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老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第十五集 S10E15 The One Where Estelle Dies / 埃斯特拉之死

老友记/六人行/Friends 第十季 第十五集 S10E15 The One Where Estelle Dies / 埃斯特拉之死

Ross tries to get Rachel to go back to Ralph Lauren, Joey doesn't know that his agent has died, and Monica and Chandler bump into Janice. 罗斯试图让瑞秋回到劳伦,不知道他的经纪人已经死了,撞到珍妮丝和莫妮卡和钱德。


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Previously on Friends: 《六人行》前情提要… - How did the job stuff go? - He offered me one! - 工作的事情谈得如何? - 他给我- 份工作 You know what? This calls for a bottle of Israel's finest! 你们知道吗?? 这该用以色列最高档香槟庆祝 The job is in Paris. 工作地点在巴黎 Oh, God, please, somebody say something. 天啊,拜托,谁说句话 So if you take this job, you'll be moving to Paris? 如果你接受这份工作 你就要搬到巴黎吗? Or facing a bitch of a commute. 或者是花时问在通勤上 I know, it's huge, and it's scary and it's really far, far away from you guys. 我知道巴黎很大、很陌生 而且离你们很远 But this is such an incredible opportunity for me. 但对我来说,这是很好的机会 And I've already told them about our situation with Emma. 我已经告诉他们 我们俩与艾玛的处境 And they said they'll do whatever we need to make us feel comfortable. 他们说愿意满足我们的需求 尽量让我们觉得自在 Okay. I mean, I'll fly back and forth, they'll fly you out. Anything we want. 我的意思是我可以两地飞行 或者他们让你飞去巴黎,什么都行 My boss said I might be getting a new lamp in my cubicle. 我老板说我可以 在我的小隔问新添一盏灯 - All right. We'll work it out. Oh, thank you. Thank you. - 好吧,我们会想办法 - 谢谢你… Yeah. 好吧 - You sure this is what you want? - I think it is. - 你确定这是你想要的吗? - 我想是的 - What's going on? - I got a really incredible job offer. - 怎么回事? - 我得到- 份很棒的工作 - Hey, great! All right! - Good for you! - 太好了 - 我为你高兴 - It's in Paris. - What? - 在巴黎工作 - 什么? No, no, no! No, no, no! No, no, too much is changing, okay? 不…太多变化了,好吗? First Phoebe getting married. Congratulations. 先是菲比结了婚,恭喜 And then these two move in to a stupid house in the stupid suburbs. 然后这两个人 要搬到愚蠢的郊区房子 - Earlier, you said you'd be supportive. - It comes and goes. I wouldn't trust it. - 你之前说你会支持的 - 成觉来无影去无踪,说不准的 You guys, this is really, really important to me. 各位,这对我而言真的很重要 It means a lot if you could try to get on board. 如果你们可以支持我 对我意义重大 - Of course we can. Congratulations. Yay! Thank you. - 我们当然支持,恭喜 - 谢谢你 - Joey? - No,no. No. - 乔伊? No, my hugs are reserved for people staying in America. 我的拥抱只留给待在美国的人 - Joey, it would mean- - Hey! 乔伊,那不代表… No! Get your France-going arms away from me! 不,把你向法国弯的胳臂移开 RACHEL Joey. 乔伊 - Are you okay with this? - Well, it makes me feel sad, but- - 你可以接受吗? - 那让我觉得很难过,但是… - Talking to Ross. - I see. - 我是和罗斯讲话 - 了解 Rachel moving to another country? Not being able to see her every day? 瑞秋搬到另一个国家去? 没有办法每天看到她? - How could I be okay with this? I know. 我怎么可能接受? But what are we gonna do? She really needs this job. 但是你要怎么做?她需要这份工作 Do you think if the Ralph Lauren people offered her her old job back... 你觉得如果劳夫罗伦要她 再回去上班, ...she would take it? 她会接受吗? How's that gonna happen? 怎么可能? Is this the best way to use one of your three magic wishes? 现在是用掉三个神奇愿望 其中一个的好时机? Like, I don't know, I could talk to her boss. Yeah. 我不知道,或许我可以和她上司谈 I met him at that Christmas party. I mean, we really hit it off. 