an idiot. - No, it's okay. You didn't know. - 天啊,我真白痴 - 没关系,你又不知情 Little heads-up would've been nice. 至少事先警告一下吧 Thank you for letting us see the house again. 威谢你又让我们来看房子 And thank you for explaining to us what "escrow" means. 还有谢谢你解释 公证托管的意思 I've already forgotten what you said, but thank you. 虽然已经忘了,但还是谢谢你 Take as long as you want. Just let me know when you're through. 要待多久都行,看完了再通知我 Okay, thanks. 好,谢谢 - Aw, so glad you decided to come. - Me, too. Yeah, this place is great. - 很高兴你愿意来 - 我也是,这袒不错 So happy for you guys. Although, you know, I hope you like fungus. 我很替你们高兴 但希望你们喜欢霉菌 - What? - Fungus. - 什么? - 霉菌 Yeah. Place is full of it. 这里到处都是 No, it's not. We had an inspection and they didn't find anything. 才没有,我们请人检查过 这袒很干净 Okay. Then I guess I have dry eyes and a scratchy throat for no reason. 那为何我双眼又涩,喉咙又痒? Maybe it's because you hung your head out the window like a dog... 也许是因为整路上你像只狗 ...the whole ride here. 把头伸出车窗外 Maybe. 也许吧 So this is the living room, huh? It's pretty dark. 这袒是客厅?好暗 - No, it's not. - Are you kidding? - 才不会 - 你开什么玩笑? I think I just saw a bat in the corner. 我在角落都看到蝙蝠了 When your head was hanging out the window, it didn't hit a mailbox, did it? 你把头伸出车窗外时 没有撞到信箱吧? Maybe. 也许有 Look, I just think you guys can do better than this house, you know? 我只是觉得你们 可以找到更好的房子 Or any other house for that matter. 任何一栋都比这问好 Oh, Joey. 乔伊 We know you're having a hard time with this, but we- 我们知道你很难接受,可是… - We love it here. - Fine! If you love this house so much... - 我们很喜欢这里 - 好吧,既然那么喜欢 should live here. I hope you get used to that humming sound. 那就住吧,希望你们会习惯这怪声 - Joey, we know that's you. - No... - 乔伊,我们知道是你发出来的 - 不…'s not. 不是我 - Hey. Hey. - 嘿 - 嘿 - Welcome back. - I missed you. - 欢迎回来 - 我好想你 - Oh, me too. - So, what's new? - 我也是 - 最近如何? Well, I am no longer Phoebe Buffay. 我不再是菲比布非了 - That's great. You changed your name? Yes, I did. - 太好了,你改名了? - 没错 Meet Princess Consuela Bananahammock. 我是康苏拉香蕉吊床公主 - You're kidding, right? - Nope. - 你在开玩笑对吧? - 没有 - You really did that? - Yep. - 你真的改了 - 对 You can't do that. 你不能这么做 Why? 为什么? Why? It's fun. It's different. No one else has a name like it. 为什么?很有趣、特殊 又没有人跟你同名 Then I'm gonna change my name. 那我也要改名 Great. Okay, what are you gonna change it to? 太好了,你要改成什么? Crap B39- 屎袋 - Mike Crap Bag? - No. No "Mike. " No, just "Crap Bag. " - 麦克屎袋? - 不,没有麦可,只有屎袋 First name: Crap. Last name: Bag. 姓袋,名屎 - You're not serious, right? - Yeah, I'm serious. - 你是认真的? - 当然是认真的 It's fun, it's different, and no one else has a name like that. 很有趣、特殊,又没有人跟你同名 Uh-huh. Well, then great. IfyouloveiLlloveiL 也好,你喜欢我就喜欢 I do love it. And I love your name. I love Princess Consuela. 我很喜欢,我也爱你的名字 我爱康苏拉公主 And I love Crap. 我爱屎 Oh. - Who are you? - Oh, hi. I'm Joey. - 你是谁? - 你好,我是乔伊 My stupid friends are buying this house. Who are you? 我的蠢朋友要买这间房子 你是谁? I'm Mackenzie. My stupid parents are selling this house. 我是麦金莉 我的蠢父母要卖掉这问房子 I hate my parents. 我讨厌我的父母 I hate my friends. 我讨厌我的朋友 Look, there's gotta be a way that we can stop this from happening. 听好,一定有法子阻止他们 Like what? 例如? Oh! Okay, you come with me and you tell them that the house is haunted. 对了,你跟我来 跟他们说房子闹鬼 What are you, 8? 你是8岁小孩吗? - Okay. Let's hear your great idea. - I don't have any great ideas. I am 8. - 不然你有什么妙计? - 我想不出来 我才8岁 Ah, there's gotta be a way. I mean, you know... - 定有其他办法… ...if Monica and Chandler move out here, and Phoebe's married to Mike... 