我在圣诞派对上见过他 我们聊得挺·喻快的 - The guy who kept calling you "Ron"? - I didn't say we were brothers! - 那个- 直叫你〝罗恩〞的家伙? - 我没说我们情同兄弟 Hey, Phoebe. Hey, tell me what you think. - 嘿,菲比 - 嘿 The house next door to the one that we're buying just went on the market. 你觉得如何?我们要买的房子的 隔壁房子才刚要卖 I wanna take a look at it, but Chandler doesn't. 我想要看一看,但是钱德不肯 We close escrow tomorrow. 明天公证托管就要结束了 Seeing another house can only confuse us. We're easily confused. 多看一间房子只会混淆我们 我们很容易搞混的 We're not very bright. 我们不是很聪明 But what if it's better than ours? Shouldn't we look? 但是如果比我们的房子好呢? 我们不应该看一下吗? What do you think, Pheebs? 菲比,你觉得呢? Well, I think that shirt makes you look like you should work at a Baskin-Robbins. 我觉得那件衬衫让你看起来 像在〝31冰淇淋〞打工 Anyway... 随便啦… - Hey, isn't Joey's agent Estelle Leonard? - Yeah. - 乔伊的经纪人是伊斯特蕾欧娜吗? - 是的 - She died. - You're kidding. - 她去世了 - 真的吗? - That's terrible. - Yeah, last Saturday. - 太糟了 - 上周六去世的 Wow! She was the first black man to fly solo across the Atlantic. 她是第一位独自飞行 横渡大西洋的黑人 - Oh, wait a minute, I read the wrong one. - Oh, yeah? - 等等,我读错了 - 是吗? - Yeah, she was just an agent. - Joey's gonna be so upset. - 是的,她只是个经纪人 - 乔伊- 定会很难过 I know. He always wanted to be the first black man to cross the Atlantic. 没错,他一直都想要成为 第一位横渡大西洋的黑人 We cannot tell Joey about this. 我们不能告诉乔伊 He's already flipping out about everything that's changing. 他已经受够所有的改变 This will push him over the edge. 那样会把他逼到死角 - You don't think we should tell him? - Not for a while. - 你觉得我们不应该告诉他吗? - 先不要说 Let's just give him a few days to get used to everything else. 先给他几天的时间适应一切 What if he reads it in the paper? 要是他看到报纸呢? Unless Snoopy says it to Charlie Brown, I think we're okay. 除非史努比跟查理布朗说 我想我们是不用担心的 - May I help you? - Yeah. I'm a friend of Rachel Green's. - 有什么事吗? - 是的,我是瑞秋葛林的朋友 Um, actually, we met at the Christmas party about two years ago. 其实我们在两年前的 圣诞派对上见过面 - Oh, right. Don? - Close. Ron. - 对了,唐恩? - 很接近了,罗恩 Well, what can I do for you? 有什么我能帮得上忙? Um, well, I'm here to see if you'll give Rachel her job back. 我来这里是想问你 能不能让瑞秋复职 Ah, did she ask you to come here and do this? 她请你来当说客吗? No. First I have to get you to agree... 我要先获得你的同意… ...then we'll see if she wants to come back. 然后我们再去问她要不要回来 Wow, that is tempting. 真是吸引人 She loved her job here. Let's face it you're not gonna find anyone... 她热爱这里的工作 坦白说,你不会找到任何人… ...who did it as well as she did. Isn't that true? 做得像她一样好,对不对? - She is good. - Huh. I took a shot there. - 她很出色 - 喔,我只是随口说说 But I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. 但是很抱歉,我无法做什么 Oh, that's not true. There's nothing I want to do. 事实上,是我不想做什么 I see. 我懂了 - Thanks very much. - Mm-hm. 非常咸谢 - Is this your son? - Yeah, his name is Ross. - 这是你的儿子吗? - 是的,他叫罗斯 - What? - Nothing, it's just that it's close to Ron. - 怎么了? - 没什么,只是听起来和罗恩很像 Does he, um-? Does little Ross like dinosaurs, by any chance? 小罗斯会不会碰巧很喜欢恐龙? Yeah, they're all he talks about. Why? 他常常提到恐龙,为什么问? How would he like to come with me to the Museum of Natural History... 他会不会想和我一起去 美国自然历史博物馆 ...after everyone else has left, just the two of us... 大家都离馆后,只有我和他两人… ...and he can touch anything he wants? 他可以想模什么就模什么 I just heard it how you must have heard it, and that's not good. 我所说的与你听到的 一定会造成误解 Let me start again. I'm a paleontologist. 我从头来过,我是古生物学家 You'll be there with us, and the touching refers only to bones- Fossils! 你会和我们一块去 只是触模骨头…化石! - You could really arrange that? - You let Rachel come back and it's done. - 你真的能安排吗? - 只要你让瑞秋复职 Well, I guess having Rachel back wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. 我想让瑞秋回来 也不是世上最糟的事 Yes! Thank you! This is great! Thank you so much. 是啊,谢谢你 太好了,非常成谢 I swear, your kid's gonna have the time of his life. 我发誓你儿子一定会永生难忘的 That's great. I worry about little Ross. 那就好,我很担心小罗斯 He's always reading, collecting rocks and he's obsessed with dinosaurs. 他老是看书、收集石头 而且非常迷恐龙 He'll be fine! 他会没事的 - Hey, Pheebs. - Hey. - 你好,菲比 - 你好 - Everything okay? - I'm just mad at my agent. - 你没事吧 - 我在生我经纪人的气 Estelle? Why? 伊斯特?为什么? There's a part in this TV movie that I would be perfect for... 有个电视影集的角色很适合我 ...and I didn't even get put up for it. She better have a good reason. 但我甚至没被安排试演 她最好要有个好理由 I'm guessing she does. 我想她有的 Well, I wanna hear it, because she keeps doing this. 我要知道为什么,因为她老是这样 No, wait, wait, wait! All right, I gotta go. 不,等等…好,我得走了 Just listen. Promise me that you will wait a minute before you call her. 你听我说,答应我 你会等一下才打给她 Well, Okay. Why? 好的,为什么? Because a promise between friends means never having to give a reason. 因为朋友问的承诺 是不需要理由的 I love that saying! 我喜欢那句谚语 - Hello? - Joey, it's Estelle. - 喂? - 乔伊,我是伊斯特 I was just gonna call you. That's weird. 我正打算要找你,真奇怪 It's a little coincidental, but believable. 有一点凑巧,却是可信的 Listen, I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't get you... 听我说,我想你一定觉得奇怪 为什么我没有为你… audition for that TV movie. 安排那个电视影集的试演 Yeah, actually I am. 是的,我觉得很怪 I guess I dropped the ball there. Whoopsie! 我想那是我的失职 That's it? You know, it seems like all you do lately is drop the ball. 就这样?你最近似乎一直失职 Don't take that tone with me. Who do you think you are? 不要用那种口气和我讲话 你以为你是谁? Alan Lemon, the first black man to fly solo across the Atlantic? 艾伦雷蒙,第一位独自飞行 横渡大西洋的黑人? No, look, all I'm saying is you're my agent... 不,我要说的是,你是我的经纪人 ...and you're not getting me any auditions and I'm tired of it. 你都不帮我争取试演 让我成到很厌烦 What are you saying? 你在说什么? I'm saying that this isn't working for me anymore, okay, Estelle? 我说这样行不通,好吗,伊斯特? You're fired. Goodbye. 你被开除了,再见 Man, tough week for Estelle. 天啊,伊斯特这周还真难熬 - Hi. - Hi. - 你好 - 你好 Um, Emma left her stuffed T. rex at my house. 艾玛把她的暴龙玩具留在我屋里 - You know she can't sleep without it. - Ah. Well, she's asleep now. - 没有这个,她睡不着觉 - 她已经睡着了 - Stop forcing that thing on her. - Okay. - 不要强迫她接受那捆 - 好的 Oh! You're not gonna believe what happened to me today! 你- 定不会相信 我今天发生了什么事 Ralph Lauren called and gave me my job back. 劳夫罗伦打给我,要让我复职 - No! - I mean, it was the weirdest thing. - 不会吧 - 这真是太奇怪了 They fire me and then out of nowhere, they just hire me back. 他们开除我,然后突然又要我复职 I mean, that place must just be falling apart without me! 那个公司少了我,一定是一团乱 - So you're not going to Paris? - No, I'm still going. - 所以你不去巴黎了? - 没有,我还是要去 What? 什么? Well, when the Louis Vuitton people found out... 当路易威登的人得知… ...that Ralph Lauren wanted me back, they offered me more money! 劳夫罗伦要我回去上班 他们给我更高的薪水 Ross, isn't that great? 罗斯,很棒吧 Yay! Hi. We're buying the house next door... 你好,我们打算买隔壁的房子 ...and we were wondering if we could take a look around? 