要是摩妮卡和钱德搬家 菲比又嫁给麦克 ...that just leaves me and Ross and Rach. You know what I mean? 就剩下我、罗斯和瑞秋 你知道这代表什么吗? I really don't. 不知道 What am I gonna do? I feel like I'm losing my friends. 怎么办?我要失去我的朋友了 - My parents say I'll make new friends. - Yeah, sure, easy for you. - 我父母说朋友可以再交 - 你说得真容易 You're young. Me? I'm set in my ways. 你还年轻,我已经人老珠黄了 This is what my mom was talking about. Whiners are wieners. 我妈说得对〝弄种爱发牢骚〞 Look, you want your friends to be happy, right? 听着,你希望你的朋友幸福吧? Yeah. Yeah, I guess. Yeah. 对…应该吧 Well, if moving here is gonna make them happy, don't you want them to do it'? 如果搬来这会让他们幸福 你不也希望如此吗? Yeah. Maybe. 也许吧 Then you've gotta let them go. 那就要放手让他们走 Oh, I hate to admit it, but you're- 我不想承认,可是… You're probably right. 你也许说得对 How'd you get to be so smart? 你怎么会这么聪明? I read a lot. 我看很多书 Just when I thought we could be friends. 我还以为我跟你很合 Oh, hey, Rach. I just heard. I'm so sorry. 瑞秋,我听说了,我很遗憾 Oh, thank you... 谢谢你… You still don't know my name, do you? 你还是不知道我的名字? Well, now I don't have to. 现在没必要知道了 Ross, what is taking you so long? 罗斯,你怎么那么慢? I'm sorry. It's almost as if this wasn't built for a quick getaway. 很抱歉,它并不适合快速偷带走 Rachel? 瑞秋? Mark? Oh, my God. 马克?天啊 How have you been? - Fantastic. You remember Ross. - 你过得如何? - 很好,你应该还记得罗斯 - Sure. Sure. Oh. 当然 What's with the chair? 带椅子干嘛? Uh... You know, you can't always get a seat on the subway, so... 搭地铁要找位子不容易… Clever. 真聪明 So how are you? 你好吗? Oh. You're not catching me on my best day. 你正好遇上我落魄的日子 Yeah, a box full of your desk stuff doesn't say "big promotion. " 一箱办公用品,看起来不像升官 No, but it's good. You know, I'm gonna take some time off... 的确,但也好,可以休息一阵子 - ... and do charity work. - Are you sure? - 做些公益活动 - 你确定? We may have something at Louis Vuitton. 路易威登这里也许有空缺 Screw charity work. What do you got? 去他的公益活动,有什么工作? Why don't we have dinner and talk? 不如一起吃顿晚餮再谈? - Great. I'll call you. - Okay. - 太好了,我打给你 - 好 - Nice to see you again. - Yeah. Yeah. I got tenure. - 很高兴再见到你 - 我有终生职 Oh, my God. 老天啊 See? I told you something good would come along. 看吧?我就说会有好事发生 And he seemed really nice. I've met him before? 他人看起来不错,我见过他吗? Ross, that's Mark. 罗斯,他是马克 From Bloomingdale's? You were insanely jealous of him. 布鲁明岱尔百货公司的员工 你以前很爱吃他的醋 - That is Mark? - Yes. - 那个是.马克? - 对 - I hate that guy. - Oh... 我讨厌那家伙 No, no, no. You cannot go to dinner with him. 不行…你不能和他去吃饭 - What? You don't want me to get a job? - Yeah, I'm sure he'll give you a job. - 什么?你不希望我找到工作吗? - 他- 定会给你工作 Maybe make you his "sex-cretary. " 或许当他的〝性爱秘书〞 I'm serious. I just don't trust that guy, okay? 我说真的 ,我不信任那家伙好吗? You know what-? Okay, let's talk about it later. There comes security. 你知道吗 …等会再说,警卫来了 Oh, I love this street. 我好喜欢这街道 The trees and the big front yards and the actual picket fences. 这些树和广大的前院 还有真正的篱笆 Man, those two dogs are going at it. 天啊,那两只狗正在炒饭 H93'- - Hey. Where you been? - Oh, just, uh, you know, looking around. - 嘿,你到哪去了? - 就四处走走 But you know what? 你们知道吗? This house is great. 这问房子很棒 Really? What changed your mind? 真的?是什么让你改变心意? The little girl who lives here made me feel better about the whole thing. 住这里的小女孩说的话 让我平静许多 Joey? There was a little girl who lived here, but she died, like, 30 years ago. 乔伊,住这的小女孩 30年前就死了 What? 什么? I'm just messing with you. 我耍你的 That's not funny. You know I'm afraid of little-girl ghosts. 不好笑,你明知道我最怕小女孩鬼 Joey, now that you're okay with the house, do you want to go see your room? 乔伊,既然你不嫌弃这房子 你想看你的房问吗? What? 