我们可不可以进来看看? I'm showing it to someone else, but please, look around. 当然,我正在带人参观 不过请进,随便看 Thanks. I feel like we're cheating on our house. 我觉得我们在背叛我们的房子 If we're gonna cheat, shouldn't it be with a hot, younger house... 如果我们要背叛的话 也要找个年轻貌美的房子 ...that does stuff that our house won't do? 能提供我们房子没法提供的服务? Ours is so much better. 我们的房子好多了 This living room is smaller, the dining room looks like a cave. 客厅比较小,餐厅看起来像个洞穴 What a hole! 真烂 - So, what do you think? - Loveit - 你们觉得如何? - 很喜欢 We already have one offer. I think the lady upstairs is gonna make another one. 已经有个买家出价了 我想楼上的太太也会出价 They could be our neighbors. What are they like? 他们可能会是我们的邻居 他们是什么样的人? The woman upstairs is nice. She and her husband have two kids. 楼上的太太人很好 她和她先生有两个小孩 - Uh, he's on Wall Street, and she's a- - Oh, my God! - 先生在华尔街上班,而她是… - 我的天 Sure. 当然 Hey, Joey, you wanna come with me to-? 嘿,乔伊,你要不要和我一起去… Are you okay? 你没事吧 Yeah, I just feel bad about firing Estelle. 没事,只是对开除伊斯特过意不去 This has gotta be killing her. 一定会要她的命 No, that wouldn't kill her. 不,那不会要她的命 A coronary embolism might. 冠状动脉栓塞才会 I don't know. She's gotta be taking it hard. I was, like, her only client. 我不晓得,她一定很难受 我是她唯一的客户 Except for this guy who eats paper. 除了那个会吃纸的家伙 And I'm guessing he eats more money than he makes. 我猜他吃下的钱,比他赚的还多 Look, I know she's not a great agent, but she did stick with me for 10 years. 我知道她不是最棒的经纪人 但是她跟了我十年 - I'm gonna call her and hire her again. - No, no, no! Don't call her. - 我要打给她,再雇用她 - 不…不要打给她 - You wait for her to call you. - Why? - 等她打给你 - 为什么? Because patience is the road to understanding. 因为耐心是谅解的不二法门 Which is the key to a happy heart. 谅解是开心的关键 You blow me away. 你让我飘飘然 All right, so promise you're gonna wait for her to call you? 答应我,你等她打电话给你 - I promise. - Okay. - 我答应 - 好的 And that means never having to give a reason. 因为朋友问的承诺 是不需要理由的 What a small world! 世界真小 And yet I never run into Beyoncé. 我就从来都没遇过碧昂丝 You two know each other? 你们彼此认识? Oh, we go way back. Before Monica made an honest man out of him... 陈年拄事,在摩妮卡 把他变成一个老实人前… ...Chandler used to be my little love muffin. 钱德以前可是我的可爱小玛芬松糕 So are you guys thinking of getting this house too? 所以你们也打算买这栋房子吗? Are we gonna have a bidding war? I better warn you, I'm a toughie. 我们将会有场竞标大战吗? 得先警告你们,我可是个劲敌 Don't. Don't. Don't. 不要… No, actually, we are buying the house next door. 不是,其实我们是要买隔壁的房子 Why? 为什么? I don't know why. 我不知道为什么 Oh, that decides it, then! I was on the fence. 那我就决定了,我本来还在考虑 But knowing that you two would be our neighbors? 但是知道你们将会成为我们的邻居 Now we have to get it. 我们一定要买下来 Ellen, we're gonna talk numbers. 爱伦,我们得谈谈价钱 This cannot be happening. 绝对不能 Okay, the realtor said another couple made an offer. 房地产经纪人说 还有另一对夫妻想买 Maybe the Janices won't get it! Maybe the other couple will. 或许珍妮丝夫妻不会得标 也许另一对夫妻会买到 The only way that that is going to happen is if the other couple are the Hitlers! 除非那对夫妻是希特勒才有可能 Okay, okay! All right, what if we get both houses? 好…这样好了 我们何不买下两栋房子? - We can turn this one into a guesthouse! - That's a great idea! - 我们可以把这里改成宾馆 - 真是个好主意 By the way, I don't mean to sound distasteful... 顺便问一下,我不是要扫兴… ...but when did you start crapping money? 但你要上哪生钱? - You come up with an idea. - All right. - 那你来出主意 - 好”巴 We've still got three hours till escrow closes on our house. 我们房子的公证托管 还有三小时才会完成 - We can still get out. - But we love our house. - 我们还是可以不买 - 但是我们喜欢那栋房子 Will we love it so much with her next door? 如果有她住在隔壁 我们还会这么喜欢吗? And she's gonna be louder out here too! 而且她在这里还是会很吵 Just the crickets and, "Oh, my God!" 不断地喊着〝我…的…天〞 Okay. But if we don't get this house, she's still gonna show up wherever we go. 好吧,但如果我们不买那栋房子 她还是会出其不意地出现 At least if she's here, it eliminates the element of surprise. 至少如果她住在这里 可以降低惊讶的程度 Never again will you have to hear the three words... 你就不会再听到那三个字 ...that make your balls jump back up inside your body! 让你的蛋蛋在体内乱跳 Well, we have to do something. We can't have her living next door. 我们得想办法,不能让她住在隔壁 Oh, that does it too. 那也有同样的效果 Who is it? 哪位? It's me. Ron. 是我,罗恩 Look, I know Rachel turned you down... 我知道瑞秋拒绝了你 ...but I think there's a way you might be able to get her to come back. 但我想还是有办法 让她回来这里上班 This may surprise you, but rehiring fired employees is not my main job. 可能会令你诧异,但我主要的工作 不是让解雇的人复职 Just hear me out. 请听我说完 How would you feel about offering her a raise? 你觉得帮她加薪如何? Not good, Ron. 不好,罗恩 Perhaps I can persuade you. 或许我可以说服你 What if you could give your son... 如果我给你的儿子… ...this genuine pterodactyl egg replica. 这颗维妙维肖翼手龙蛋 Wow. That's pretty cool. 挺酷的 Huh? So? Do we have a deal? 怎么样?达成协议吗? - Qkay, you got it. - Yes! Yes! - 成交 - 太好了 - This is gonna make me very popular. - Oh. 这可是会让我大受欢迎 Believe me, the ladies, they love it. 相信我,小姐们为之疯狂 I meant with my son. 我指的是我儿子 Good, because the ladies, not so much. 那好,因为小姐们不是那么喜欢 Joey, this is Al Zebooker... 乔伊,我是艾尔里布可, ...the guy who eats paper. 吃纸的人 I'm sure you've heard that Estelle passed away. 我想你应该听说伊斯特过世了 I wanted to let you know there's a memorial for her... 我想告诉你 有个为她举行的告别式 the Westside Chapel tomorrow at 10. 明天十点在西区礼拜堂 Hope you can make it. 希望你能来 Oh, my God. 我的天 - Hello? - Joey, it's Estelle. - 喂? - 乔伊,我是伊斯特 Estelle? 伊斯特? Yeah, I wanted to call and tell you that there's no hard feelings for firing me. 是的,我只是打来告诉你 你开除我,我不觉得难过 Okay. I just- I can't believe you're calling me. 好的,我只是… 不相信你会打电话给我 I didn't think I should just drop by. 我想我不应该直接去拜访你 No, no! Don't drop by! Don't drop by! 不…不用来拜访… No. No. No. 不… Anyway, you did what you had to do. I'm okay. 总之,你做了你应该做的事 我没事的 Can I ask you something? Um... 我可以问你一件事吗? What's it like there? 那里是什么样子的? It's all right. 还可以 Look, kiddo, I gotta go. 老兄,我得走了 Good luck with the career. You're gonna be huge! 祝你事业W . J利,你一定会大红大紫 Thanks for everything, Estelle. Bye. 多谢,伊斯特,再见 "Out of area. " Boy, I'll say. 〝不在本区〞,天啊,这还用说 Well, I just talked to Sid. 我刚刚和席德谈过 We are definitely putting in an offer on the house. 我们肯定要出价买这栋房子 And I'll bet we get it! 我打赌我们一定会买到的 The Hitlers will be so disappointed. 希特勒一定会很失望 All right, I gotta run. Tell Monica I say goodbye. 好了,我得走了 帮我和摩妮卡说再见 And I'll see you later, neighbor. Ha, ha. 我们待会充见,邻居 Wait! 等等 I just want you to know that I'm so happy you're going to be here. 我只是想让你知道 我很高兴你将要搬到这袒 Oh, me too. 我也是 Because... 因为… ...that way... 如此一来 ...we can pick up where we left off. 我们就可以重新来过 - Huh? - I never stopped loving you. 我从来没有停止爱你 - Oh, my- - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - 我的… - 好… I want you. 我想要你 I need you. 我需要你 I must have you, Janice Litman-Goralnik neé Hosenstein. 