什么? I get my own room? 我有自己的房间? You don't think we'd buy a house and not have a Joey room, do you? 我们买房子当然会 准备乔伊专属的房间 Oh, my God. 天啊 Hey, can I have an aquarium? And a sex swing? 可以放水族箱吗?还有性爱秋千? No. - Why not? I'll keep the tank clean. - 不行 - 为什么?我又不会弄脏水槽 After you, Ms. Bananahammock. 你先请,香蕉吊床太太 Thank you, Mr. Bag. 谢谢,袋先生 Oh, hey! 你好 Oh, hi, Rita. - How are you? - 你好,丽塔, - 你好吗? 嘿喔 Good. Oh, Rita's a massage client. 很好,丽塔是我按摩的客户 Yeah. 对 Why don't you introduce me? 你不介绍我吗? - Rita, this is my husband. - Oh. 丽塔,这位是我先生 Why don't you tell her my name? 不说名字吗? Okay, I will. This is, uh- This is my husband, Crap Bag. 好,我会说…这是我先生,屎袋 Crap Bag? 屎袋? If you need an easy way to remember it, just think of a bag of crap. 想成一袋屎会比较好记 - Okay. Excuse me. - Yeah. - 好,失陪 - 好的 Ugh. Okay, fine, you made your point. Can you please just be Mike Hannigan again? 好吧,我明白了 你可以做回麦克汉尼根吗? Only if you'll be Phoebe Buffay. 只要你做回菲比布非就好 How about, um-? How about Buffay-Hannigan? 叫布非汉尼根如何? - Really? - Yeah. - 真的? - 对, I'm Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan-Bananahammock. 我是菲比布非汉尼根香蕉吊床 Do you even know what a banana hammock is? 你真的知道香蕉吊床是什么吗? It's a funny word. 这个字很俏皮 It's a Speedo. 它是一种泳裤 Oh, crap. 喔,真糟糕 - Hey, is Rachel here? Nope. - 嘿,瑞秋在这里吗? - 没有 She's still at dinner? 她还在吃晚餐? - I guess. Why, who's she with? - That guy, Mark... - 应该是,她跟谁在- 起? - 布鲁明岱尔百货公司 ...from Bloomingdale's. She thinks he's just being nice to her. 那个叫马克的家伙 她以为他只想帮忙 But I know he really wants to sleep with her. 但我知道他只想把她弄上床 It's seven years ago. 都已经7年前的事了 My time machine works. 我的时光机成功了 We ran into him on the street today, and he said he might have a job for her. 我们今天在街上遇见他 他说他可以聘请她 But I know he just wants to get into her pants. 我看他只想跟她上床 So, what if he wants to sleep with her? I mean, she's single, and he's cute. 就算他想要她又如何? 她单身而且他又很师 Excuse me? 你说什么? Oh, please. 拜托 Yesterday, on the subway, you couldn't stop staring... 昨天坐地铁时,你的眼睛 that woman with the big breasts. 完全离不开那个大波霸 For your information, I was staring at her baby. 让我告诉你,我是在看小婴儿 We're about to be parents. 我们就要为人父母了 Oh, sorry. 对不起 - Hi, you guys. - Hi. So... - 你们好 - 你好 - ... how was dinner? - Oh, it was great. Mark is so sweet. - 晚餐如何? - 很棒,,马克体贴 Oh, yeah? Yeah, I wonder why? What could that smarmy letch possibly want? 是吗?为什么? 那个下三滥有何企图? Oh, Ross. Come on. He is happily married. His wife just had twins. 罗斯,够了,他的婚姻美满 老婆刚生了双胞胎 Should we send something? 我们该送礼吗? How did the job stuff go? 工作的事如何? He offered me one. 他要聘请我 - That's great. - Congratulations. - 太好了 - 恭喜 I know, it's amazing. 我知道,太神奇了 It's amazing. It's so much better than what I had at Ralph Lauren. 工作比起以前在劳夫罗伦好太多了 - The money is great. - Can we-? - 薪水也很棒 - 等等… Can we just stop for a second? Who said something better would come along? Huh? 先暂停一下 是谁说会有好事发生? You didn't believe me. I told you everything was gonna work out. 你还不信,我就说一切都会好转 You know what? This calls for a bottle of Israel's finest. 这该用以色列最高档香槟庆祝 The job is in Paris. 工作地点在巴黎 I mean, this soap opera is a great gig... 虽然演肥皂剧是不错 ...but am I missing opportunities? 可是好机会也擦身而过 You know, I've always thought of myself as a serious actor. 我一直以严肃的演员自居 Should I be trying to do more independent movies? 我该多参与独立制片的电影吗? I don't know. 我不知道 But you know what? I'm gonna put you on with my bear. 不如这样,我让我的熊听 Hold on. 等等 Hey, Bailey, I need some career advice. 熊哥,我需要你给我职业上的建官

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