我要拥有你 珍妮丝里门葛洛琳荷森庭 Chandler, what are you talking about? 钱德,你在说什么? Now that you live next door, we can be together every day. 你将会住在隔壁 我们就可以每天见面 Sid and Monica never have to know a thing. 席德和摩妮卡将会被蒙在鼓里 I don't know what to say. 我不知道该说什么 I mean, you know, obviously we have this heat between us. 你知道的,很明显我们俩有热情 Obviously. 很明显 But I love my husband. 但是我爱我先生 And I know you love your wife. 而且我知道你爱你太太 I don't think we should get this house now. 我想我们不能要这栋房子了 Don't say that. Don't dangle the dream and take it away. 别那么说,别追求梦想 然后又把梦想带走 Chandler, one of us has got to be strong. 钱德,我们其中一人得要坚强 I understand. 我能了解 Although... 虽然… Maybe just one last moment of weakness. 也许临别软弱一下无妨 Goodbye, Chandler Bing. 再见,钱德宾 They're never coming down now! 它们永远都不会再下来了 - Hi. - Hi! - 你好 - 你好 You are never going to believe what happened to me today. 你绝对不会相信 我今天发生了什么事 What? 什么? Ralph Lauren called, again, and they offered me more money. 劳夫罗伦又打来 他们要给我更多的薪水 - They did? - Yes! It was the weirdest thing. - 是吗? - 是的,真是十分古怪 Zelner called me and said, "We will do anything we can to get you back. " 塞纳打给我,他说 只要你回来,我们不计任何代价 And that I should thank some "Ron. " 而且我应该要谢谢一位叫罗恩的人 I don't even know what department that guy's in! 我甚至不知道那个家伙在哪个部门 - So, what are you gonna do? - Well, I took it! - 那你要怎么做? - 我接受了 That's great! So you're staying in New York! 太好了,所以你会留在纽约 - You're excited, right? - Yeah. 你很开心吧 Yeah, you know- Look, the money's great. 你知道的,薪水很好 - It's certainly the easier choice. - Right. - 这个选择肯定比较容易 - 没错 But, you know, I mean, was I looking forward to going to Paris? Sure. 不过,我期待去巴黎吗? 那是一定的 You know, was I excited about working in the fashion capital of the world? 在世界流行之都工作 会让我觉得很兴奋吗? Oh, absolutely. 那还用说 Oh... Yeah, but you know, this is... 是啊,不过你知道的… It's fine. I'm fine going back to a job where I've pretty much... 没有关系,我无所谓 回去做那份我差不多都… ...gotten everything out of it that I possibly can. 已经模熟弄透的工作 Um, I had really- 我不晓得… I had no idea you were so excited about Paris. 我不晓得你很期待去巴黎 Um, I mean, you said you were scared. 你说你很担心 Well, yeah, I mean, it was "good" scared, though, you know? 那是好方面的担心,你懂吗? I mean, like "when I moved to New York" scared. 像是当我要搬到纽约的担心 Or, uh, "when I found out I was gonna have Emma" scared. 或是当我发现 我怀了艾玛的那种担心 But this is fine. This is gonna be good. 但是没关系,这么做也很好 You should go. 你应该去巴黎 What? 什么? It's what you want. You should go. 那是你想要的,你就应该去 You really think so? 你真的这么认为? I really do. 真的 But I already told Zelner that I would come back. 但是我已经告诉塞纳 我要回去上班 I'm sure he'll understand. 我想他会谅解的 All right. All right! I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna go to Paris. 好吧…我决定了,我要去巴黎 - Yeah. - Yeah. - 太好了 - 太好了 I'm going to Paris! 我要去巴黎了 - Thank you, Ross. - Yeah, yeah. - 谢谢你,罗斯 - 不客气… Oh. Oh, I'm so hapPY- 我好开心 Then I'm happy too. 那我也很开心 Thank you all for coming. 成谢各位莅临 We're here today to pay our respects to a wonderful agent... 我们今天在此悼念 一位出色的经纪人 ...and a beautiful woman. - 位美丽的女士 Inside. 有内在美的女士 As Estelle's only two clients, we would like to say a few words. 身为伊斯特的唯二客户 我们有些话要说 Dude, where's my speech? 老兄,我的讲稿呢? That is entertaining. Al Zebooker, everybody! 真能博君一笑,各位,艾尔里布可

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